Sunday, September 16, 2018

Money, Religion, & Law: An Inseparable Trinity.

"When I make enough money, I'll be able to do a lot of good," I always hear.

I like exploring the root of everything.  Root of all evil.  Root of all good.

Money, Religion, and Law are an inseparable trinity.

Have you noticed how each creates debt,
then each creates punishment or atonement for that debt?

Money is debt and credit. Religion is debt and credit.  Law is debt and credit.

In Biblical Greek, these three words are of the same root:
nomos (νόμος) is the word for law,
nomisma (νόμισμα) is the word for money, and
nomodidaskalos (νομοδιδάσκαλος) is the word for religious teacher.

And check out the Indo-European root of our English words:

Debt is obligation is Religion is Law is legality.

LIG or LEG is an Indo-European root meaning "to tie, bind."

Photo by Peter Shanks from Lithgow, Australia
Binding chain links and ropes, fences and cages, are necessary to domesticate (own) wild creatures, human or otherwise.
Once your creatures are domesticated, you can then be merciful and unbind them for a bit! Your mercy, your generosity, feels good, doesn't it?  You take credit for it.  For every debt there must be an equal credit.

Credit is your reward!  Credit is what it's all about!
Credit means belief (creed).  None of it works without belief! 
Money, Religion, Law are one creed, one Trinity.

Lest you lose the loyalty of your domestic creatures, go ahead and be merciful (within "reason")!  Keep them believing!  Be generous (within "reason")!  "Give" them every weekend off and even a two-week vacation per year!  And "letthem camp on public (unowned) land for two weeks, but no more! Tell them they live in a free country and to be grateful for their freedom!  However, for domestication to work best in your favor, make sure you don't let your pets off their chains too long!

You have thus achieved your system of debt and credit (Money, Religion, Law).

Meanwhile, keep up the propaganda. Tell them how advanced civilization is, how it has has surpassed the cruelty of nature!  Make sure your domestic subjects aren't aware that chains, punishment, mercy, and atonement are foreign and unnecessary to non-domestic creatures, are foreign to wild nature outside the walls of civilization. Make sure they don't become aware that the balance of nature happens automatically, without obligation, religion, or legality.  This is why you usually don't allow more than a couple weeks free in wild nature.

Even so, natural law seeps through the cracks of religion.    Religion calls this lack of chains, lack of punishment, lack of need for atonement and lack of need for mercy the state of Grace (Gratis).

There can be no Grace (Gratis) where there is money, religion, law.

Apart from money, religion, and law,
there is no need or desire to do good,
there is no need or desire for philanthropy,
there is no need or desire for charity,
because there is no debt to pay,
no debt to counter,
no debt to be forgiven.
And there is no desire for credit.

Free means no money.