Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Morning Stars Sing

I've been in town since Friday. I'm still finding resolve between the chaos of town & the bright exaltation of the desert solitude. Mercury & Venus can pass between night and day, making them messengers between dark & light, earth & heaven. Ah, Easter is coming, when the Easter resurrects from the dark to the light. "I am the Bright and Morning Star." Christians should recognize that quote. "I am the Easter." Queen Esther & Mordechi (Ishtar & Marduk). Heyelim. Something to ponder if you dare. Mary Magdeline arose & got to the tomb while it was still dark, just before dawn, noticing that it was empty. Two arose before the sun.

Speaking of Easter, I just scored a crate of eggs from the dumpster. Eggs are a staple of mine.

Here I've been reclusive for so long, and now I went to 3 parties this weekend, plus to a free band music gathering in the old city park. I started the weekend with my usual melancholy I get in the spring-time. I know, people are supposed to get cheery in the spring & melancholy in the fall - but I gotta do everything opposite. Then I decided to go walking by myself down in the wetlands, meditating on the root of the melancholy, till it transformed into joy. Spring is so rich and overwhelming, my greed wants to grasp it all and can't, so I get melancholy. When I let go and accept my naturally slow, plodding bull pace, then the joy comes. Who cares if everybody goes fast and everything blooms and I plod slow? Plod slowly through the blossoms and roll in the grass.

Something strange I saw down in those wetlands that other day. THOUSANDS of snakes, crawling in masses like living spaghetti! I've never seen such a thing. They were harmless garter snakes, and they were mostly adults. Then I went back yesterday and didn't see nary a one. Must have been some kind of one-time celebration or mating frenzy or something.

I'm planning to head up the canyon today. The flower smells are glorious up there now.