Monday, June 29, 2009

To New Mexico

If all goes as planned, I'm ditching Moab & hitting the road tomorrow, heading to the Rainbow Gathering in New Mexico, then to unknown points beyond. I'm not sure what the public computer situation will be, since I no longer have any identification docs. That means I might not be able to do a blog entry for a while. 

It's hard to get myself to travel again this year. Last year was such grand fun, a non-stop adventure. But my energy level is low right now. I'm not feeling too Rainbowy now, either. Probably the hot weather has a lot to do with it. But there are people I plan to meet up with in NM, so that's what's pulling me. 

One of my best friends, Michael, came here to Moab from Vermont a week ago, otherwise I would have gone to NM earlier. Michael is going to stay here, near the cave where I camp, & do a solo meditation retreat. He does that periodically. As usual, it's been an enlightening experience hanging out with him. 

Oh, yeah, once again, I found out that article in Details magazine is actually coming out in August, not June, not May, as I had thought. It looks certain, this time. And Chris Ketcham, the journalist who interviewed me, says he's pleased they didn't alter it too much. Now, onward...