Saturday, May 18, 2013

Red Cry

I'm still in Vermont, planning to start heading west in June to the Rainbow Gathering in Montana, where I am committed to be for the launch of the moneyless tribe, inshallah.  I'll probably either hitch or find a ride with somebody already going.  I'm hoping to be at the Gathering at least by July 1st, and plan to put up a sign of our location, saying "Moneyless Tribe" at the Welcome Home spot.  It's not really a "Rainbow" thing.  That's just the best place I know of to launch the tribe - the best place, perhaps the perfect place, to show up without money.  The moneyless tribe is open to anybody who will give up all money to their name and take the plunge with me, in a wandering, ecumenical concensus-led community for the purpose of doing free service as well as raising awareness.  Having no house and no money to fall back on should select out the non-committed, and instill what faith really feels like.  It could be a big group, or small.  We don't know, and that's what makes this exciting.  If your inspiration turns out to be greater than your fear, you will come, and it is for you.  More details later.

Red Cry

I'm not blogging much this post.  I want to devote it to our Lakota Truth Tour documentary, Red Cry (1 hour, 52 min.) 

At last, the full version of the incendiary doc, Red Cry, created by my friends Carolyn Raleigh, Doug Blessington, Naomi Archer, featuring all Lakota voices, including my Lakota friends, Ohitika Naji (Leo), Canupa, Charmaine White Face, Pedro and Cassie, among others.  It's showing that the  genocide is happening today. It's been shown to mostly-packed audiences across the country on the Lakota's Truth Tour I participated in the past weeks. 

It's free, not to be sold, so spread it wherever & however you can!

Another Moneyless Guy You Ought to Know About

As a bonus, I'm posting a link to the delightful video (5 min. 25 sec.) about my money-free friend across the pond, elf Pavlik: 

elf Pavlik - Strictly Moneyless

(It's a vimeo video, so I haven't figured out how to embed it here)