Thursday, July 21, 2011

Operation Bank Bust

I have an important announcement, so I'm departing from my usual blogginess to cut-and-paste and publish this Facebook post about a Bank Bust action like I've been wanting to start.  I'm glad to see I don't have to: somebody else already has the ball rolling.  Please spread the word:


Operation Bank Bust

Time: Saturday, November 5 · 8:00am - 9:00pm
Location:  Everywhere
Created by:  Nightingale Jones
This Operation is from The Plan!

On November 5th, 2011, people are encouraged to remove their funds from their bank, close any accounts and throw away credit cards (cut them up first) in order to promote personal independence from the banking system. We encourage people to purchase a heavy safe that can be bolted down to secure their money or place it into a trusted, local credit union.

This is an ONGOING Operation! It's never too late or too early to reclaim your fiscal independence!

El 5 de noviembre de 2011, la gente se anima a sacar sus fondos de su banco, cerrar todas las cuentas y tirar las tarjetas de crédito (se cortan primero) con el fin de promover la autonomía personal en el sistema bancario. Animamos a la gente a comprar un seguro pesados que pueden ser atornillados para asegurar su dinero o el lugar en una de confianza, unión de crédito local.

Se trata de una operación en curso! Nunca es demasiado tarde o demasiado temprano para recuperar su independencia fiscal!


My Zero-Cents-Worth Comment

If we're activists protesting various evils in the world, our activism is of little use if we keep feeding the root of the problem: banks (and also if we give our business to the banks' bedfellows, big corporations).  It's pretty simple: if we give banks and corporations our business, we are the banks and we are the corporations and all our protesting against them is totally absurd.  Get out of the helpless victim mentality and know that we the common people are the power of the "people in power"!  If you don't like the monster, stop feeding it!  Take responsibility! 

My purist moneyless self would like to see everybody walk away from all money, but my practical self says, if you use money, please do not use banks, unless you want to feed world poverty, war, environmental destruction, and mental duress. At the very least, please put your money in a local credit union instead.  

In case you have doubts about participating in this Bank Bust, or aren't clear about the nature of banks and banking, please see the clear and simple video below I keep pushing, "Money As Debt".  You may also want to check out the essays in my website on the nature of money: What Money Is and What Money Is Not and Is Banking Criminal?  What The World's Ancient Philosophers & Religions Say

Still in the Northwest
On my usual blogger note, I'm still in Portland, Oregon.  I plan to spend the next week or so on a pack trip on the Olympic Peninsula with a new friend, maybe two.  That means I'll be out of cyber contact for a while