Sunday, May 25, 2014

Radio Show Tonight: "Idolatry"

Yes, I'm doing my radio show this evening 
Sunday 9-11PM MST
on KZMU fm Moab Community Radio

Between music, I think I'll talk about the concept of "idolatry", how our culture replaces reality with words/symbols/images/ideology/money. 

We often sacrifice reality to illusion, sacrifice life to dead images. 
For listening online, if doesn't work, 
try or

Until I have more time to blog, I'll refer you to Steph's blog post, with great pics of our latest goins ons:
Spreading My Wings: Eat, Play, and Love

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Commencement is Ever Now

Lots and lots have been happening since I last blogged over a month ago, giving me hardly any time to blink much less blog. 

A Canadian film crew from Toronto (Reel to Real Productions) came to do some filming in mid April for a documentary on eccentrics.  My friend Cullen has also been working on a documentary, so they were able to collaborate with him. 

After the Canadians left, Cody and Summer decided to leave for the northwest.  So it was just Brandon and me for a few days, until a new friend, Steph, came to join us.  Our moneyless tribe fluctuates, people coming and going physically to and from our local little group, but feels like it is growing and scattered across the country and world.

What's great is Steph likes to blog, and she's a splendid photographer, so I'm going to be lazy and refer you to her blog (Spreading my Wings) for our happenings with her the past few weeks.  Check out her wonderful photographs:
And, yes, note the irony, that I was the keynote commencement speaker at the University of Colorado in Boulder for the Humanities graduation ceremony last Friday (May the 9th).   And my friend Tim Fredrick filmed it on his IPhone: