Thursday, January 02, 2014

The Unforgivable Debt

I'm still in Moab with thoughts mulling around.  I'll let you know practical daily goings-ons later.


Jubilee is the ancient concept in Judaism of forgiving all debts after every 49 (7x7) years, described in the Torah (Leviticus 25).  I often hear how Jubilee must be revived.  People want to get banks to follow Jubilee and forgive the unfathomable and unpayable debts of poor nations.

But I want to burst that bubble.  Jubilee was designed for human beings who lent to each other free of interest, because they wanted to help each other, not make a profit.  Jubilee was not for non-human lending institutions, which are machines with no soul.  Jubilee will not and cannot work for interest banking.  Interest banking cannot forgive and cannot be forgiven any more than any machine can forgive or be forgiven.  If interest banking could forgive, it would annihilate itself.  This is not opinion or esoteric philosophizing, this is logical, empirical cause-and-effect law.  Ask most any economist or banker.  

As I have said from the beginning, I don't believe money is evil, and I'm not asking everybody to give it up.  It is a tool, and if you use it, use it ethically.  And, I propose that if everybody did use money ethically, it would quickly go obsolete! 

Though I don't tell everybody to give up money (but I would love if everybody did!), I do say we must stop using interest banking, that the horrors in our world will not and cannot be healed if we use interest banking or are under the delusion that interest banking can be reformed.  How do I say this basic cause-and-effect law without being accused of being judgmental?  Oh well, let folks think what they will.

I will say that money would end in its tracks if we gave up our present-day banking, as most any banker or economist knows:
If there were no debts in our money system, there wouldn’t be any money.
 - Marriner S. Eccles, former Chairman and Governor of the Federal Reserve Board 
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Human Not-Beings Are Unforgivable

Only when we realize the debt we have been under is unforgivable, and why it is unforgivable, can the debt end.  Yes, the debt can end if we realize it is unforgivable.

Some things are reformable, forgivable.  Some are not.  Not ever.

That which has a truthful foundation, yet strays or falters, is forgivable.

That which has a foundation corrupt and deceptive from its very inception cannot be reformed, cannot be forgiven, but must be disposed of as useless.

A bad tree doesn't bear good fruit, and a good tree doesn't bear bad fruit.

Every human being on earth who exists, who ever has and ever will exist, is forgivable, no matter what they have done or not done.  Humans wouldn't be living, being, if this were not so.  Existence is being, and being itself is truth, and human being, by its very definition, is truth.  Existence cannot blaspheme against existence.  The word YHWH means existence, being.

When you know the truth, you are set free.
When you are being you, you are set free.

Now an actor, a person not being him or herself, is unforgivable.  An actor is not human, a human not-being, and a human not-being is a facade, an illusion, a phantom, a lie from its very inception, and cannot be reformed, cannot be forgiven, but must be wiped out if health is to reign. 

The human not-being is the prince and the power of the air of this world system.  Human not-beings are running the world's politics, corporations, banks and, yes, religious systems.

Human not-beings depend upon and worship illusion, called idols.  And whatever worships an illusion is itself an illusion.

Notice how such actors adore symbols and go ballistic over harming symbols (such as burning a flag or desecrating a holiday), but don't seem to be bothered by rampant senseless war, social injustice and environmental devastation! 

You cannot serve both Reality and Illusion
for either you will love the one and hate the other,
or visa versa. 

Our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the principalities and powers of illusion.  The principalities and powers of this world of illusion are contrary to all flesh and blood, harming all flesh and blood, all that is natural.  If our battle is against anything but illusion, we battle against truth, and we ourselves are illusions.

If you are fighting for "Jehovah" by killing flesh and blood followers of "Allah", or if you are fighting for "Allah" by killing flesh and blood followers of "Jehovah", then your Jehovah and your Allah are illusions, idols, fakes, and you yourself are a fake.

If your tribe of Israelites is going into the land of Canaan, land of Commerce, to wipe out flesh-and-blood humans, animals and plants in the name of your god, then your tribe is a fake and your god is a fake.

It is easy to get lost in our ideology, whether we are left (Stalin) or right (Hitler), or whether we are Christian or Muslim, atheist or religious, and start exterminating flesh and blood humans who oppose our ideology.  Our symbols are graven images, our ideologies.  And graven images are fine, until we worship them.  When we put our ideology above life, we become fake, and nothing but poison oozes from us.

The link between Dogma and World Banking

The mind of dogma is the mind that does not love for the sake of love, but the mind that "loves" in order to get a future reward.  It is the mind of Prostitution, the mind of Commerce (Canaan).  The mind that follows religion in order to get to heaven or avoid hell is the mind of greed and fear.  Thus, you see why the mind of dogma also invariably goes to bed with world commerce.  Commerce could not exist without it.  It is the mind that lusts for a heaven somewhere else, but cannot see that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand and within you.  It is the mind that sacrifices its present health for a future salary.  This is the mind that controls our world.  Such a mind cannot help but be blind to truth, for there is no truth in it, so why even try to convince it of anything?

Because it is the pretender, the mind of dogma knows it is corrupt, pretends it does not, and twists things like religion to justify itself for its grand act.  For example, the mind of dogma will claim that it is "forgiven" even as it knows it continues in and actively supports and defends corruption.  It will actively defend sweatshops and environmental destruction, knowing good and well they are corruption, because it doesn't want to give up a good price at Walmart or at the gas pump.  And in the end, it betrays itself that it knows it is corrupt by saying, "Well, Christians aren't perfect, just forgiven."  It is definitely not about wanting the end of corruption, but it is all about slithering out of suffering the consequences of its own corruption, about getting a note of excuse and slithering out of hell and going to heaven on a free ticket.  Its life is motivated by heaven and hell.  But think about this:

If you are still in debt, your debt is not forgiven.

A debt that is forgiven is a debt wiped out.

Mohandas Gandhi wrote about a discussion he had with a professed Christian trying to convert him.  The man told him he could sin, but God had saved him from sin's consequences.  Gandhi states,

If this be the Christianity acknowledged by all Christians, I cannot accept it. I do not seek redemption from the consequences of my sin. I seek to be redeemed from sin itself, or rather from the very thought of sin.  [Gandhi's autobiography online]

This same "Christianity" was also what George Fox was up against, which brutally persecuted him and his comrades some 300 years ago.  

The mind of dogma runs on the-end-justifies-the-means mentality.  Sacrifice present health for future reward.  This is the very foundation of our capitalist system.  And, yes, it was also the foundation of the so-called communist system of the USSR, and the foundation of the Fascist system of Nazi Germany.  

The mind of Truth sees that the means and the end are the same, that doing is its own reward, which also naturally unfolds into more future reward.  Future health is present health.  The mind of Truth sees that all of life is its own reward.  The seed becomes the tree which bears the fruit.

I've always loved a good argument, and it has taken me most my life to figure out that you can't argue with dogma, you cannot convince it, you cannot reform it, and it cannot be forgiven, for its whole nature, from beginning to end, is blasphemy against Life, the Holy Life.  It puts Letter above Spirit.  Notice the things it is offended by and considers sin: using the wrong religious vocabulary, wrong doctrine, blasphemy of words.  But it has no problem excusing corruption and speaking evil of real happenings, things it knows to be good.

Dogma is most surely not human, but dogma is a system, an ideology, that possesses human beings, my most beloved fellow human beings.  The mind of dogma is human not-being.  And it can label itself as Christian, Atheist, Muslim, Buddhist, or whatever label it wishes to cling to.  "Atheist" Stalin was no less horrible than "Christian" Hitler.

When I think I can reform dogma or convince dogma, I myself have become dogma.  Yes, I am not immune to being possessed by dogma.  And what I am writing even now can be turned into dogma!

Let the Actor Die

Oh, look at all the fake people, all the fake people, where do they all come from?

Every one of them is unforgivable, unreformable, and must die.
Every one is an actor, not a real human being.
The Greek word for drama actor is hypocrite.
There is none good, no not one.
Every hypocrite that has ever lived cannot be reformed and deserves to die,
including the hypocrite that often takes possession of Daniel Suelo.

Every hypocrite has taken possession of a flesh-and-blood, hurting, inwardly crying human being, has stuffed that human being into a closet, closet of shame, a human being afraid of who he or she is.

A human being in a closet is weak and powerless.  The human being who comes out, who is him or herself, discovers he or she is One with all Humanity, or, to use archaic language, the One and Only Begotten Son of Man, All-Powerful, I Am Who I Am.  And, just like a furnace cannot destroy gold but only refine it, no amount of persecution can change this fact: I Am Who I Am, the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

I could use vocabulary of any philosophy or religion to say this same thing, but I'll use Christian, since I come from Christian culture:  Every human being on earth who has ever existed, ever exists, and ever will exist is the Image of God, and the Image of God is perfect, on the one hand, yet lost under a veil of corruption, of hypocrisy, in the same way gold is purely gold hidden in ore.  The gold is waiting to be refined through the fires of suffering.  This gold was gold before refining, is gold during refining, and will be gold after refining, and won't be anything else.  Nothing is created nor destroyed, except the surrounding ore, the illusion.

It is said that when the smith refines metal, and finally sees his or her image reflected in the metal, the refinement is finally finished.  Right now, we see our Own Image darkly, in a tarnished mirror but, through refinement of life, Face-to-Face.

Now Hypocrite, the Actor, continually fights against flesh and blood, and loves to argue, and continually tries to convince you, using religion and economics and politics, that you are evil to the core, and that nature is evil and corrupt, to be escaped for some future heaven.  Hypocrite, thus, commodifies, enslaves, poisons and destroys nature and all that is natural, including human beings.  Just remember, every hypocrite who condemns you, tries to hurt you and the rest of nature, is hiding a hurting human being in a closet, and has taken possession of the body of that human being.  The hypocrite is a big show of arrogance hiding shame underneath.  Your job as a fellow Human Being is to recognize and have utter compassion, utter tenderness, on the Human Being held hostage by, possessed by, the hypocrite in his very own body.  Yet, at the same time, your job is to show no mercy, no flattery, no schmoozing, no politics, to that hypocrite enslaving the human being, but to expose it to the light.  When you schmooze, the hypocrite has then taken possession of you.  Exposing the hypocrite to light will kill it, gnashing its teeth in hatred against you to its very end.  Shed no tears for its death, but weep in compassion for the human being painfully coming out of the closet.  I don't think it's possible for the Human Being to come out of the closet without intense suffering.



  1. always love your posts Suelo as they glisten with bare naked.truth. Love truth. What else is there? I don't think it's possible for a "Human Being" to come out of the closet without intense suffering either. However, I prefer suffering for truth to the inner suffering of the greedy hypocrite that deep down, within his (or her) innermost center, knows who they are. That's hell. As the lovers and livers of truth know, the Kingdom of Heaven is within you. Well, for the lyer and the greedy hypocrite, the Chambers of Hell are within you too. It's a choice.

  2. Daniel! The fourth paragraph in "Let the actor die", has really helped me understand how I have to "come out of the closet" to my mother that I do not want to use money anymore! I know she will be very angry, and think to herself... well yell at me, "You are a fool!", "You will die out there", "You have to go to college, you have to get a job, and you have to earn money to live and be happy." She will say tons of other things a parent would say as well. I think she will be like this for an amount of time until she has actually seen me live without it for a certain amount of time that is to her liking. I have a job now, and have a little over a thousand saved up, but have not touched my bank account since September of last year and am thinking of just donating it all to some organization. Heck, I might just have to keep my job just to donate! I have been experimenting also with dumpster diving and wild edibles. Haha This week I have found about 6 bunches of bananas, 12 red apples, a bunch of collard greens, a loaf of wheat bread, a half eaten pizza, 17 boxes of protein bars with 10 in each box (heck yeah!), 4 boxes of fiber one bars (6 in each box), 3 boxes of special K cereal (very plain tasting, but its food!), three cans of planters mixed nuts, and a functional pink-wheeled razor scooter all from dumpster diving! I found a fresh roadkill squirrel as well, it was very good! Not to mention the various wild edibles I have eaten this week! I could have gone fishing as well, but I feel it would be a waste, and very inconsiderable of me to kill living animals when I had plenty of food. One question though, When you started eating wild edibles, did you feel extremely exhilarated and almost an extreme happy/hyper sensation? Because that's what I have been feeling! Let me know what you think! - John.

    1. LOVE this post ! These are the kind of posts I want to become contagious -inspiring all of us to take the next step. I will be following your blog - keep us posted -

    2. John - do you have an e-mail address ?

  3. Great post. It's a matter of time before the global economy crashes in on itself.

  4. This is really interesting. I recently had a close encounter with some Hypocrites who were in a lot of pain. This post helped me figure out what was going on. I wish that there was less polarization and ideology in this country. It is causing people to hate their friends and neighbors for no reason.

  5. I have been reading your posts for about 4 years and this is one of your best

  6. Suelo:
    I enjoyed this post, but I don't think that you have clearly pinpointed the line of demarcation between the real man and the actor, the immortal & the mortal.

    The human, carnal mind is enmity to God. And we know that "flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of heaven, neither doth corruption inherit incorruption" "That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit" When we are 'born again' – born of the Spirit, the process inevitably involves suffering.

    The 'tares' and the 'wheat' grow side by side until the harvest (resurrection of consciousness). Then, the tares are gathered up and burned (destroyed by being seen as erroneous/illusion) and the wheat is garnered into the barn (divine consciousness).

    Here's a metaphor from another religious leader (who like George Fox was relentlessly persecuted for her beliefs) which graphically illustrates the difference between the real man (the image/reflection of God) and the mortal actor: "The manifestation of God through mortals is as light passing through the window-pane. The light and the glass never mingle, but as matter, the glass is less opaque than the walls. The mortal
    mind through which Truth appears most vividly is that one which has lost much materiality — much error — in
    order to become a better transparency for Truth. Then,
    like a cloud melting into thin vapor, it no longer hides the sun." ~ Mary Baker Eddy

    Happy Trails,

    1. You're on top of things, freebird. I wondered if/when somebody would catch this. It's a deeper level I felt too complex for a blog entry. So here's the footnote:
      To the pure, all things are pure. To the impure, the human and the flesh are in enmity with God (Reality), for sure! Flesh and blood cannot enter into the Kingdom (Rule) of God because how can it enter where it already is? See that the repeated message of the entire Jewish and Christian scriptures, as well as the Quran, is that *everything* in existence is under the rule of God, except our unreal minds strayed from reality like lost sheep. Notice how nowhere in scripture is flesh and blood said to be evil. However, the mind that thinks it is the flesh and blood body that it rides in is like the man who thinks he is the car he drives. The person who thinks he is the vehicle he rides in, is the possessive mind, deluded, carnal. When it is attached to the flesh, attached to possessions (body or, as Michael says below, tools) the flesh becomes impure to it. This is the message of Hindu & Buddhist scriptures, too. When we realize we are not our bodies, we possess (identify with) nothing, we realize our bodies and all flesh are pure, perfect. We realize our bodies are holy temples. Then the flesh gladly, voluntarily serves us, we don't serve the flesh, and we then know our minds are Spirit, not carnal. I propose Mary Baker Eddy would agree with me here.
      In the pure mind, the wall of enmity between flesh and Spirit is broken down, and all things are reconciled as One in Messiah. Ishmael and Isaac are One Seed, Only Begotten Son. When we realize this, we will wonder where there was any disagreement between Islam and Judeo-Christianity.

    2. It's not a question of being right or wrong or even coming to agreement, but rather helping each other on the path to enlightenment.

      What is called 'matter' is the subjective state of the human mind. Everything that we experience with the physical senses – the things that we see, feel, hear, touch, smell etc. – are images of the human (carnal) mind. The human condition is a dream-like state – a false consciousness – that we eventually awaken from.

      The 'flesh' or corporeal, physical body is the manifestation/expression of the human, carnal mind. The image & likeness of infinite Spirit is certainly not a finite erring physical form with an insane mind. As Jesus said, "It is the Spirit that quickeneth, the flesh profiteth nothing."

      You write above, "In the pure mind, the wall of enmity between flesh and Spirit is broken down..." There is only one pure mind, the Mind that is Spirit/God and there is no element of flesh in this divine Mind – all is infinite Spirit.

      The human mind is never pure, but always has elements of impurity/insanity. When an individual has transcended all fear/error/impurity – all darkness/illusion etc. – then they emerge into infinite Spirit as a pure individual consciousness, no longer limited by a finite form (flesh/body).

      In Mary Baker Eddy's metaphor of the Light and the window-pane, the window-pane (human mind/body) is eventually cleansed/purified to the point where it disappears & only the Light remains: "Then like a cloud melting into thin vapor, it no longer hides the sun."

      This is the last 'curtain call' of the mortal actor on the material stage before he/she ascends above human consciousness into the infinite realm of Spirit, like Enoch, Elijah, and Jesus.

      Happy Trails,

    3. Let's simplify all of this.
      Scripture. Script. Actors repeat scripts.

      Ultimately, you and I and everybody must ask ourselves, "am I repeating a script I read, no matter how 'holy' (whether Mary Bakker Eddy, the Gospels, or St Paul, the Quran, or Dhammapada)," or am I speaking from direct experience? An actor repeats a script. A real person speaks direct experience. From direct experience, right here in the flesh, we can say in full confidence that direct experience is Holy Spirit, and that all else is facade, actor, hypocrite. But don't take my word for it. Find it for yourselves in direct experience.

      But actors are okay and fun when they and their audience know it's just a play, an entertainment. But when we fight and argue over scripts, not reality, let us realize we are lost in delusion, lost in our own minds, for we think the play is real. We are then not One Mind. There is only One Mind. All else is script, acting.

  7. Here's what I think is the science behind private property and greed.

    Humans are tool users. When you can visualize the tip of the brush or screwdriver in your hand you are mastering that tool. Neuroscience has shown that our mind sees a tool in our hand exactly the same way we see our hand itself. The first order of influence is the human brain. Comparing the visual patterns using fMRI of how our brains operate is a more accurate guide than adding other layers of abstraction like cost-benefit analysis, spoken words or words written on paper that must be interpreted by long dead lawmakers under unknown influences.

    Private property is necessary to protect where you put your tools. When you wake up in the morning you expect to know where your hand is and likewise the tools you use. Any use of private property beyond the necessary tool use to realize your God given gifts or other potential I think is greed.
    It seems to me there's enough resources if first, you've figured out why you're here and second, you manage your life well. Those that want more money I suspect haven't figured out either or both points. I realize it's no easy matter. I was lucky it was easy for me to know what I was good at. But even within the career choice there's a very specific style that must be developed and that can take decades or longer to understand. But also I think the shortcut to knowing your style is to go back and look at what you did when you were a child and not doing anything for money.

  8. Hey Suelo or what ever, (Danny) did you visit your parents for Christmas?
    Did you do what I said about the dollars from the book?
    Im sure they could use a little help right now dont you think?
    Im not trying to be an ass but its time to step up to the plate and make a few things right with your mom and dad dont you think?

    1. Let me know who you are and what on earth you're talking about and perhaps I can respond.

    2. I'm not the anonymous above. I don't know who they are, but I think I agree with him/her. The royalties from this/these books could do so much to allay the hunger and poverty that pervades this world! Thousands of children who starved to their death or went into prostitution to support themselves or their families on meager fare, could have been saved. They are gone now. God provides wealth to help rescue the dying.

      What happened though? You turned away from that which could have saved lives, to what? To dig in dumpsters and travel and live in luxurious homes. How are you different than those who squander their money on themselves, while the rest of the world suffers and dies in abject poverty? By their fruits you shall know them.....

    3. A little quiz. Who made these quotes?

      "That perfume was worth a year's wages. It should have been sold and the money given to the poor."

      "...this poor widow has put in more than all those who are contributing to the offering box.
      For they all contributed out of their abundance, but she out of her poverty has put in everything she had, all she had to live on."

      "I do not possess silver and gold, but what I do have I give to you."

      "So then, none of you can be my disciple who does not give up all his own possessions."

    4. “Jesus said unto him, If you will be complete, go and SELL what you have, and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven: and come and follow me.” Matthew 19: 21

      “And SOLD their possessions and goods, and parted them to all men, as every man had need.” Ac 2:45

      “Neither was there any among them that lacked: for as many as were possessors of lands or houses SOLD them, and brought the prices of the things that were sold” Ac 4:34

      So then SELL your book and whatever else you have and distribute to the poor. They are dying in their squalor and few there are that care!

    5. How can I sell what is not mine and what I do not have?

      How much does one have to sell and give away, if no everything, to meet your approval?

      Still waiting: are you willing to answer the quiz above?

      Are you willing to step into the light, expose your identity for all to see, scrutinize and judge?

    6. Did you give your very LIFE to Jesus Christ? That does not mean just follow Him, whatever that means. So many that were simply followers of Him, fled when things got rough. The ones who gave their very lives to Him, said, For me to live is Christ and to die is gain.

      "Moreover, brethren, we want you to know of the grace of God bestowed on the churches of Macedonia;

      "How that in a great trial of affliction the abundance of their joy and their deep poverty abounded unto the riches of their liberality.

      "For to their power, I bear record, yes and beyond their power they were willing of themselves;

      "Begging us which much persuasion that we would receive the gift, and take upon us the fellowship of the ministering to the saints." II Corinthians 8:1-5

      "And this they did, not as we hoped, but first gave their own selves to the Lord, and unto us by the will of God." 2Co 8:5

      "I exhort you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service." Ro 12:1

      "Yea doubtless, and I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord: for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and do count them but dung, that I may win Christ,

      "And be found in him, not having my own righteousness, which is of the law, but that which is through the faith of Christ, the righteousness which is of God by faith:

      "That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings, being made conformable unto his death;" Philippians 3: 7-10

      My character as shown by my words and my deeds are my identity, for "out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks." What you think is eventually acted out.

    7. I'll wait a bit longer to see if anon is (1) willing to answer the quiz above & (2) to step out of the dark into the light, revealing his/her identity.

    8. Why should I do that? But as I told you, my words are my identify. What would a name tell you? Or are you looking for a degree after it?

    9. Anonymous (from Wednesday, January 8, 2014),

      "that which could have saved lives"...

      You think money is the answer? That is the real poverty.


    10. " words are my identify."
      Yes! The perfect demonstration of this post's theme.
      Why do you hide? Step out of the dark, into the Light, and your real identity, not your script, would be revealed. But putting oneself under the scrutiny and judgment of the world, judgment of thousands just like your self, can be a difficult thing, no?

      Looks like I gotta answer the quiz, as you are unwilling:

      1 "That perfume was worth a year's wages. It should have been sold and the money given to the poor."
      --Judas Iscariot (John 12:5)
      (very interesting to look at the context too).

      "...this poor widow has put in more than all those who are contributing to the offering box. For they all contributed out of their abundance, but she out of her poverty has put in everything she had, all she had to live on."
      --Jesus (Mark 12:44)

      "I do not possess silver and gold, but what I do have I give to you." --Apostle Peter (Acts 3:6)

      "So then, none of you can be my disciple who does not give up all his own possessions." --Jesus (Luke 14:33)

    11. Above anonymous noted that they first gave themselves and then of their physical gifts. Have any of you given your very selves to Jesus Christ? That is the key to all giving.

    12. See? You knew the answers to your own questions. Why then did you ask me? Why do you resort to trying to control me, instead of acknowledging what I said?

    13. It must be very hard for you thinking how much I try to "control" you.
      Again and again: all you Anonymous-es who criticize, why why do you hide? I can discuss with someone with the courage to show the man or woman behind the script. I'd love learn from somebody who has sold all his or her possessions and distributed all to the poor. I invite you to come meet, because I am imperfect and welcome mentors who can stand behind their words. Try me.

    14. I, Suelo, wrote the above (for some reason it came out 'anonymous'). If this also happened to you, then I understand. Now I invite you to identify yourselves.

  9. Suelo,

    Your thoughts echo my own so many times. I'm constantly reminded to view those who give me dissatisfaction with compassion and realize they are suffering. Some days I suffer and do the same to another. I have a Christian background, long and deep, even graduated from bible college, but none of that could hold a lick against my meditation practice. As soon as I relinquished fear, guilt and shame I found true liberty. I still cherish the rituals, chanting, music and dancing but the dogma holds no allure now. Thanks sooooo much for being real Suelo. You are inspiring to so many of us!

  10. Suelo, you are a good and honest person - salt of the Earth - and you are doing the very best that you can based on who you are at this point. What else is there??? Who can tell me? That is all any of us can do. We're all in this together. Compassion and support for one another is the best we can do. I loved the book, as I've said before. Among many other things, it showed me all the selfless volunteer work you do on a regular basis, but never "talk" about. Mark Sundeen is a good author and HE is the one in charge of the proceeds - not YOU. You selflessly gave him any monetary benefit that came from that so Mr. or Ms. "Anonomous" can send his or note to him if they feel like they are his judge. Which, if they look far enough in to the Holy Bible they will see clearly that they are NOT. - gina

  11. By the way, I'm reading "Lame Deer, Seeker of Visions" right now. Love it. Only on like the 3rd chapter so far, but already highlighting and underlining my head off. Love it love it love it. Get so many good leads off your site :) gina

    1. Gina, I was going to buy this book, might I start an exchange with you? Will send me Lame deer when you are done, and I will send you one of my favorite books.

  12. Our avatars create apparition. We drag our bodies around like an old, wooden cross. Speaking of delusion, why do Daniel's life choices seem to bring out the worst in some--defensiveness, blaming, aggression. It's always curious to me. Thanks for an interesting post! ~cupcake

  13. That book has inflated your head. There is a piousness in your character most look beyond because of fluffy sugary words. You speak as well as any con man.
    Your words are your identity? Yet you'd be nothing with out your religions. No blog, no wanderer, nothing.

    1. I repeat again what I said above: "Why do you hide? ...I invite you to come meet, because I am imperfect and welcome mentors who can stand behind their words. Try me."
      I'll even come meet you, if you like. I mean it. Let's stand in the light, not the dark, reveal identities and see what is just words and what is not. We can work out a time and place right here if you like. I yearn to learn from people whose actions match their words.

    2. Why can those speaking sugary sweet words remain anonymous. Why not call them to light as well?

    3. I have read this blog for quite some time, but this is my first time to comment. I think everyone would like to know who you are, your motive, and who you may or may not represent.

    4. Yes, why not invite all to the light? Do you seriously think the others would object, that they have something to hide?
      I'm have no problem not being nice here. My conscience tells me to pull no punches.
      I'm imperfect and need, respect and welcome constructive criticism, which comes from those who have the courage to walk their talk, walk in the light where there is no stumbling. But internet trolls love dark, fear the Light, have no courage, and I can, with clear conscience, say I can feel zero respect for them, *especially* those pretending to be followers of Jesus. That is blasphemy at its worst.
      I would love for you to prove me wrong and have courage. Do you love the Light or the Dark? And who cares what the others do or do not. You, not them, set yourself up as a representative of Christ.

      You chose to come here, you chose to make presumptuous criticisms in the dark. Nobody forced you or controlled you, and I'm simply invite, not force you, into the Light. Remain in the dark if you please, and judge for yourself whether or not that would give you credibility. I would love for it to be true that you have sold your possessions and distributed all to the poor, as you quote and expect of me. And you could come help me, teach me. And true Christianity, not this sham, would reign supreme.

    5. I believe you're dealing with more than one "anonymous," because I have not written most of the comments above. If you don't want anonymouses commenting on here, then why is there that option? Maybe you should change it.

    6. Truth is not true because the bearer is perfect. Nor is it false because the bearer is imperfect. Even a criminal can tell the truth in a court of law and be a witness or present evidence. His criminal record does not change the DNA on a piece of clothing that he might bring before the jurors. My identity has nothing to do with truth.

    7. No problems not being nice here you say, well then that leaves one to presume your kindness is a show out side of the internet (here).
      Do I think the others would object, ask them as you have asked me. A bit one sided, no?
      Light and Dark are both required for life to be. The plants need the dark nights as much as they need the light from the sun during the day. Just as an over grown forest needs a natural fire to begin anew.
      To think one can go through life, and to only parade the 'good', and not stumble is pious and misleading. To not represent this stumbling as if by following jesus (who probably never existed) you will not stumble is again pious.
      Your response has shown you do carry a zealous attitude. I suppose you see your self as an ambassador of christ in a way no?
      "So true christianty can reign", ah so christianity is the way and light then hmm? What about simply being human and dropping the ideas (religions) of others?
      Selling possessions has nothing to do with this. I expect it of no one, particularly those driven by religion conscious or subconscious rather then of their own true accord devoid of others ideology.
      Are you implying those who have not sold theirs maybe lower or in the dark?

    8. As a foot note, as far as religion goes, none of those above have the grounds to dispute you nor ask you such questions. In the realm of religion, they are delusional because they try to follow some one elses thoughts and not their own heart or mind. Inevitably leading to hypocrisy, no matter how hard one tries we can not honestly apply the ideologies of an other. The only thing we can follow honestly is what we feel individually.
      This is why I avoid the subject, it is dirty, and one can interpret an others ideas in what ever way it makes them feel justified, no matter how absurd.
      Hence we should avoid being actors, like you say. Avoid applying the thoughts of others and merely follow our own conscious, only in that can one be true.

    9. Lower than a whale's turd in the Marrianass Trench.
      Some One Else

    10. Into the light?? What do you want, for us to turn into stone?? ```A Troll

    11. Wouldn't anybody say it is fair to expect people to stand behind their words, practice what they preach, including myself, whether they call themselves Christian, Buddhist, or Humanist, to not be deceivers? If that is zeal, let it be zeal. We're in a world of idle words.

      If anything is true, it is in no conflict with anything else, not superior to anything else. I urge Christianity to be true, and Buddhism and Islam to be true, for true Christianity is true Buddhism is true Islam is true Judaism is true Humanism is truly being yourself. Being yourself is the only truth you can proclaim. Any true Christian will know exactly what I am talking about, as will any true Buddhist. Words are only dressing. If my words don't match my life, I am a deceiver, afraid to step into the light while it is day. At night, when I am tired and can't see, it is healthiest to keep my mouth shut, be in bed sleeping.

      Using the words "dirty" or "lower than a whale's turd in the Marrianass Trench" is exactly the same as saying "dark". I can choose to understand what you are saying, or I can be literalistic and proclaim the virtues of "dirty" and being "low". I can say vomit is good and not clean it off my chest, in the name of being a "spiritual non-dualist," or I can clean it up and save a lot of trouble. And vomit will then take its place as good re-enter the cycles of life. Or, I can stay awake all night and sleep all day to prove dark is good, or I can sleep at night and walk in the day and be healthy.

      In the greater picture, it truly is all good, all becomes our refinement, our growth, including the make-believe trolls here who live in the dark and fear the light. It's fun, as well as distressing (which makes it interesting), to see the ongoing battle between light and dark.

    12. Is a mole make believe because it dwells in the dark?

      Luv Bug.

    13. You and I know the answer to that, and you and I also know that a troll is make believe.
      Putting willfully distracting literalism aside, everybody here knows exactly what I am talking about: a deceiver cannot step into the light, unless he or she doesn't want to be a deceiver anymore.

    14. You and I both know that trolls say exactly what is on their hearts because they can hide in anonymity. They are the most real here. Only their name comes from mythology. Others that give their real names (how do you know that?), hide behind their name in cowardice, like most people do.

      Luv Bug.

    15. Yes, you are expressing a truth here, Luv Bug. I was thinking about this very thing last night.
      I've spoken openly all over the US, meeting so many nice and friendly people, a very rare few with any disagreements - the majority of them. Then I look on the internet, not only on articles about me, but of others, and they ooz with accusation. Not as many on this blog, but countless on other articles. That's what happens in the dark, the sheep's clothing comes off and we see the truth, the accuser has full reign in the dark. That's why I like to allow anonymity here. It's good to see truth of how many wolves there are.

      On the other hand, they are make-believe. They are all big and courageous - lots of words and scripture quoting - until the light shines on them. Then they vanish, like vampires and trolls.

      A mole is still a mole in the light, and so is a cockroach or a ringtail. But a troll or a vampire is nothing in the light.

      I have respect for wolves who have the spine to tell me what they think to my face, not wear sheep's clothes. They are not make believe, and are true. But they are rare.

      I have offered to meet with the above Anonymous-es. I've made my life an open book for all to see - the good, the bad, and the ugly. Would you offer me the same courtesy? Come out of the closet.

    16. When someone tells you the truth, they are a wolf? That's a new one on me. No, let me tell you who the wolves are. They are the ones who tell lies and make them look pious and right and holy. Those are the wolves in sheep's clothing.

      If I take my clothes off in the dark or the privacy of my own house, but clothe myself to go out in public, does that make me a hypocrite, evil, a wolf?

      Therefore, you also accuse. What makes your accusations less wolfish than anyone else's?

      Luv Bug.

    17. Hello
      I dont know what is my specie yet. Lets say another kind of bug. Also this blog's initiator say a lot of interesting things , i find it a bit self righteous to talk about reality and Light this way. You seem to know yourself very well, but do you feel the need to preach like this in a place like this? Internet is not a place of "Light" and " Truth", it is a cave were only trolls dwell.
      Take care

  14. I think this blog is falling away from it's intended divine purpose lately and needs to meditate in silence and solitude for a spell. I send out love and kindness to all - gina -

  15. "The Creature from Jekyll Island" - Hey Daniel - or anybody - have you ever read this? I just saw a piece about it on the news and it made me think of you. It's about the creation of money and much of the stuff you talk about. gina

  16. "The Creature from Jekyll Island" - Hey Daniel - or anybody - have you ever read this? I just saw a piece about it on the news and it made me think of you. It's about the creation of money and much of the stuff you talk about. gina

    1. Yeah, I read 'The Creature from Jekyll Island', one of the things that inspired me, & it's talked about in Mark's book (TMWQM).

  17. To the trolls I would add:
    Don't be afraid of ideas other than your own. Some may have merit. Test for yourself. Loosen up, why so rigid?

    1. Rigid, Cupcake? Gravity must also be rigid for you. You're the one that "drags your body around like an old wooden cross." Me, I let my spirit free. It's not dependent on my body. One day my body will follow it...against the law of gravity. ~~The Troll.

  18. Troll, you must be reading my mind. Do tell your technique!

    1. It was easy, cupcake. I just read the words you wrote from your mind. Or were you out of your mind when you wrote them, lol?

      Here they are: "Our avatars create apparition. We drag our bodies around like an old, wooden cross….~cupcake"

      The Troll.

  19. Daniel, if you are ever in San Diego again I would love to roll with you. You are welcome to stay in the park where I currently sleep, since I am recently "homemore" by choice. Thanks for living your marvelous reality!

  20. A really really beautiful blog post and then a really sour message trail. Now I am worried Daniel will stop writing and sharing. I always come here when I need to be grounded. During the Christmas holidays, I made a big step and got rid of a lot of things that I previously thought had meaning: photos, old letters, awards, books, filed papers such as bank statements and such. None of it means anything and I just can't believe the things I was holding on to. I need this blog to help me move in the right direction. Daniel, I would say to ignore the provocation. Semper Fi, SFT

  21. Suelo, even though I have expressed doubts about God providing for us (eg. food), I admire you a lot. Your blog has lots of truth in it and it's a real force for good.

  22. Let me briefly clarify my point about the avatar, cross, etc.

    Our incarnation (avatar) creates appearance (apparition). Our strong identification with the body and our wordly attachments prevent us from reaching escape velocity (both materially and spiritually). It would be helpful to foster a sense of independence from the body as if we are carrying around something foreign to us like a stick of wood or carrying the cross. To better learn to live in the aspect of ourselves that is not the body and is not subject to death. ~~cupcake

  23. Daniel, Oh Daniel
    Your being certainly is....being.
    I shared on facebook the quote from Lame Deer you have posted on your website, and my mother wrote me an extensive letter basically arguing that such thoughts are one sided and stating that Jesus died for our sins and therefor all sins are forgiven by God.
    I of course have been raised on this idea and realized that because God does the forgiving, Christians don't have to. Hypocrisy, as you said, to believe in an Idol that exemplified forgiveness but to live like the the people who hung him.
    Jesus didn't die for our sins, he died because of our sin and he lived to save our souls, to show us the way to bliss. He was just a man that lived probably similar to the way you live, or maybe it was many men that lived this way and Jesus was a title for this type of person.
    Jesus: a man who lives with out and is.
    Just some thoughts inspired by reading your thoughts.

  24. Daniel, I just remembered something in the Quran that came to mind after rereading your post 2:268...
    Satan threatens you with poverty and orders you to immorality, while Allah promises you forgiveness from Him and bounty. And Allah is all-Encompassing and Knowing.
    ...just the idea that Satan threatens us with poverty, which is the justification we all use for living in this money system.
    Semper Fi, SFT

    1. does poverty mean living with very little income, or does it mean living with out access to the natural abundance of the land. I.E. we live in the city, there are no fruits on trees and wild animals to eat, and because of this threat we run to money to provide these necessary things

  25. Suelo, you are sharing great philosophy of life. Funny that your philosophy meets critique from Christians?? There is of course no doubt that Jesus supported the moneyless philosophy. How can Christians doubt that? But, just read a bit about the American Christian movement of New Thought, which claims that Jesus message was about how to gain money and sex. Its not just a small movement, its the whole philosophy of positive thinking, right now on the top of EUs script on how we should be educated in the future.

    Another funny thing is reading the comments on this blog: the anomymous. Is it all the same person, and if not, why not write under a name? The funny thing is that the anonymous are getting into a fight about that "that was not me saying that!" Ha, ha

  26. I'm a believer of JESUS CHRIST .I believe that he is the only way to eternal life .I believe that through his sacrifice,believing in him through faith that all my sins have been completely forgiven . I believe that I don't have to do anything .its all what he did and none of what I do .I believe I have been given life through his resurrection .I am proud of my choice of beliefs . I have a wonderful peace and love inside .I am happy and joyful . I work and earn money , I use money , I buy things I need and things that I want . I give to the poor , I love life !

    1. Great post but I have one question. A saved believer in Christ is "not ashamed of the gospel", so surely you can now reveal yourself, instead of hiding. Thanks.

  27. I love the lord JESUS CHRIST because he first loved me . I follow him and only him . He loves me .I have direct access to the father because of what he did for me through his sacrifice . Oh ,the peace that I have in my being is truly amazing . I am so blessed and loved by him . I use money , I buy things I need ,and things I want . I help others when I can . I am happy and joyful. My heart is filled with his love and I don't feel empty . .I am FREE . Life is so handsome and wonderful in Christ . I love you ALL !

  28. I am a believer of JESUS CHRIST ,my allegiance is to him and him alone . He loves me ,and It's the greatest love I have ever encountered . Its a love that is so good and wonderful . I work and earn money . I use money to pay for things I need and things I want .I give to those in need when I can . His love for me has caused me to become humble,patient ,loving ,and kind to everyone I encounter, even if they hate me ,abuse me , persecute me , do me wrong . I am so happy and joyful . Life is so good "I gotta wear shades " Much love to all !

  29. To anonymous just written above. What we hear Christians do in America today is not anything else than about money. They put up television shows craving money. Give me money! Give me money! And the anonymous talking in here, critizicing Suelo, are in fact not talking about anything else than money..Suelo might not have money to give to people, but he freely gives away experiences and philosophy of life. And that is so much greater. And that people can misunderstand the philosophy of Jesus Christ in such a way, is still a riddle to me..

    1. Yes, so sad. I think the evangelical, western view of the gospel of Christ, misses some crucial lessons. Namely, that Christ's life was one of sacrifice. Easteners seem to understand this point quite easily. Father Lazurus el Anthony of the Coptic faith in Egypt comes to mind, and there are many other as well. I am fascinated that Daniel can pull this off is the US.

  30. just as an interesting side note.. :) "From Ballentine's Law Dictionary, 1948 Edition. 'Human Being' is defined as follows: 'See monster' ."

  31. Ditto Larry - I too am fascinated that Daniel can pull this off in the U.S. Not without critics of course as we see. The man is humble and true and giving of his time and heart - yet of course - there are always people who have to find fault - unbelievable. sigh. gina

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  33. This is really good! One of the best posts I've read! It's such a hard thing to talk about. Impossible I suppose. Suelo does such a great job of it though. Things would be so easy if we could just fit them all into a box . But I don't suppose that's how it works. The Tao that can be known is not the true Tao. And I suppose the Tao that cannot be known is also not the true Tao. God is beyond understanding and also is understanding. In a certain manner of speaking. But.. Ugh. It's such a silly impossible thing to talk about. Suelo can really do it though. Which is rare. In a certain manner of speaking. :)

  34. I'm a believer of JESUS CHRIST . Jesus took away all my sin ( every one of them ,past ,future ,and present !) on the cross. I am happy ,joyful ,and at peace . Jesus Is my lord and savior ,and I only follow him . He makes my paths straight . He loves me unconditionally . I am so happy . I am FREE .Bless you all !

  35. I am a believer in Jesus Christ . Its my choice . What is it that drew me to him in the first place ? It was his love !!!! I never found a love a REAL love in this world .I finally found a REAL,true ,Unconditional , FOREVER love in JESUS CHRIST . I have a job and earn money . I use money . I buy things I want and things I need . I would like to have even more money ! I am humble ,kind , and loving to ALL even if the hate me ,abuse me , throw me under the bus ,persecute me . I love all blacks ,whites ,red skins, olive skins . I love all Jews , I love every person that walks on this earth !!!!! I love ALL of you. Grace be with you forever !

  36. Hey Daniel - how are you ? I continue to get the urge to just throw a back pack on and just hitchhike from Syracuse NY to Moab UT and meet up with you and say hi. People around here look at me like I"m crazy whenever I say that - but it doesn't feel crazy to me. It feels wild and free - gina

  37. Suelo please make sure to go to your freemeansnomoney g mail, I have sent you something. This is my first, and only post to Suelo here.... I have read these "negative comments" Suelo, I just want to remind you of something, do not give pearls to swine, no need to prove yourself, lifestyle, words, those type of people are "lost" they will also never come to see the light, you are wasting, precious energy, seriously, consider what I just said, time, life, words, energy, don't waste them, Jesus would have kicked the dust from the bottom of his heals.

  38. So easy to throw out cheap anticommunist slander against the Soviet Union. But guess what? They did more towards cresting conditions for the abolition of money than you or anyone else, and they were an organized movement. They actually did more towards creating the kingdom of heaven on earth than the church ever has. And to compare their work and Hitler's in the same sentence is just sinful, and shows the utter, utter ignorance of the speaker. If they didn't meet up to your standards, guess what? They had the entire organized world of Mammon against them. You may be the John the Baptist of Mammon's abolition, and that is prophetically admirable, kudos to you, but check it: money is not going to be abolished by a few individuals dropping out by word of mouth. It will be overcome through huge and grueling systematic change and frontal assault, and each inch will have to be fought for, and each inch is holy no matter how inadequate or not moral enough it is for the armchairs out there not willing to get their hands dirty.