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Wednesday, November 27, 2019


I'm giving no opinions or suggestions here, and I'm not telling people how to live or how to eat. I'm simply presenting facts and basic observation.  All I can do is trust your intelligence and your conscience to do as you see fit with this:

Meditate on each photo here.

Domestic humans and big ag livestock now account for 96 Percent of mammal biomass on earth.

Everyone else is going extinct, day by day.

means owned,
not autonomous,
not free.

The root of domestication, DOM, indicates ownership, subjugation. slavery, housed in a box, DOM-ination.

(ownership, subjugation) is the very premise and foundation of the money system, of commerce.

Commerce cannot rest until every living being on earth is not free (even as it sells the idea of "freedom").

Even the definition of a weed
is a plant that is free, autonomous, not domesticated, meaning undesirable.

“Wild and free” is redundant. “Wild” and “free” are synonyms.

To the domestic mind, wild means "undesirable, frightening, barbaric."


Ah, irony.


  1. I love this post. Or rather, I love that you posted it; I actually hate that what you posted is accurate.

    My thanks to you on this Thanksgiving.

  2. What's domesticated is predictable. What's wild and free has a mind of its own or can't be standardized, controlled and commodified. The status quo demeans the non-conformer and gives bad connotations to the wild. This will be for perpetuity, as long as domesticated folks go along with it.

    1. Very astute observation! A light went on when I read your comment!
      The word "pre-dict" means fore-telling. In my website I wrote an essay about universal stories of falling from grace (grace = gratis = free = wild), such as the Biblical Eden story. The most common story, found all over the world, is stealing fire from heaven (controlling energy). After all, use of unpredictable fire, control of energy, is the one thing that separates us from all wild animals. It's the perfect symbol of our fall from grace. The fire-stealing culprit in Greek myth is Pro-Methius, which means fore-thought, which means Pre-Diction!

    2. I believe free will separates us from the animals; however, maybe stealing fire is a metaphor for free will. Both are uncontrollable. Our mainstream capitalist system will begrudge what, or who, it can't control. It all comes down to money, and the love of. Which leads back to that gratis/free concept.

      A so-called "weed" has not had its uses/value discovered yet. I'll stay with those wild plants - the non-conformists of the flora ��

    3. Yes, this free will thing fascinates me. It does all come down to money, and the love of. We believe we have free will and animals don't. But maybe it's just the opposite. How many of us are free to follow our hearts as all animals are? Who is really following a pre-program? If we step back and look at a commercial society, full of millions of people who believe they have a free will, especially if it is sped up with time-lapse filming (like the Baraka movie). Then we see the truth: that our modern societies are machines or circuit boards, programmed, predictable, no actual free will. The more we think we own and control energy (fire), which is what money currency is all about, the more we actually give up our free will, paradoxically.

      Living in grace is free will, and organisms who live in grace move gracefully, not as machines, circuit-boards or computers move, which are all pre-programmed, meaning, as you say, predictable!

  3. Dear Daniel: Your thinking is as always refreshing and helpful to our world. These 'goods' that are circulating in the form of food, clothing and household 'goods' are not really so 'good' from a standpoint of the earth and those who work under conditions of poverty and enslavement to produce these things.

  4. Not all who are heads of corporation are the 'takers.' Some are highly ethical, balanced, generous persons. Did you know about the founder of Chobani whose yogurt company gives back to refugees worldwide and hires refugees and gives 'workers' ownership in the company?
    Humans have been actually using forms of money prior to the dawn of agriculture. For example one group of humans used giant stones to represent wealth. Native indigenous people use and have for many generations used dentalium (Shells) as a form of money.
    Money is indeed about 'relationships' between people and is a symbol of 'value.'
    In the Pacific NW First Peoples those that were held in high esteem were persons who learned the arts of 'giving and receiving.' There are indeed many ways of 'giving' and many ways of 'receiving.' In the potlatch or 'peschelt' economy, those that accumulated to 'give' to the community were the leaders and most respected.