Saturday, April 01, 2006

We're all ALREADY possessionless & communal! April Fools Not!

Last night I ran into my friends, Damian & Dorina, & they took me to dinner. Nice seeing them... it's been a while.

Then I went back to the treehouse. It lightly sprinkled all night & I slept like a baby.

I've been thinking about this question folks sometimes ask about how people with families & responsibilities & obligations can move toward a possessionless, moneyless existence - a FREE existence. I will say that it is not a matter of giving up possessions, because there is nothing to give up, really. Ownership is but an illusion. Nobody owns anything, so it is simply a matter of realizing that you already own nothing. Then, when you lose something, & you realize you never owned it in the first place, there is no sense of loss. And when somebody asks you for something, you freely give it to them because it really isn't yours to give anyway. Then have faith that everything comes as you need it in the moment.

Then realize that we all already live communaly. Everytime you freely share something, you are bucking the money system, you are being a communist. I don't like the idea of starting communal societies apart from the bigger society. Live communally right here, right now, where we are, in this very society. Infect society with it, until people wake up and realize money and possessions are simply illusioins, realizing that there can be no balance until everybody freely gives & freely takes.

Death is loss of possession. Look in yourself to see if what I am saying is correct! Every time you lose something, you feel a sense of death, no? When you possess nothing, there is nothing to lose, and no taste of death. The spiritual path is to give up the idea of possession, right down to the very body you live in, right down to the very thoughts in your head! (In Christian lingo this is called laying your body, your debts, your thoughts, your goods, your bads, your ALL upon the Cross of Christ. Every religion in the world demands this, whatever language that relgion uses). When the thoughts & the body are no longer yours, they can be nobody else's but God's. "Lean not on your own understanding" means letting go of thought possession, thought control. Then the thoughts of "your" head and the movements of "your" body become the thoughts & movements of God. It's really a simple idea, when you think about it. I'm still talking glimpses of this splendor. I'm not there yet. Yet I'm already there, as we all are. It's the Eternal Now, here, & yet to come.

So live as if we already are communal, moneyless, possessionless. Regard all the stuff you have right now as not yours. Never strive, never worry about it. Just watch it drop away and watch liberation flood over you! Then, more & more, the stuff you have, your addiction, literally drops away, because you realize you don't need it. It's like your cocoon.

I'm at the library & my time's up.