Thursday, July 19, 2018

DIY No-Cost Bicycle Cart For the Disabled/Elderly

It's my third year of being a live-in caretaker for my now 90-year-old mom.  Again, though I manage her finances and haven't lived totally moneyless through this interim (I use money sparingly and reluctantly), I still love making due with only what is freely given, freely found, and freely created with my own hands. 

This has been my time of deepening my philosophy of a world without money, a gift economy.  But this post is not philosophy, just practicality.  Philosophy is useless if it can't translate into basic practicality.

Here I share with you my latest finished project, costing zero money:

DIY Chair-iot (Bicycle Wheelchair Cart) for the disabled and/or elderly.

Yes, I just finished building this bicycle chariot for my mom yesterday! We went for a sunset test run for several miles and it was a glorious ride! My mom loves it, as you can see! (watch us riding at the end of video)

It's made with all scavenged materials! I pieced it together from 2 wheelchairs I found (one from the hospital dumpster, the other abandoned by the river). I put dumpstered bicycle tires on the rims. The poles and even the bolts are scavenged. And I even found the bicycle abandoned by the road and fixed it up!