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Monday, June 14, 2010

Dancing with angels & dualing with demons

I went through something very hard a couple days ago and saw hideous demons in myself that I'd been unaware of, and I was feeling like a fraud.  It's actually good, keeping my ego from running away from me.  It's good to realize the cold truth that we are nothing and that any good that shines through us is pure Grace.   

In addition to surrounding myself with loving friends, I've also been surrounding myself with a lot of distractions and not-so-healthy foods these days, so I've decided to head up the canyon today for a weak-long retreat to face my wounds and heal.  Just wanting folks to know so you don't think I'm stuck-up for being out of contact.

Infinite love


  1. I know the feeling!

    Abundant unlimited Blessings and Love!



  2. Retreat is good and necessary. Infinite love back to you!

    I heard this poem read aloud in church yesterday and these lines stuck in my head:

    it's the devil's knife carving holes into you soul
    so angels will have a place to make their way inside

  3. One of life's greatest pleasures is having a place to hide out and decompress.

    I lost mine back in February and am searching for a new one.

    Wishing you all the best Suelo!

  4. Wishing you all the best and hoping this time of retreat is fruitful and peaceful. It's important to take these moments of reflection for ourselves - in that way, we continue to learn and grow!

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  6. The ego is a strange beast. In it's own way can teach us the worst things about ourselves which are the best things to find out. Of course silence is the greatest salve for the soul. Enjoy.

  7. All are welcome, even the demons. We all got 'em. Your words remind me of my own humanity. Thanks.

    Peace to you during the retreat.

  8. Suelo, I am interested in knowing what hideous demons did you saw in yourself. I thought you were perfect, or so you claimed.

  9. Did you saw the demon of hipocrisy?

  10. No. I think he saw the demon of idiocy,that's why he's taking a week off!

    Uncle Cracker

  11. Are you stating Suelo is an idiot?. I should have known.

  12. No, I was suggesting that idiocy is as abundant as anything in the universe, and that sometimes you just need some peace and quiet, far removed from the ignorant masses (i.e. detractors and the nattering na-bobs of negativism ) I hope that answers your question.

    Wishing you peace, and most of all, understanding my bro-migo,
    Uncle Cracker

  13. This is a new video about suelo.

  14. No matter what you post Dan, it always seems to be something I can resonate with. I'm planning on doing similar to that soon, to go and take a good hard look at myself. We get swept up in the hectic speed of life, and it is so easy to lose sight of what we are striving to be.

    I was going to offer you some advice, but to be honest there is absolutely no need, you know it all already in your heart.

    So I just wanted to offer you a big virtual hug and to let you know my admiration, respect and love for you are unconditional. Keep smiling brother.

  15. Dan and mark are hobos ,scavengers . You guys don't live withought money ! You may not handle it but you depend on it ! Don't You have something better to do with your life than making yourselfs look like complete idiots ?
    get a job ! or become an entrepreneur, make a lot of money ,and help people you lazy bums

  16. As smart as Dan seems he could make a real difference in this world .C mon Dan we we need a guy like you , You know that you live off of other peoples backs . The truth , You realy are a fraud ! reinvent yourself Dan and bring people to jesus .

    Hebrews 4:16
    So let us come boldly to the throne of our gracious God. There we will receive his mercy, and we will find grace to help us when we need it most.

  17. I have 2 words for daniel and mark - mental illness, You guys need to get your shit together

  18. The vipassana trust of Goenka (one place very near where you live Mark, the DhammaDipa in Herefordshire, you find centres in the USA too. It is a good place for quiet retreats of 10 days to know yourself, and completely free of charge or donations. The last time I went was in 2001, now it's a luxury I cannot afford, too many family responsabilities. Ana

  19. Hi John, how ya been? feelin' better?
    Uncle Cracker

  20. Mark I was telling you about that retreat centre, because it's not only good for retreats, but you could get some ideas about this community working in action, could be a good organizational/inspirational model for your own planned community. Ana

  21. You are a powerful man, Suelo. Seeing the demons is one thing, facing them is a totally different story!

    One can feel the divinity in your post.

    Best wishes..

  22. You know that all the naysayers, IF they tried living by faith would find out alot about Grace and how all is fine with the universe just as it is.
    But no, we must instead nurture fear to harvest obedience to the system (i.e. BANKERS, LAWYERS et al.)

    Think about how nice your life would be if you did not obsess about how your going to fit in to the system. You could then live your own life, the abundant life Daniel speaks of.

    Instead, let us be the negative tools they want us to be, and while we are at it, let's help 'em by crushing out all people who try to inspire others!

    C'mon, I'll give you a dollar.

    Uncle Cracker

  23. Excuse me, but living by grace is not the same as cave dwelling or being a bum. Not to say cave dwellers or bums can not live by grace.

  24. Suelo said ,
    It's good to realize the cold truth that we are nothing and that any good that shines through us is pure Grace.

    It's good to see that Suelo is seeing the truth about himself ,that he is nothing . (without jesus )

    May people get big heads when they think they are smart , Suelo is one of those people .We all are one of those people !

    We all can come boldly to the throne of grace !

    Thank you lord jesus !

  25. internalenergy,
    Daniel is not a powerfull man ,sorry to say . We are all weak .
    you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly
    But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me.

    God is there helping us thru when we cant do it ourself .

    You dork ! read your bible !

  26. internalenergy,

    You dumb ass , You obviously don't know crap about the bible ,I wish i could punch you in the nose !

  27. I would like to punch every one of you codependent dorks in the nose !

  28. Suelo , angels and demons we need them all in our team . Each has a part to play. Bless you as you spend time with them.

    The moon is waxing and nearly full now . I've been dreaming and reflecting a lot myself and it seems to be so for my friends too.

    Brightest blessings of Love and Light to you!


  29. Punch us in the nose, now there's a christian attitude!
    Dear Lord, please protect us from your followers, amen.
    No wonder Daniel needed some quiet time up the canyon!
    Wishing everyone much patience to deal with the ignorant and intolerant.

    Peace be with you,
    Uncle Cracker

  30. A theorem that keeps proving itself true, over and over, for the past couple thousand years:

    The degree to which a person calls him or herself a Christian is inversely proportional to the degree to which that person practices Christ's teachings.

    Could this be why the Bible itself forbids us from calling ourselves Christian ("I am of Christ")?

  31. Why should they care about a man who died two thousand years ago?. Besides, modern christianity is a practical faith. In other words it doesn't demand people to get into caves, do you understand?.

    A plain fact was that Jesus was a very impractical (and hypocritical) man. Not a perfect "saint" by any rigurous standard.

    That said, his teaching can be inspiring, if taken in a non-fundamentalist way. Same way as Suelo's message, not good (or healthy) to take literally.

  32. I realy don't want to punch anyone in the nose. Im just trying to livin this place up a little ,you know, get people pissed off so that they will write back, lol .Don't get a bee in your bonnet ,lol . Lighten up around here a little ,have some fun .

    C mon , I'll give you 5 dollars ,lol

  33. Miguel amigo ,
    You always have good points when you post, but that has got to be the dumbest post I have ever seen ,you obviously have not read your bible JESUS IS GOD and he is a perfect saint and he is above all things . Of course ,If your not a believer you will not be able to understand this .

  34. The first thing SMALL BRAINED people do when the see a believer in christ bahave badly is point out there shortcommings and say stuff like " now there's a christian attitude!" or " you call yourself a christian " .That is one of the most ignorant things these people can say . If they knew what the bible says ,they would understand that believers are not perfect by far ! Why are they so supprised when a believer bahaves offensively ? One word ,ignorance .

  35. I wanted to start my own blog but this one has nixed that idea. The thing I loved was the interplay of thoughts in a roundtable format,people trying to find a better way, but all I see is people who will not grow, will not see, will not get past their ignorance, and they just want to tear others down.

    What a waste, they are the real parasites. Will you be so smug, so secure when you are on your deathbed?

    Seriously, THINK about it!

    Uncle Cracker

  36. Uncle Smackbagger ,
    Oh please ! you won't be to secure on your death bed either . BTW Ive seen some of your post . your not so sqeeky clean ,you judge people and tear them down to , now there's a christian attitude.

    Dont be afraid to start a blog ,I just started one . Just set the comment settings so that you can read them b4 you alow them ,or just delete them if you don't like them . that way you can keep your blog from becomming like a high shool class room with a substitute teacher :)

    You can't succeed unless you try .

    Good luck !

  37. Let's assume you were trying to be literate, when you write "to" I believe you were actually meaning "too" as in also. Post should have been written in plural, as in "posts". "Squeeky" well, we will just let that one go.
    BTW what's your blog? I'd love to join in.
    This just proves my point, too many ignorant and intolerant people.

    Uncle Cracker

  38. Hi Suelo, that why I could never call myself a Buddhist :D :D, but with Buddhist meditation your learn to know your Jesus better and watch your life transform in an instant. Ana

  39. Uncle Smackbagger ,
    Go ahead ,attack my grammar ,it's all you have left .I kicked your ass with my knowledge nunchucks .

    Seriously, THINK about it!

  40. Uncle Smackbagger,
    Don't have a shit and stomp around like a child if people arn't behaving the way you would like .You always preach to people telling them to have faith ,and to have fun yet you dont live it .You always think you need to police people here .If you had a brain ,you would know that you can't control people . so chillaxxxx !

    Below is a christian attitude that you could live by .

    The name 70x7 is synonymous with God's eternal forgiveness. Matthew 18:21-22 in the new King James version of the Bible reads: Then Peter came to Him and said, "Lord, how often shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? Up to seven times?" Jesus said to him, "I do not say to you, up to seven times, but up to seventy times seven."

  41. So John, what's your blog? c'mon you can tell us, it's ok, we won't do to you what you are doing to others.

    As for the rest, I think you should forgive me, roughly 490 times, or would you rather punch me in the nose?

    I know Christ must be very impressed with your impeccable logic. Where does all that hatred come from?

    Wishing you peace,
    Uncle Cracker

  42. Christ was just an imperfect human being, as Suelo is. I really don't get all this "holier than thou" attitude. Perhaps it has to do with an inferiority complex not yet recognized. This may explain why some kind of people turn into "saints" to compensate with their perceived inferiority.

  43. Uncle Smackbagger,
    As I read your comment ,I can see that you have you have no where to turn but to a self rightious superior attitude ,you close me out ,and act as if everything that I say isn't relevant . I don't do that ,I learn something from every blogg I read ,the comments ,and the replys from my comments . When you said "Where does all that hatred come from?" I asked myself "Am I hatefull ?" and the answer to that is NO ! I realy am a loving person . I don't hate anyone here for what they believe or what they do . I just offer up an opinion , its just my opinion , it means nothing . If swaylo didnt want comments from people like me and mig amigo he would turn on the comment screening .

    maby you could learn something to .

    BTW - why do you keep calling me john ? lol

  44. Miguel ,
    You would have to enter the world of the bible to find out who, what, when, where, why, and how . You simply will not be able to understand uless you ask jesus christ to come in and be your lord and savior and then read the words of god .

  45. Dear Uncle Cracker,
    Bless you! I think without your input the blog comments would so quickly turn into one lecture after another aimed at Daniel how he "should" be this or that. If only all these people who have so much to teach him would just go and live their own preachings (but don't hurt people please)!
    You have an amazing way with words and with people. Just look, one guy went from wanting to punch people in noses to realising he's a loving person (he was actually just kidding about the nose thing). We all have good and not-so-good in us and it's only a matter of which role we take on and it seems to me you have a knack for bringing out the thinking part in others. Would be great if you start your own blog, but please don't forget this one!

    Dear Daniel,
    WOW. Can't thank you enough for doing what you are doing. The path you've chosen is not an easy one. On top of that opening yourself to opinion of others is a very, very brave thing to do. I hope I can visit you one day, you are an ispiration to me. Hats off to you, brother!

    Blessings from New Zealand

  46. I'm always pleased to see that everyone steps up to reveal themselves. No argument is necessary.

  47. Indeed, we hear the same lame comments from Suelo supporters. And the same repetitive comments from Suelo's opponents.

    No argument is necessary. Suelo always wins.

  48. Swaylow loves all the comments that he gets ,Miguel has been challenging his views for a long time . I think that maybe swaylow alows all comments on his blog because it helps him get a better perspective . I meen why do we read blogs ,post comments in the fist place ? because its helps us all grow in our own lifes . Here we see many different views .I don't believe anyone hates anyone or is trying to hurt anyone ,everyone has different backgrounds ,personalities religious beliefs etc. Some may be a little rougher around the edges than others .Some may say things just to have fun and see what kind of reaction they can get . Part of growing up and growing is to learn how to accept that everyone has a voice not just you . You don't have to like it ,you don't agree with it ,but know that not eveyone agrees with you either . When we can hear someones opinion ,evaluate it ,take from it or leave it without taking it personaly we know we have grown .

    Below is from the may blog .

    Anonymous said...
    I have to say that Miguel has many great points but ,I think I have an Idea why so many rejected and attaced him for his point of view instead of learning from it Because , He's right .
    John from portland
    10:20 PM, May 06, 2010
    Suelo said...
    Ah, finally! I've been waiting for a person like you to acknowledge this, John!

    I've felt endeared to Miguel all along because he has an unusual honesty. I missed him when he was gone for a bit. I get a kick out of his swinging back and forth between deriding me and flattering me. He has admitted all along that he loves money and he doesn't mask his love of money under religious words of piety. He doesn't pretend to love both God and Mammon. That's rare. You and he have recognized your kindred spirit, though a total difference in vocabulary.

    I'm astonished how beautiful it is how all the players in the drama have come to splendidly act out what is talked about in the post above! It's an ancient drama, over and over.

  49. Ok uncle cracker I will give you the address to my blog spot , Its the real me and the pic is of me im my RV when I lived there . I have my comments set so I can controll them however ,I am thinking about letting anyone post what ever they want like daniel .

  50. Mr. Suelo, I read about your jam sessions,any chance you could record and put some clips on here or the website? Do the members have any formal music training? the idea of feral music intrigues me.

    Thanks for all the stuff you do,it is appreciated by those who seldom participate. Fare thee well brother!

  51. Thanks for your kind encouragement, New Zealand. It's good to read something positive for a change. I feel guilty from time to time, wondering if I'm tying up Daniel's blog with my opinions (yup, I know what they say!)
    Anywho, cheers mate, glad you made the trip.

    Sorry John, could not reach your blog,browser said it could not find it. maybe my settings or yours are preventing access, don't know, maybe the servers tied up, I'll try later on another browser.

    Vaya con Dios, amigo's!

    Uncle Smackbagger, lol
    (a.k.a. Cracker lol)

  52. Uncle smackbagger lol ,
    The blog adress I posted here is some other guys blog. lol, leading you all on a wild goose chase .

    Why do you keep calling me john ? lol

  53. Read through the past blog comments & see if you notice something intriguing. Am I wrong that the "fundamentalist Christian" mind is in perfect agreement with Miguel, except that it doesn't like Miguel's choice of vocabulary? Same spirit, different vocabulary. But what sets Miguel apart from the "Fundamentalist" mind is that Miguel doesn't like or follow Jesus' teachings AND he admits it. His admitting such a truth sets him closer to the Kingdom.

    Notice how I've never breathed a word against Christianity in this blog or website. I only denounce what parades itself as Christianity. The definition of a Christian (Christ-one): One who practices Jesus' teachings, regardless of words. A grape branch bears grapes, even if you call grapes dallywinkles. If it's not part of the vine, it bears no fruit. To believe is to practice, to practice is to proclaim the Word beyond words, Name above all names, plain & simple. Again, I say a true Buddhist is a true Christian is a true Hindu is a true Pagan. If you don't believe me, if you want to be a true Christian, just PRACTICE the teachings of Jesus and see for yourself if this is so. I'm don't even ask self-proclaimed Christians to follow other religions. ALL that I ask of self-proclaimed Christians is this: just practice what you KNOW to be the teachings of your own Jesus: Nothing more, nothing less. I'm not even asking Miguel to practice Jesus' teachings--just self-proclaimed Christians.

    Never mind whether or not you think I'm a hypocrite. You don't know that for sure without knowing me in person. Stick with what you know, don't make assumptions, and you can't go wrong. What you do know is whether or not the words above are true.

  54. Suelo:

    First, what kind of knowledge are you talking about?. Rational or intuitive?.

    Second, how do you know self-proclaimed christians have knowledge about the teachings of Christ?.

    Finally, how does living in a cave fits into the big picture?.

  55. Miguel, dude, why are you so hung up on the cave thing? Were you abused by trogolodites as a child or what?
    Also, can't knowledge be both rational and intuitive, or is that mutually exclusive?

    Good point on the second though, most christians can spout scripture like crazy, then they completely ignore the message.

    Uncle Cracker

    P.S. Maybe I should borrow what's his names "knowledge nunchucks"!

  56. My problem with the cave thing, is it's Suelo's main trick to appear saintly.

    Look at it closely. Is Suelo healing the sick?. Is he helping poor people?. Is he contributing to a local community in some way?. Because this doesn't seem to be the case at all.

    His sole reason for labeling himself as good and others as bad is the fact he is a cave man.

    Does this explanation make sense?.

  57. Daniel
    cast not pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces

  58. I thought swine were gullible people without a mind of their own.

    But hell, I forgot. Swine are great followers. Right?.

  59. Not to me it doesn't, I've never heard him make any such statements. He talks of good and bad and then usally explains that even that can be a matter of perspective. Who said he was supposed to heal anyone, or help the community anyway?
    Suelo has the same rights as everyone else: Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness, with the caveat that it does not harm anyone else.
    Live and let live, what's so hard about that?

    Uncle Cracker

  60. "Who said he was supposed to heal anyone, or help the community anyway?"

    If you are going to parade your moral superiority, you better have some solid proof of it. That's my argument.

    Other than that, Suelo is free to live as he whishes.

  61. Speaking of "solid proof" where has he stated his moral superiority?
    Can you show me?

    Uncle Cracker

  62. Read his writings and you will find it everywhere.

  63. So, I guess you can't, I thought so.

    Perception and reality are two different things! Nice blanket statement though, I love it when people are asked to put up or shut up, and wind up doing neither.
    Uncle Cracker

  64. I will copy a fragment for your education:

    "Yup, I boast!
    I boast about Nothing Special.
    Let the Nothing-Specials boast,
    for Babylon has boasted its dilusions of "value" & "progress",
    and trampled Nature,
    shat on Beauty,
    long enough!


  65. The problem with people with anonymity is that we don't know who is who anymore, it's confusing and stop discussion. Unless is this the sole purpose of some of the posters, could you please choose any pseudonym of you liking and stick to it. No-one cares who you are, we are just interested on what you have to say with consistency.

    Uncle C. I tried the same link, let's not bother anymore with anonymous' links.

  66. Thanks for making this so easy Miguel, You could not have picked a more perfect qoute.

    It's obvious to me now that you don't have as much of a perception problem as I thought, It's a comprehension problem. You really don't understand what Daniel is writing about.
    Gee whiz, I feel like I've been picking on a handicapped person, I appologize to everyone here, especially you Miguel.

    I guess Suelo knew this a long time ago, I feel so dumb, I guess I'm the one with the perception problem after all.

    OMG! Look at the title of this thread. "Dancing with angels, dueling with demons"
    I think need a week off,

    Uncle Cracker

  67. I wonder in what category I fall. I'll take a week off too, Uncle C. : )

    BTW what a coincidence!? last week my little angel found a golden ring that fit perfectly in my finger, and guess what just after my birthday. I haven't worn a jewelery for years. Guess what the day before for same strange reason I was thinking about how as a child my older sister had a ring for as birthday present from my grandparents, it was a golden ring ( I was jealous because they never gave one to me, but I understood that latter, because they had like 20 grandchildren or so and my sister birthday coincided with my granddad's), one day she lost it and years later I found it when a was playing in the soil and return it to her. Anyway it will give me a great please to return it to the owner and see her/his smile, but for the moment I'll use it to cast off some present dangers. Too superstitious for your likings, Miguel and please be kind with your answers? : )

    BTW if you're slow in technology like me. To add a pseudonym to your heading post:
    select profile (Name URL)
    click on Name (type only your name, ignore URL)
    and then post your comment as normal.

  68. Thank you, Uncle Cracker. I finally understand your problem. You believe that everyone who thinks different than you do is a handicapped person.

    Wise way of thinking, btw.

  69. It's amazing how good things happen when we just let go, I don't think it superstitious at all. Thanks for the tip, I was wondering how that worked.

    Have a great weekend.

  70. No problem, your wish is my command, it's all yours!

    Adios, and vaya con Dios

  71. Btw, the link of the anonymous poster works for me.

  72. Suelo:

    I am noticing a big similarity between christian fundamentalists and you. Both follow narrowminded dogma, except the type of dogma you follow is a different way of lifestyle and you claim it is the only valid and true one.

    The main problem I see with fundamentalist christians is their claim of having the only true religion. It is based on their limited, dogmatic understanding of the Bible as the revealed truth of "god". A common claim is to state their "god" is the only valid one and the only sacred book is "the bible".

    You on the contrary claim that the problem with christian fundamentalists is not that they discriminate other religions, but rather they are not cavemen as you are.

    I would openly admit I am not a caveman. Is there a problem with that?. Does that make me less of a human?.

  73. You nail it Uncle C, that what it's all about, to let it go!

    There is more to the story that I haven't told.. how the whole thing started; I was at my allotment and one of the acquaintance, came very worry because he has lost his home keys in the way to the site and I suggest him that mental visualization of the whole journey or sleeping on it can help, (if you put you mind to it you find everything, that it's always be my case), and I promise him I was going to look for his keys the way back, but I didn't find them... the rest you know....

    I suggest to read my post about the Muslim woman in the other thread.

    I'm I looking too much into it perhaps but strange things happens sometime, can science explain those coincidental experiences, there is so many inexplicable events happening in our live all the time... let science to explain that?

  74. Swaylo ,
    I was looking on your web site today , I was looking for something I could challenge you on and Ifound few things ,I agree with you on most issue But one I don't agree with is your def of grace .

    I think that the def of grace meens the unmerited favor of god .

    Well , I love ya brother and hope to meet you someday .

    This is not john . LOL

  75. One thing to think about is the we are never Anonymous . Everything that you do online can be traced back to you . Every thing you write ,web pages you have visited ,every email you have sent , can and will be traced back to you !

  76. Swaylo ,
    Hey, I have been thinking about making a trip over there to moab to meet you in august , Just a 1 day casual visit , Are ya game ?
    This is not john . LOL . Im not to far away, like 2 days

  77. Why is it that people who disagree with Suelo likewise have such an animosity toward him and his lifestyle?

    I've been to his website and read through some of his blog postings. This man is hardly what I'd call self righteous and judgmental. He never claimed to be a sage or deity. What's the big deal. He's trying to be as free as possible. That's very admirable.

  78. Admirable is a very good way to describe Suelo.

  79. anon -
    anybody's welcome to visit, so feel free.
    "I think that the def of grace meens the unmerited favor of god."
    You've stated the very theme of this whole website & blog, so I'm not sure what the disagreement is. The point I keep making is that this grace applies to the physical as well as the spiritual realm. In other words, everything, spiritual & physical, must be freely given, for-given, & freely received, if there is to be Balance. What we do with the physical (the small things) reveals what we truly believe with the spiritual (the big things), regardless of our talk.

  80. Daniel is doing what we should all be doing and if we had a resource based economy we could have the best of both worlds. Anyhow, I've also noticed there's someone here by the name of Atom I'm wondering if that's the Atom I know. Hmmmmmm

  81. Swaylo ,
    Ok ,Thank you . If I can make er over ther I will post a note a week or so ahead of time .give you a heads up .Maybe meet ya wherever you say you will be.
    Sorry, I sometimes have a hard time understanding exactly what you are saying . like with grace .