Sunday, November 17, 2013

What Steps Must I Take To Be Free?

Okay, I wrote this as a spontaneous comment on the last post and decided to make it an official post here.  I get lots of questions, almost daily, from people feeling stuck, asking how to break away from the oppressive system.  I find myself feeling clueless, unable to prescribe steps for others to take.  And after the great adventures of the wandering moneyless tribe the past few months, I don't feel any less clueless.  I find myself not knowing what I should do. Then it dawns on me that this is exactly the place I am supposed to be.  I can't tell you any steps you should take.  But I can tell you to be yourself, and nothing else.  Here's the comment:

I can't tell everyone to live as I do. 
And I can't lay out plans for a just society. 
Nobody can. 
This isn't really about living without money, or thinking up a new system. 
It is simply about being authentic. 

All I can say is follow your conscience, i.e. be completely real. Then see what follows automatically. If everyone did this, started following their consciences rather than what they are paid or ordered to do, I propose that our commercial system would collapse, because its very foundation is ulterior motivation, requiring its citizens to be fake.

What happens if you are real? 
What happens if you proclaim, "I am who I am," the holy name? 
You will step out of sleepy comfort and be up against great hostility. 
It's not an easy path, outwardly, 
but it's the easiest path overall - 
the only healthy and restful and happy one inwardly, 
because there is no conflict of conscience in you. 

Think about it, all the rights people now have and take for granted were originally illegal, opposed by the powers that be.
Rosa Parks
Being Herself
All your rights were brought to you by people who stood their ground being authentic. Your rights were not voted into place through the system, they were fought for by people standing firm, opposed by the system. When you stand your ground, after they test you with persecution, they must finally back off. 

Nothing inauthentic, based on illusion, can last. It must collapse, as every commercial system in history has. 

All that will be left is your authentic foundation, if you cultivate it now.


  1. Im happy to see you telling this. This is the single most important advice: follow one's conscience. Regards Daniel!

  2. But be sure your conscience is well formed and this can only happen through love. "God can not be grasped except through love," said the author of "The Cloud of Unknowing. So, to know God, you must love as He loves. Nothing else will bring you closer to him who is truth, than love.

  3. I would say that the problem is not the system, rather than us. We've created this ugly thing. If every single person can find why they're being selfish, brutal and relentless with not only other humans, but all living things and relations with objects or ideas, the world would begin a true new path. Sorry for my english, Im from Argentina. A hug from here!

    1. The problem is never us as authentic humans, but it is always the artificial facades (systems) we put on, that we sacrifice our real selves to. To be ourselves is to be perfect. Be ye perfect.

  4. thanks for this basic breakdown:

    ¨but it's the easiest path overall ...
    because there is no conflict of conscience in you.¨

    i dont want to waste your time Daniel, but can you or someone, reiterate or expound on the statement:

    ¨I propose that our commercial system would collapse, because its very foundation is ulterior motivation, requiring its citizens to be fake.¨

    1. Excuse the delay. I wasn't sure how to answer this more clearly than I've already stated here & in the website. For a concise answer, see the interview at
      If this doesn't clarify it, let me know.

    2. thanks daniel, i have read your biography and, just now the interview. your words help. really.

      i guess i was looking for more words to explain ¨ulterior motivation¨ in the context of commercial civ.

      is it mainly the illusion of security?

      drawing upon authenticity resonates with people, good work,

    3. It's easy to see big corporations and world commerce a monstrous evil, and ourselves righteous victims. And we become totally powerless. But when we recognize the seed of such monstrosities in our own human hearts, then we begin to have power. A seed can be more dangerous than the full-grown plant, because it is covert, appearing trivial. That seed is ulterior motivation (doing to get reward or doing out of guilt/debt, not doing for the sake of doing). This seed is called 'incentive of credit and debt'. When we recognize this seed in our tiny selves, we realize it is the foundation of all commercial civilization in all its glory. It is also called prostitution, not acting for love but for pay. It appears as love, but it is falsehood. The full-grown corporate plant is beyond our power, as much as we protest and fight it and feel righteous and get ourselves on the evening news, even as we don't see this seed of falseness/darkness in our own hearts. The seed of light is also in our hearts. The monster of illusion (ulterior motivation, prostitution) must collapse in the face of reality (authenticity, love), just as the dark of a huge room is dispelled by the smallest lamp.

      But see how we are ashamed of reality, our true self, hiding it under a basket.

      All we need do is lift the basket, or come out of our closets. Closets of shame. Then watch the power of light spread.

  5. Great post Daniel. It´s true, no manifesto is possible. Everyone has a different path, but also it´s very hard to get to know "who" you are, and thus being able to say "I am being myself, I am being real". It is a life-long process. From personal experience I would say to always listen (and trust) your inner feeling or intuition. Even if then things don´t work out, you won´t feel any guilt, as you will be able to say "I did what I felt was right". Greetings from Helsinki.

  6. I love the picture of Rosa Parks. Just this morning our class was discussing Ch. 12, Martin Luther, and Martin Luther King. The girls asked about Rosa Parks and civil rights :-) - Claudia @ Passage

    1. It was such a grand experience for both me and my dad talking with you and your students and fellow teachers, Claudia. Thanks for inviting me!

  7. Suelo, your post made me think of this passage from the Gospel of Thomas:

    "His disciples asked him and said to him, 'Do you want us to fast? How should we pray? Should we give to charity? What diet should we observe?'

    Jesus said, 'Don't lie, and don't do what you hate, because all things are disclosed before heaven. After all, there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed, and there is nothing covered up that will remain undisclosed.'"

    Ultimately, is our own selves that we have to face in the mirror. We have to live with whatever choices we make in life. None of us will escape the grave. Why not make sure that our choices coincide with what we actually value? The world already contains enough conflict as it is. No sense in being in conflict with ourselves.

    Thanks for the reminder.

    1. Yes, Daryl! this very phrase you quote, "Don't lie, don't do what you hate" was what finally pushed me to quit paid employment, drop money, and drop clinical depression!

    2. In islam, we talk about the "straight path". That is to say, there is no definite route to heaven but the choices you make can result in the path being simple or complex. I think you can have a lot of money and still make it to heaven but it would be more difficult because of all the distractions and temptations.

      There is a quote in Quran that after you die, all you have left are your prayers and good deeds.

      On another note but on this topic, what really worries me is that I can't get in the "zone" the way I used to as a child. I remember being a teenager or younger and spending forever in bed at night thinking about God, praying, feeling very close to God. And now with all of my adult distractions, the weight of my prayers are so much lighter. I'm really really concerned about this.
      Semper fi, SFT

    3. BTW, Daryl, I just want to thank you very much for that bible quote. I really needed to hear that. Thank you. SFT

  8. Suelo,

    Your last post could be entitled “Keeping it Real.” There’s no doubt that all of us have to be authentic. We can only pretend for so long – play the proverbial actor on the stage. Look at all the costumes people in society wear. It would be comical if it weren’t so appalling. What the heck, for example, is the purpose of the ‘noose’ that men (& some women) wear around their necks? It means “I’m willing to conform.”

    Human rights is an interesting topic. You say “All your rights were brought to you by people who stood their ground being authentic.” Our rights are derived from divine law, founded on Principle. It is not the prerogative of the government to grant or revoke human rights – since they are innate and inalienable – but rather to protect them. Thank God for reformers like Rosa Parks and many others who have fought to overturn unlawful infringements on civil liberties.

    Almost a year ago, I got involved in trying to reform the ‘system.’ I bought the domain ‘’ from the founders of the Tea Party (no affiliation) and put up a minimalist website to see who would be interested in a potential large-scale, grassroots collaboration to reclaim our own government from the Establishment – the ‘evil empire’ of corporatocracy. I had sanguine hopes that it might actually get off the ground.

    However, although the site created quite a bit of interest, few people were willing to do more than ‘like’ it on their Facebook pages: lots of cheerleading from the sidelines, very little practical help. Worse yet, fellow non-profit organizations with similar goals had no interest in collaboration. Everyone has their own agenda.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that our system is identical to the game of Monopoly – right down to the fake money that we use (even if the Fed were actually federal, the money would still be playdoh). The name of the game is consolidation, and its quite apparent the big-time players are in cahoots – a de facto oligopoly is pulling all the strings. The ‘game’ of Monopoly is destroying the world.

    The question is: Do we (the People) attempt to reclaim our hijacked government and transform it from a top-heavy, hierarchy to a grass-roots level, local governance or do we allow the whole system to implode (potentially causing quite a bit of turmoil and destruction) and see what kind of new ‘system’ rises, phoenix-like, from the ashes?

    A community based socio-economic system of freely giving/receiving/sharing is, no doubt, an ideal. But, it seems the vast majority of people are very far from letting go of ‘ownership’ ie. personal property. Furthermore, any ‘socialist’ system that attempts to force or impose this ideal on others would be a tragic mistake. Freedom can never be attained through coercion.

    I admire you Suelo for being true to yourself, for being authentic.

    Happy Trails,

    “There can be only one permanent revolution—a moral one: the regeneration of the inner man.” ~ Tolstoy

    1. Dude have you checked out the Zeitgeist Movement we pretty much are advocating what you want

    2. Yes I have. There are many movements which are attempting to reform or replace the current socio-economic-political system. From a human standpoint, this seems imperative.

      However, changing the ‘system’ amounts to a change in the socioeconomic order of Plato’s cave (look up “Plato’s allegory of the cave” if you’re not familiar with it). No matter what system is implemented, we are all still prisoners in the cave, believing illusion to be reality.

      The great need is for individuals to ascend from the dark confines of the cave (human consciousness) to the brilliant Light of Reality (divine consciousness). This awakening is called “ascension,” “translation,” “enlightenment,” etc. in various religious traditions. It involves the “regeneration of the inner man” as Tolstoy points out in the quote above.

      Nothing in Reality needs to be changed, reformed, or replaced. Everything is already harmonious, perfect.

      Peace & love,

  9. That is true. Following trends can give you slight recognition, but a unique idea is something that can land you that big break. Works in every situation applicalble.

  10. Wondering if anyone has heard of Charles Eisenstein and his book Sacred Economics?

    1. Yeah, a friend gave me that book, but I never got the chance to finish it - to see what Eisenstein had to say about an ethical currency. What I read delighted me, but I still am curious and skeptical but open about what he finally proposes. Guess i have to finish it.

    2. it seems like two weeks ago in norway he said ¨actually im not that interested in economy anymore¨


    Check out the above-referenced web address - it's Charles Eisenstein's self-written bio - I think he and Suelo would hit it off big time as good friends - I am going to read his book - gina

  12. suelo,

    ever heard of a guy named john piper "life as a vapor" book, you sound very similar to him in your ways.

  13. For people who want to know "how" Suelo does it (broke away from the system) - I suggest reading Mark Sundeen's book "The Man Who Quit Money". It gives you a chance to see the different phases Daniel went through as he progressed to the moneyless state. It even has a description of how he dumpster dives! Any one of us can do it if that's what we believe in and want it from the depths of our hearts. Where there's a will there's a way. I wouldn"t suggest attempting it cold turkey. It's a process, both spiritual AND physical. Try first living on as little as possible and then go from there. I think you really need to have a deep, core faith - and you can't be afraid to die. You need to want to give your body, mind, and spirit for the welfare of the world. I think Daniel does this.


  14. What you are doing is totally stupid. Please close down any blog that you have about your life without money or whatever you do with your life!!! I'm going to tell you exactly why.
    First of all this is your ego what is talking. You want to be somebody, you are afraid of being a nobody, alone. There is nothing wrong about living or not living without money. If you choose to live without money because your voice inside is telling you so then do it, and don't bother anybody with this non-sense. What you are doing, people are doing since many many years, look at beggars by example, people in older times they are hunting, and no money! There is nothing special about this!!!! Your bullshit philosophy that you are pouring on your blogs it's childish it doesn't have any meaning. If you are happy about leaving without money in the desert eating dead squirrels then enjoy. But it looks more like if you write about this, then something bothers you. What is the problem if you enjoy whatever these times' society brought? What is the problem if you go to shop and buy something to eat? Is it making you special that you are eating dead squirrels? I hope you realize that what you are doing is unintelligent. If it is your decision to live a solitude live in the desert, then enjoy it and stop bothering people with this non-sense, trying to show that you are doing something special. And if you are leaving in desert alone, trying to prove something, it's non-sense. You are throwing more shit in people's mind. Most probably you are doing it unconsciously, maybe this message will break through your childish mind go deep into what you are. This message is not for your mind. You have to find out why you choose this way, beside that you want to show to people that is possible, which I've already explained you is nothing new. Once you will find answers to your questions, there will not be any need to live in desert eating dead squirrels and showing off with your life. To grow up it doesn't mean to live in a special why, it's the opposite, to live simple life. If money is there then fine, if not then also fine. If you can live in a house then fine, if not then also fine. So master Zen, eating dead squirrels on the road:), relax, life is perfect, doesn't matter how you live. Please again delete all your blogs, all this verbal diarrhea. And if you want to become enlightenment or find happiness in your life, find a spiritual master, and do it all the way till end.What you are doing is nothing special, it's like a small child!!!

    1. My English class is reading your comment and you obviously are illiterate. Who cares about him living out on his own. He's an adult. He can do a he pleases. Move on with your happy little life.

    2. You wants to take Suelo's rights away, that's the most childish and stupid I've read. Suelo lives the life he wants and he likes it. Be glad that someone in our world dares to take the whole step out of our sheepish picture and governmental control.

    3. "pist20": Who are you to tell anyone else how to live? Mind your own business, perhaps? Do you really think that you will convince Suelo to stop blogging? Get off your pedestal and join us down here sometime.

    4. pist20 - you sound like someone who would excoriate Jesus Christ, because he pretty much lived hand-to-mouth too.

  15. If it weren't so obvious you hadn't read it, I'd think you were citing some of the first words of my boastful website:

    "Yup, I boast!
    I boast about
    Nothing Special.
    Let the Nothing-Specials boast,
    for Babylon has boasted its dilusions of "value" & "progress",
    and trampled Nature,
    shat on Beauty,
    long enough.

    Funny how the ire this provokes in you and thousands is amazingly fun for me. Like teasing. Probably the small child in me.

    What would happen if the world put away their"adult" ways and became like a small child?

  16. Dear Suelo,
    I am just watching your interview with the hungarian tv stafff....let me say your pilosophy combines Voltaire and Saint Francis of Assisi...without any relegoius aspect or ism...
    take care, December must be very cold in Utah:)
    Best wishes,
    From Budapest hungary

  17. I love this blog. Sometimes as I'm reading all the comments I giggle my head off and see a wonderful broadway play in the making ~ FREE tickets . . . of course !

  18. Dear Suelo,
    Your life and words are a constant inspiration to me, causing both joy and discomfort, making me reflect honestly upon my own journey, and spurring me on. And is that not a great thing?!

    I was a Zen monk in a monastery because I wanted to inspire people. To inspire them to contemplate life, truth, reality. And because I wanted to live out of these things myself. But after 8 years I had to leave that life in order to remain true to myself. It was an incredibly painful thing to leave the monastery, leaving everything- my "home", my life, friends, family, security, good reputation, etc - for a bad reputation and the unknown. But being true to ones self is the only way to realization, the only way to honor God. Yet, it is not easy... not easy. Your courage amazes me.

    I do hope eventually your wanderings bring you back north again. You have friends you haven't met yet up here in the wilds of Maine and we want to go camping with you! We'll bring the grub. :)

  19. Love Cryphon's post above. Agree with him 100%.

    signed . . . another "unmet" friend up north -

  20. I am someone who owns his own business. I have for a many years. I find Daniel Suelo fascinating.

    I believe that anyone who decries corporations is a hypocrite. Without corporations the technology to make this blog possible would not exist. The people who watch his videos, enjoy cell phones and everything that goes with computers owes a huge debt to corporations. These benefits to mankind didn’t happen by everyone living without money. The reality is they were made possible by money. The work of corporations and money is what makes Daniel Suelo’s message possible to be seen, heard and understood by so many people around. These are facts.

    If you were to truly hate corporations I say stop using all the benefits they provide. That means no more computers, cars, use of electricity, cell phones, etc.

    I believe Daniel Suelo is to be admired. He doesn’t seem to condemn anyone for their life. His message seems to be for everyone to look inside themselves and follow what they see. Connecting with yourself inside seems like an old message ,but it’s still a valuable one.

    The many advancements in medical care, transportation, standards of living and more were probably a result of someone looking inside themself and having a desire to invent or improve something. Yes, there are bad things, but people are people and never in the history of mankind has there been a society of perfect people.

    Daniel Suelo has his beliefs and standards. I admire how he remains true to them in the face of such criticism. I’m certain he has endured more than his fair share of harsh words. Staying true to himself in the face of such negativity speaks volumes about his courage and conviction.

    Maybe the evil brought forth from corporations reflects the evil in the human heart. You only bring to a situation what is truly inside of you. Societies always change and technology always changes a society. It’s good to know that there are people such as Daniel Suelo who can step back from the human condition, put up his hands and tell people to stop. It’s time they look inside themselves rather than at everything going on around them.

    1. I would like to think that money is now holding us back from advancing as a civilization, Only doing things for the sake of profit is not the most efficient way to use the worlds resources. The way things are done today is retarded and its all so corporations can make bigger profits..We have the technology to feed, cloth and house the population of the world at a high standard, the only thing not allowing this is a lack of money. In a world where people didn't have to worry about just surviving, creativity and innovation would be huge.
      It is time for the people of the world to start thinking outside the box that this religion called money has created.

    2. I suggest you stop using all things that have been created and maintained by corporations. Give up your use of modern technology. Hit those corporations where it hurts. I would say we have the ways for people to take care of themselves and not live off the work of others. I've seen too many people who are poor because they choose to live off the work of others. Please tell me of a country that has existed since the begining of mankind that did not have poor? What society has no poverty?

    3. But Suelo demonstrates by living the way he does that one does not need money to feed, cloth, and house the world's population. Anyone can acquire life's necessities as long as he/she knows that he/she can acquire them, has enough motivation to acquire them, and has the ability to acquire them.

    4. I disagree. I think Suelo demonstrates that it's possible to live off of what others produce and not let anything go to waste. Every bit of food he has, item he collects is a result of someone producing it. He may be able to live without money, but money is what produced the things he lives off of. He could not live the way he does without someone or a corporation making it. I feel he demonstrates how free a person can live if they desire. One does not need money but does need the what is made possible by those who produce for money. Items inside a dumpster don't get their from nature.

    5. What I meant was that if the world's population were to live like Suelo, they would not need money to have life's necessities. They would freely give and receive them just like how Suelo freely gives and receives life's necessities everyday.

      If that fails to justify my point of view, here is another way of looking at it. Suelo says on his website: "I do rely on the hard work of others just as others rely on the hard work of myself. Somebody then places totally arbitrary numbers upon that hard work and then says we are dependent upon those arbitrary numbers, rather than upon the hard work!" With this quote in mind, one realizes that money does not determine whether or not hard work happens. Thus, people can have every good and service they desire without the exchange of money.

      It may be worth noting that Suelo does not only live off of what other people produce. He harvests food (and other goods) from nature when applicable. Thus, one does not need to live off of corporation's goods/services when nature can provide them. I typed the previous sentence in case you think life's necessities can only come from people who produce them for money.

    6. I agree with Suelo when he said that anonymous users should label themselves in some fashion, it'll make conversations much easier to follow.

      To the anon. user who started their comment with "I suggest." To answer your last question, I would like to point out that the Hadza people is a society that has no poverty.


  21. The first step toward quitting money is "sell all your possessions and give the money to charity" (sublime)

  22. I know one Indian expat in London, who after first class graduation from Oxford University, declined further study as proposed by his
    parents/elders in his family. Reason he gave was - he visited Harrods Dept. Store in London, went from counter to counter to see each and every item on display/sale with his diary & pencil but could not find one single item in HARRODS without which he can't survive in life. So he decided to be Hindu Monk and now he lives in monestari at Ahmedabad/Gujarat/India. Those seeking further guidance may contact him through website: His name is : Sadhu Brham Vihari.

  23. Pls note Sadhus i.e. Monks of neither touches
    currency notes nor women. If by error or omission, occasion
    arises when someone drops currency note on lap of the monk,
    he has to observe fast (eat no food or water for 24 hours). Their
    food, travel, medical care cost is totally absorbed by the Hindu devotees & every time they travel even to foreign countries - one
    of volunteers from Hindu devotee accompanies and makes all payments.

  24. I am reading Charles Eisenstein's new book, "The more Beautiful world our hearts know is Possible." On pages 112-13 he cites a 2010 Boston College survey of people with an average net worth of $78 million. Most of them say they are not financially secure! Most of these folks say they'd be secure with about 25% more net worth.

  25. theres nothing wrong with being poor... theres nothing wrong with being rich.... if a good man is rich he could maybe feed the poor? givin the choice i would be rich. it expands your capacity to help. Money can buy you land and animals and seeds and supplies you could build a framework for a society that would not need money because you could all just " Help & Share" or however you want to call idealism in action.... some of the most selfish wicked people around are living without money (Bums) *not to say all bums are such* but you really can not eat out of a trash can unless someone builds a trash can, someone buys a trashcan, someone builds a restaurant, people frequent the restaurant, the restaurant throws out extra food pieces..... etc etc etc. i would like to see someone WORKING towards a BETTER way.... working with what we have is our only option. If everyone today quit there jobs without the skills to survive only hoping to "Bum" it would get very ugly very quickly. PS. I admire what you are doing it is a great way to open peoples minds to the POSSIBILITIES. there are more than one way to skin a cat they say.

  26. Everything is a state of mind. Your circumstances surround you - but they are not "you". Your inner, center self is who you are and nobody can see that clearly, or touch that, except you (and God). Tolstoy is right - the only permanent revolution can be a moral one. Rich. Poor., Somewhere in between. Use money. Don't use money. Doesn't matter. I admire and respect what Suelo is doing. How he is living. The imprint on the world that he is leaving. I also know that I can choose to do the same basic thing - right from my humble litttle apartment. I can live on as little as possible, volunteer my time and abilities where ever needed, pay my rent and basic utilities having 0 cents left over - and be a divine free-spirit. It's all a state of mind.

  27. I think the theories about Suelo’s life are many. Could entire societies survive without money? Maybe, but that’s not reality and it’s not the point. The impact of the monetary system is going to impact people’s lives long after all of us have departed from this world. That’s reality.

    What Suelo does is offer hope to those who are terrified about not having enough money. People who don’t know how to survive with no money can see Suelo’s life and realize they can survive without an income. He’s proof that not having money isn’t an ending but simply a change a person must accept and adapt to their life. Learning to not let money and a quest for material items have overwhelming power in your life is a lesson that’s value is impossible to calculate.

    What worth could be put on teaching how to put money and material things into their proper perspective? Suelo can never be paid for what he does. There’s no way to calculate its immense value.

  28. Facebook, Google, blogs, plus a food infrastructure that wastes half of what it produces, etc. built Suelo. So in a way he is what the sages have always been, a prophetic being pointing the way to the Commune. The Kingdom of God on earth...

  29. Hello Daniel, I only found out about you today, and I have shared one of your YouTube video interviews with my friends. Many of them were touched and inspired as I am by your example. Since waking up my life has shifted in many ways.

    I was told recently by someone wise that I would experience "new beginnings" and 2 days later I lost most of my business income. Things are swirling and changing so fast since then. I was feeling frightened and confused. Worst case scenario? Homelessness, or losing my partner! Why am I frightened of that? Fear of losing my self. But I have learned from researching your story that you actually found yourself through simplifying your life and trusting the flow of life.

    You are now living as your authentic self, “in the world” but not “of the world”.