Wednesday, December 17, 2014

If you are considering staying with me...

I just posted this in facebook:

In case more people are considering coming to stay with me, I'm having my doubts right now about the moneyless tribe and my leadership ability. I need a break, time to breathe, have some time to myself, at least for now. I want my friends already here to stay (I love them dearly), but I don't have the means to accept more visitors right now - especially in the winter.

 I still envision moneyless community. If moneyless community is meant to be, a better place/situation will naturally arise to accommodate folks and sustainable community. "Public" land around here is over-run by tourists, not sustainable for communities to live off the land, and living off of society's waste (dumpsters, etc) can only go so far. Living on society's overwhelming waste is only a stepping stone until free, unowned, sustainable land and livelihood arises. 

Common sense says that no land that is owned can be the land of the free nor the brave. 

Free means unowned. 

Free means no money. 

We live in a land of the majority bound and fearful, naysayers without vision. 

But my optimistic self sees human beings alive under there somewhere, ready to wake up.