Thursday, January 02, 2014

The Unforgivable Debt

I'm still in Moab with thoughts mulling around.  I'll let you know practical daily goings-ons later.


Jubilee is the ancient concept in Judaism of forgiving all debts after every 49 (7x7) years, described in the Torah (Leviticus 25).  I often hear how Jubilee must be revived.  People want to get banks to follow Jubilee and forgive the unfathomable and unpayable debts of poor nations.

But I want to burst that bubble.  Jubilee was designed for human beings who lent to each other free of interest, because they wanted to help each other, not make a profit.  Jubilee was not for non-human lending institutions, which are machines with no soul.  Jubilee will not and cannot work for interest banking.  Interest banking cannot forgive and cannot be forgiven any more than any machine can forgive or be forgiven.  If interest banking could forgive, it would annihilate itself.  This is not opinion or esoteric philosophizing, this is logical, empirical cause-and-effect law.  Ask most any economist or banker.  

As I have said from the beginning, I don't believe money is evil, and I'm not asking everybody to give it up.  It is a tool, and if you use it, use it ethically.  And, I propose that if everybody did use money ethically, it would quickly go obsolete! 

Though I don't tell everybody to give up money (but I would love if everybody did!), I do say we must stop using interest banking, that the horrors in our world will not and cannot be healed if we use interest banking or are under the delusion that interest banking can be reformed.  How do I say this basic cause-and-effect law without being accused of being judgmental?  Oh well, let folks think what they will.

I will say that money would end in its tracks if we gave up our present-day banking, as most any banker or economist knows:
If there were no debts in our money system, there wouldn’t be any money.
 - Marriner S. Eccles, former Chairman and Governor of the Federal Reserve Board 
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Human Not-Beings Are Unforgivable

Only when we realize the debt we have been under is unforgivable, and why it is unforgivable, can the debt end.  Yes, the debt can end if we realize it is unforgivable.

Some things are reformable, forgivable.  Some are not.  Not ever.

That which has a truthful foundation, yet strays or falters, is forgivable.

That which has a foundation corrupt and deceptive from its very inception cannot be reformed, cannot be forgiven, but must be disposed of as useless.

A bad tree doesn't bear good fruit, and a good tree doesn't bear bad fruit.

Every human being on earth who exists, who ever has and ever will exist, is forgivable, no matter what they have done or not done.  Humans wouldn't be living, being, if this were not so.  Existence is being, and being itself is truth, and human being, by its very definition, is truth.  Existence cannot blaspheme against existence.  The word YHWH means existence, being.

When you know the truth, you are set free.
When you are being you, you are set free.

Now an actor, a person not being him or herself, is unforgivable.  An actor is not human, a human not-being, and a human not-being is a facade, an illusion, a phantom, a lie from its very inception, and cannot be reformed, cannot be forgiven, but must be wiped out if health is to reign. 

The human not-being is the prince and the power of the air of this world system.  Human not-beings are running the world's politics, corporations, banks and, yes, religious systems.

Human not-beings depend upon and worship illusion, called idols.  And whatever worships an illusion is itself an illusion.

Notice how such actors adore symbols and go ballistic over harming symbols (such as burning a flag or desecrating a holiday), but don't seem to be bothered by rampant senseless war, social injustice and environmental devastation! 

You cannot serve both Reality and Illusion
for either you will love the one and hate the other,
or visa versa. 

Our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the principalities and powers of illusion.  The principalities and powers of this world of illusion are contrary to all flesh and blood, harming all flesh and blood, all that is natural.  If our battle is against anything but illusion, we battle against truth, and we ourselves are illusions.

If you are fighting for "Jehovah" by killing flesh and blood followers of "Allah", or if you are fighting for "Allah" by killing flesh and blood followers of "Jehovah", then your Jehovah and your Allah are illusions, idols, fakes, and you yourself are a fake.

If your tribe of Israelites is going into the land of Canaan, land of Commerce, to wipe out flesh-and-blood humans, animals and plants in the name of your god, then your tribe is a fake and your god is a fake.

It is easy to get lost in our ideology, whether we are left (Stalin) or right (Hitler), or whether we are Christian or Muslim, atheist or religious, and start exterminating flesh and blood humans who oppose our ideology.  Our symbols are graven images, our ideologies.  And graven images are fine, until we worship them.  When we put our ideology above life, we become fake, and nothing but poison oozes from us.

The link between Dogma and World Banking

The mind of dogma is the mind that does not love for the sake of love, but the mind that "loves" in order to get a future reward.  It is the mind of Prostitution, the mind of Commerce (Canaan).  The mind that follows religion in order to get to heaven or avoid hell is the mind of greed and fear.  Thus, you see why the mind of dogma also invariably goes to bed with world commerce.  Commerce could not exist without it.  It is the mind that lusts for a heaven somewhere else, but cannot see that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand and within you.  It is the mind that sacrifices its present health for a future salary.  This is the mind that controls our world.  Such a mind cannot help but be blind to truth, for there is no truth in it, so why even try to convince it of anything?

Because it is the pretender, the mind of dogma knows it is corrupt, pretends it does not, and twists things like religion to justify itself for its grand act.  For example, the mind of dogma will claim that it is "forgiven" even as it knows it continues in and actively supports and defends corruption.  It will actively defend sweatshops and environmental destruction, knowing good and well they are corruption, because it doesn't want to give up a good price at Walmart or at the gas pump.  And in the end, it betrays itself that it knows it is corrupt by saying, "Well, Christians aren't perfect, just forgiven."  It is definitely not about wanting the end of corruption, but it is all about slithering out of suffering the consequences of its own corruption, about getting a note of excuse and slithering out of hell and going to heaven on a free ticket.  Its life is motivated by heaven and hell.  But think about this:

If you are still in debt, your debt is not forgiven.

A debt that is forgiven is a debt wiped out.

Mohandas Gandhi wrote about a discussion he had with a professed Christian trying to convert him.  The man told him he could sin, but God had saved him from sin's consequences.  Gandhi states,

If this be the Christianity acknowledged by all Christians, I cannot accept it. I do not seek redemption from the consequences of my sin. I seek to be redeemed from sin itself, or rather from the very thought of sin.  [Gandhi's autobiography online]

This same "Christianity" was also what George Fox was up against, which brutally persecuted him and his comrades some 300 years ago.  

The mind of dogma runs on the-end-justifies-the-means mentality.  Sacrifice present health for future reward.  This is the very foundation of our capitalist system.  And, yes, it was also the foundation of the so-called communist system of the USSR, and the foundation of the Fascist system of Nazi Germany.  

The mind of Truth sees that the means and the end are the same, that doing is its own reward, which also naturally unfolds into more future reward.  Future health is present health.  The mind of Truth sees that all of life is its own reward.  The seed becomes the tree which bears the fruit.

I've always loved a good argument, and it has taken me most my life to figure out that you can't argue with dogma, you cannot convince it, you cannot reform it, and it cannot be forgiven, for its whole nature, from beginning to end, is blasphemy against Life, the Holy Life.  It puts Letter above Spirit.  Notice the things it is offended by and considers sin: using the wrong religious vocabulary, wrong doctrine, blasphemy of words.  But it has no problem excusing corruption and speaking evil of real happenings, things it knows to be good.

Dogma is most surely not human, but dogma is a system, an ideology, that possesses human beings, my most beloved fellow human beings.  The mind of dogma is human not-being.  And it can label itself as Christian, Atheist, Muslim, Buddhist, or whatever label it wishes to cling to.  "Atheist" Stalin was no less horrible than "Christian" Hitler.

When I think I can reform dogma or convince dogma, I myself have become dogma.  Yes, I am not immune to being possessed by dogma.  And what I am writing even now can be turned into dogma!

Let the Actor Die

Oh, look at all the fake people, all the fake people, where do they all come from?

Every one of them is unforgivable, unreformable, and must die.
Every one is an actor, not a real human being.
The Greek word for drama actor is hypocrite.
There is none good, no not one.
Every hypocrite that has ever lived cannot be reformed and deserves to die,
including the hypocrite that often takes possession of Daniel Suelo.

Every hypocrite has taken possession of a flesh-and-blood, hurting, inwardly crying human being, has stuffed that human being into a closet, closet of shame, a human being afraid of who he or she is.

A human being in a closet is weak and powerless.  The human being who comes out, who is him or herself, discovers he or she is One with all Humanity, or, to use archaic language, the One and Only Begotten Son of Man, All-Powerful, I Am Who I Am.  And, just like a furnace cannot destroy gold but only refine it, no amount of persecution can change this fact: I Am Who I Am, the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

I could use vocabulary of any philosophy or religion to say this same thing, but I'll use Christian, since I come from Christian culture:  Every human being on earth who has ever existed, ever exists, and ever will exist is the Image of God, and the Image of God is perfect, on the one hand, yet lost under a veil of corruption, of hypocrisy, in the same way gold is purely gold hidden in ore.  The gold is waiting to be refined through the fires of suffering.  This gold was gold before refining, is gold during refining, and will be gold after refining, and won't be anything else.  Nothing is created nor destroyed, except the surrounding ore, the illusion.

It is said that when the smith refines metal, and finally sees his or her image reflected in the metal, the refinement is finally finished.  Right now, we see our Own Image darkly, in a tarnished mirror but, through refinement of life, Face-to-Face.

Now Hypocrite, the Actor, continually fights against flesh and blood, and loves to argue, and continually tries to convince you, using religion and economics and politics, that you are evil to the core, and that nature is evil and corrupt, to be escaped for some future heaven.  Hypocrite, thus, commodifies, enslaves, poisons and destroys nature and all that is natural, including human beings.  Just remember, every hypocrite who condemns you, tries to hurt you and the rest of nature, is hiding a hurting human being in a closet, and has taken possession of the body of that human being.  The hypocrite is a big show of arrogance hiding shame underneath.  Your job as a fellow Human Being is to recognize and have utter compassion, utter tenderness, on the Human Being held hostage by, possessed by, the hypocrite in his very own body.  Yet, at the same time, your job is to show no mercy, no flattery, no schmoozing, no politics, to that hypocrite enslaving the human being, but to expose it to the light.  When you schmooze, the hypocrite has then taken possession of you.  Exposing the hypocrite to light will kill it, gnashing its teeth in hatred against you to its very end.  Shed no tears for its death, but weep in compassion for the human being painfully coming out of the closet.  I don't think it's possible for the Human Being to come out of the closet without intense suffering.