Monday, June 29, 2009

To New Mexico

If all goes as planned, I'm ditching Moab & hitting the road tomorrow, heading to the Rainbow Gathering in New Mexico, then to unknown points beyond. I'm not sure what the public computer situation will be, since I no longer have any identification docs. That means I might not be able to do a blog entry for a while.

It's hard to get myself to travel again this year. Last year was such grand fun, a non-stop adventure. But my energy level is low right now. I'm not feeling too Rainbowy now, either. Probably the hot weather has a lot to do with it. But there are people I plan to meet up with in NM, so that's what's pulling me.

One of my best friends, Michael, came here to Moab from Vermont a week ago, otherwise I would have gone to NM earlier. Michael is going to stay here, near the cave where I camp, & do a solo meditation retreat. He does that periodically. As usual, it's been an enlightening experience hanging out with him.

Oh, yeah, once again, I found out that article in Details magazine is actually coming out in August, not June, not May, as I had thought. It looks certain, this time. And Chris Ketcham, the journalist who interviewed me, says he's pleased they didn't alter it too much.

Now, onward...


  1. Ahh you'll be comin by me then :P I live bout 6 miles north of the NM border, very short drive to the gathering. Im a farmer/poet.. not living money-free but pretty damn close. The goal is to be completely self-sustained, but unfortunately to get to that point, it takes quite a bit of input to get the wheel spinnin.
    Been debating whether or not I want to go to the gathering. Ive always wanted to go to one, and its so close by now..
    But Ive grown weary of drug addicts, and pretty much every festivcal including the gathering has been overrun by them. Now I have no problem with pot and psychedelics, but pill poppers, cocaine snorters, and nitrus huffers just piss me off. Ive been there done that and that mentality is stale and shallow. Sadly I know the gathering will be infested with those types this time around too.

  2. Hey Suelo,
    Glad you were able to muster up the energy to come to the Gathering. It was great fun (my 1st) and I was so glad to see you. I hope to see you soon (please brave LA!!!). Peace and love.

    @ Emily,
    There were a lot of different kinds of people, including the ones you describe, but it didn't really ruin the Gathering for me (and I don't do any drugs myself, so I understand what you are saying). I hope you decided to at least visit Rainbow, cuz it was fun and lovely.

  3. Twas so good seeing you, G!

    Emily, the gathering has its share of psychodelics & ganja, but in all my years of going to gatherings I've never once seen cocaine or meth or pills or nitrus. They're probably there, somewhere, but I've never seen them. The most damaging drug of all, alcohol, which you didn't mention, & which, ironically, is the only one legal, rarely makes it into the gathering. "No Alcohol" is an unspoken rule. Alcohol remains at the outskirts in "A Camp". I imagine you would find those other drugs at A Camp, too, if they're around.

    One theme at this gathering was "Natural High", & there was a daily council circle talking about creating safe spots of the beauty of the high without drugs. I myself didn't touch drugs this gathering or the previous, & I couldn't have been higher. You get what you look for at gatherings.