Sunday, November 17, 2013

What Steps Must I Take To Be Free?

Okay, I wrote this as a spontaneous comment on the last post and decided to make it an official post here.  I get lots of questions, almost daily, from people feeling stuck, asking how to break away from the oppressive system.  I find myself feeling clueless, unable to prescribe steps for others to take.  And after the great adventures of the wandering moneyless tribe the past few months, I don't feel any less clueless.  I find myself not knowing what I should do. Then it dawns on me that this is exactly the place I am supposed to be.  I can't tell you any steps you should take.  But I can tell you to be yourself, and nothing else.  Here's the comment:

I can't tell everyone to live as I do. 
And I can't lay out plans for a just society. 
Nobody can. 
This isn't really about living without money, or thinking up a new system. 
It is simply about being authentic. 

All I can say is follow your conscience, i.e. be completely real. Then see what follows automatically. If everyone did this, started following their consciences rather than what they are paid or ordered to do, I propose that our commercial system would collapse, because its very foundation is ulterior motivation, requiring its citizens to be fake.

What happens if you are real? 
What happens if you proclaim, "I am who I am," the holy name? 
You will step out of sleepy comfort and be up against great hostility. 
It's not an easy path, outwardly, 
but it's the easiest path overall - 
the only healthy and restful and happy one inwardly, 
because there is no conflict of conscience in you. 

Think about it, all the rights people now have and take for granted were originally illegal, opposed by the powers that be.
Rosa Parks
Being Herself
All your rights were brought to you by people who stood their ground being authentic. Your rights were not voted into place through the system, they were fought for by people standing firm, opposed by the system. When you stand your ground, after they test you with persecution, they must finally back off. 

Nothing inauthentic, based on illusion, can last. It must collapse, as every commercial system in history has. 

All that will be left is your authentic foundation, if you cultivate it now.