Sunday, January 03, 2016

Patriarchy,Terrorism & Mammon

I'm still in Fruita, Colorado, caring for my aging parents. It is heart-breaking, watching their bodies and minds fade. It's a time of grieving. But there is also a blessed time of intimacy with my parents, and there is something intensely rewarding about this, doing a proper good bye. The only worthy reward is the reward in doing.

I continue to have many thoughts about slow, prolonged suffering within domestic civilization. I might write about it later, as I deal with this lesson presently.


Meanwhile, other matters. Here's something I just wrote & posted in facebook:

A militant fighting for a minority is called a terrorist.
A militant fighting for the majority is called a patriot.

Every nation was founded upon terrorism.
Terrorism is the mathematical result of patriotism.

Patriotism and terrorism are the life blood of all monetary economy,
pumping through its arteries and veins.

Patriotism is patriarchy,
pledging allegiance to, bowing to,
the Pater and his Prostitute Mistress Mammon
and their bastard son Terror,
Prince of World Economy.

((Notice the little Terror is disrespected, being a bastard and all.
But know he is Prince, destined to become Pater, Ruler of the Majority,
as Pater's own Pater was once also a disrespected little bastard Terror)).