Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Message to the Bible Belt

A message to the Bible Belt:

Compassion is always, always, always risky.

If you fear risk, you have no compassion.

A theorem: 

Generally, how much a state's citizens 
claim to follow Jesus 
is directly proportional to how much 
that state refuses Jesus' basic teachings. 

Anybody who cracks a Bible 
may judge whether or not this observation is true.

Yes, it's understandably risky 
to help a person 
on the side of a terrorist-infested road.

And it's often only a person 
of another, despised religion (Samaritan) 
who's willing to help,

which some homeless radical 
(you may have heard of him) 
very purposefully pointed out 
to those of his own Bible religion 
(Luke 10:25-32).

Monday, November 02, 2015

To Answer My Accusers: You're Right, I Have Not Earned Anything

To answer my accusers: you're right, I have not earned anything.

I did not earned any clothes I wear, any food I eat, all gleaned from massive heaps thrown away.

I did not earn the sunlight or the communal air giving us all energy and life.

I did not earn my mother's love.
Neither can I ever pay her back.

Now, I ask you: have you earned anything?

Have you earned anything you purchased at Walmart?

Did America's wealthiest family, the Walton family, earn its $149 billion "net worth"? (Forbes: