Friday, January 12, 2007


My big report for the day: I just scratched an itchy on my cheek.
Does a hand require anything in return from the cheek for scratching an itchy on the cheek? Doesn’t the hand love the cheek as its own self? For in loving the cheek the hand loves the whole Body, and in loving the whole Body the hand loves itself. There can be no other kind of love.
The whole body gives its attention to the tiniest of pinpricks. Leave the 99 to tend to the 1.

Blind humanity, why can’t you see that the Whole Universe is One Body? Blind humanity, how can you be so stingy, so un-sharing, so un-grateful? Blind humanity, why are we hurting our selves, our self, our Universe?

It all boils down to just this:



All Credit to the Whole.

Giving all Credit to Jah means giving all Debt to Jah.

Every particle in the universe sings Hallelu-Jah, All-Credit-To-Jah, as says the 148th Psalm of the Tanach.
[Added Jan 27, 2007: "Do you not see that Allah is He Whom do glorify all those who are in the heavens and the earth, and the (very) birds with expanded wings? He knows the prayer of each one and its glorification, and Allah is Cognizant of what they do.[24.42] And Allah's is the kingdom of the heavens and the earth, and to Allah is the eventual coming" (Quran 24.41-42).
It is only the stingy, only the possessive, only we humans, who do not know the Universal Hallelu-Jah, who cannot harmonize with the rest of creation! It is only we who take Credit for ourselves, only we who are lost in Debt, possessing and possessed by nothing but our own minds. It is only we who do not know Gratitude, Grace, Gratis, Charisma, the Universal Hallelu-Jah!
Trickster Steals Fire

Myths all over the world tell the one mysterious story of what separates us from the balance of nature. Some Trickster, some Fire Seraph, steals Fire from heaven {Navajo Coyote, above left; Norse Loki, above right; Greek Promethius, below left; Hebrew Seraph (Fire Serpent), below right}. Humans have taken possession of Fire - control of Energy, control of Cause-&-Effect. Thus we are proud, we are ego. Fire, Sword, & Conflict have been caste upon our world. Yes, somebody has presented us with the Fruit of the Thought of Credit-&-Debt. Don't distress, it's part of the "plan". But “Vengeance is Mine, I will Repay,” says the Whole.
Ah, Greek myth: Promethius, whose name means Fore-thought, steals Fire from heaven. And Promethius comes with his twin brother, Epimethius, whose name means After-thought. Fore-thought and After-thought, Thought of Credit & Debt, can never dwell in the Present, in Reality, in the Whole. Our word “promise” (“prometer” in Spanish) comes from the same root. We are bound by promises, vows, debt, meaning we have rendered ourselves unable to Rest in the Eternal Present, unable to enter the Sabbath, the Center of the Menorah from which all time branches.

Renounce all Credit for yourself, say the Upanishads, says the Tao Te Ching, says the Bible, says the Quran, says the Dhammapada. Thus let the Present dissolve all Debt.

Hallelu-Jah is the entire Gospel, spoken by every particle of the Universe, every part of the Whole. Everything lives, everything sings, Hallelu-Jah, All-Credit-To-The-Whole. Hallelu-Jah is the return of Fire, the return of Payback, the return of Vengeance, back to Heaven, casting our crowns back to the Throne of the Whole, the Real, the Royal. All opposites of Credit and Debt, Reward and Punishment, like the arms of the Cross, dissolve as One at the Center of the Cross. Every particle bows to the Whole, and we must bow, too, whether voluntarily (gratis) or involuntarily (possession).

Humans, why can’t you sing in the Infinite Choir along with every other particle in the Universe, “To the Whole belongs all glory, all honor, all power, all strength.” To the Whole belongs all credit, and if all credit then all debt. The Whole is infinitely Merciful, the Quran says, Nature says. Mercy means unmerited favor, free gift. Tell me what particle can exist without mercy? What particle in the Universe is not a Gift? When you find it, render it to Caesar. Render illusion to illusion.

Change, for the Reality of Heaven is at hand.
Change, for the Reality of Heaven is within you.