Saturday, October 08, 2011

The Tea Party and Gandhi

 I've been in Moab the past couple weeks.  
Again, I'm departing from my usual blogging to talk about the world scene and what we can do or not do.

Operation Non-Cooperation-With-Deception

A few blogs ago I posted an "Operation Bank Bust", which turned off some people.  I should have instead renamed it "Operation Non-Cooperation-With-Deception":

On November 5th, 2011, people are encouraged to remove their funds from their bank, close any accounts and throw away credit cards (cut them up first) in order to promote personal independence from the banking system.

In the Spirit of Gandhi, I can say with full certainty that the problem of Wall Street will never, ever end until we stop doing business with Wall Street.  Stop cooperating with anything that we see as evil, both for individual conscience and the health of the whole world.

We must get out of victim mentality and realize the power is in our hands to be free, not in the hands of the banks and corporations.

It's not a fight against anything.  It's a simple refusal to cooperate with what we know to be deceptive and destructive.

Wall Street Occupation

You've likely heard about the Wall Street Occupation by now.  The mainstream media, for some "mysterious" reason, was not reporting it until recently, now that nobody can help not notice it.  

Some have criticized the Wall Street Occupation for not having a specific demand.  But the idea of it is not necessarily calling for reformation of Wall Street - but to draw attention to the total insanity of our banking and corporate system  (Here's Occupy Wall Street's One Demand: Sanity).

What I don't get is that somebody (the corporate media?) is always trying to paint the picture as a battle between Right and Left.  And the Right thinks the media is controlled by the Left, and the Left thinks it's controlled by the Right.  Funny, huh?  But, last I checked, thinkers on both the Right and the Left are coming to the same conclusion: the banking industry has hijacked the economy and to bail it out is criminal.  And, last I checked, non-thinkers on both the Right and the Left don't see that free trade agreements pushed strongly by both democratic and republican presidents have sent production of goods oversees, tanking our economy.  In addition, this has created unbridled multinational corporations outside our borders that don't have to abide by any labor laws or ethics.  Notice how both Republican and Democratic politicians go hush, hush in full agreement, when the Federal Reserve chairman speaks, or when somebody talks about the "need" for more international "free trade."

Can Somebody Tell Me What This "Tea Party" Is?

Maybe I'm an ignoramus, but I can't figure out what the "Tea Party" really is, and it appears people claiming to be Tea Partiers are just as clueless as I.

But let's look at its namesake, the Boston Tea Party, which sparked off the American Revolution, breaking the American colonies' yoke from Britain.

We read in school history books that, on December 16, 1773, American colonists didn't want to pay taxes to Britain, so they trespassed onto three ships and dumped British tea into the harbor. 

But do we ever think what this means?  We don't stop to ponder that this wasn't so much a breaking off from the nation of Britain but the breaking off from the control a multinational corporation, called the East India Company.  The multinational corporation and the nation of Britain had become so intertwined that Britain had become the multinational corporation and vise versa. 

Refusal to do business with the multinational corporation was the birth of the USA.

Now, let's bump ahead a few years to Gandhi (The Struggle For Indian Independence).  A replay of the same game!  India wanted independence from this same British multinational corporation.  Gandhi led the Indians to not use and/or to burn goods from this British multinational Corporation: namely, he led movements to burn British textiles and to have Indians weave their own cloth and produce their own salt. 

This same principle gained both the independence of America and of India.

The Boston Tea Party and Gandhi's Moral of the Story:  Stop Business With Multinational Corporations and Produce Locally 

We see by two examples that it works.  Non-cooperation with what you believe to be evil is the only way to be free from it.  Gandhi 101.  The power to do good is in our hands, not in the hands of banks and corporations.  They cannot be reformed.

All the protests in the world against banks and corporations aren't going to do an iota of good if we do any kind of business with banks and corporations.  All our talk of freedom is nonsense if we do business with them. 

Now we see the same pattern in the USA as happened to Britain way back when.  It has become so intertwined with multinational corporations that the USA has become a multinational corporation, doing to the rest of the world what Britain did to the American colonies and to India.

Will the real Tea Partiers please stand up?

Now what do you think?  Are the"Tea Partiers" true Tea Partiers?  Would they or would they not consider cutting off all business to banks and multinational corporations, including throwing corporate goods into a bonfire?  We know by example of both the Boston Tea Party and Gandhi's movement that this is the only way independence can come.  Would the "Tea Partiers" consider it an act of terrorism to destroy corporate goods?  Did or did not both the Boston Tea Partiers and Gandhi destroy corporate property? Go ahead, challenge the Sarah Palins, Glenn Becks, and Michelle Bachmanns on this.  To whom are their ultimate loyalties, corporations or people?  Will the real Tea Partiers please stand up?

Both thinkers on the Right and on the Left are coming to these same conclusions.  But somebody is letting labels divide. 

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