Sunday, May 25, 2014

Radio Show Tonight: "Idolatry"

Yes, I'm doing my radio show this evening 
Sunday 9-11PM MST
on KZMU fm Moab Community Radio

Between music, I think I'll talk about the concept of "idolatry", how our culture replaces reality with words/symbols/images/ideology/money. 

We often sacrifice reality to illusion, sacrifice life to dead images. 
For listening online, if doesn't work, 
try or

Until I have more time to blog, I'll refer you to Steph's blog post, with great pics of our latest goins ons:
Spreading My Wings: Eat, Play, and Love


  1. Will the radio ever put archives of your show online?

  2. I missed it until the tail end, because couldn't get it to work on my windows phone. Finally found an app though that works, 'radyo', so i'll be ready next week.

  3. Suelo,you and Steph seem to make a good team.I wish you two all the best.

  4. I ndo not have internet connection in my apartment, I like to listen to your show, however, i could not find an archive of your shows. is there any way to download the shows after it is done from public library and listen to it at home later? If so, How? Thank you,

  5. It's one thing after another at that station. The computer that records was down my last couple shows, so they're not recorded. I haven't had time to go up and condense & archive my other recorded shows. I do have a friend who has come in & recorded & filmed most the shows, anyway. Someday they might be available.