Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Well I'll Be Quirky

I hitched down here to Albuquerque from Taos last Friday & am camping by the Rio Grand in the woods with my splendid new friend, James. 


Taos was nice, besides the bumper-to-bumper traffic. I hung out at both the Hanuman temple and the Peace House. I made good friends with the temporary care-taker there, Annamarie. I got to be involved with Food Not Bombs a bit, too. 

I also went to the Taos Pow Wow last weekend. It was not so touristy like I thought it'd be. I actually found my eyes tearing up, listening to the Taos singers & the drumming that went to the core of my being, & watching the dancers. Part of those tears were from the intense beauty, but also from grieving over what our culture did to native peoples. 

There were a couple free bands in the Taos plaza last week, too, along with acrobatic shows. It was all so beautiful. I was again awed by the music, especially with the band "Last To Know" & the acrobats. That music was so heartfelt & those women acrobats were so beautiful, so graceful, it really moved me. And I couldn't get over the joy on the faces of the people watching, the children playing. I couldn't help but see the Divine radiating through everybody, as well as the latent pain behind it, in everybody. Seeing that, how can we ever look down on or judge another human being? I found my eyes tearing up again. I don't know what's gotten into me - I'm getting just like my sister, crying at the drop of a hat. 


Last friday i felt it was time to hitch to Albuquerque. I stayed my first couple nights at the 
Catholic Worker house. They kindly put me up & gave me grand hospitality despite the fact that I showed up on their doorstep totally un-announced. 

My main reason for coming to Albuquerque was to meet up with a dear friend & Mystery I had never met in person before, named James. Here's the story. One day at the cave, months ago, I had realized there's only so much we can learn on our own. I was feeling like I could use an enlightened teacher. And I wanted to learn Tai Chi. But I wasn't going to force things & go out looking for it. It would have to be totally free, and it would have to come to me. This was my thought, my prayer. Then, days later, I went into town & got an email from a guy named James, who said this blog & website resonated with him & he very much wanted to hook up with me & live with me to learn some things. At first he didn't tell me he was a Tai Chi instructor, but I was realizing we had a deep spiritual connection. His wife believes so strongly in his vision that she'd bought him a plane ticket to fly out & meet me. This is the James I met at the airport yesterday morning. Though he came out to learn from me, it turns out he is really my teacher, & I am humbled. He's true blue. I have already learned so much through him I am awestruck. Yeah, my eyes have been tearing up again, with gratitude. 

James & I plan to hitch to the Gila, NM area tomorrow to meet up with another person I've never met, Wind, who, I've been told, lives off the land & can teach amazing skills. My friend Prema has been raving about Wind to me for a couple years, wanting us to meet. So this is the time when I sit under teachers, who give totally freely, and I am flooded with utter gratitude. 

Details Misgivings 

I thought that Chris' article in Details magazine was well-done & respectful, and I would be putting on false humility if I pretended that my ego doesn't like it. It's nice to be heard & noticed. Every human being on earth knows that. But being in a little limelight makes my path more dangerous. There is really no danger on earth but the ego carrying us away. 

However, there are a few things in that article that can give a false impression. The main is that my life is not really the life of an ascetic. Chris told me "this life seems hard". I told him yes, but I also said that my life is easier than it ever was when I had money, and that it's easier than most anybody's life I know. In reality, I was living in poverty & asceticism in the money world, as do the masses who live in it. When you force yourself to do what you do not want to do, when you force yourself against nature, so you can get a paycheck, you are a self-torturing ascetic. Your life is unbearably hard. I decided I didn't want to live the life of self-flagellation & unreasonable hardship anymore. This is why I walked away from it. Self-proclaimed Christians often tell me that I don't understand Grace & don't have to be such an "ascetic." They totally don't get it. It's the other way around. Living without money & possessions is the way of Grace. Grace is literally Gratis. Who is the possessionless one who implored those who follow him to give up all possessions, to live simply? "Come unto me all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." These words mean what they say. Let that sink way way way down into your soul, you who call yourself Christian.


  1. hey Daniel,

    My name is Gary from Michigan. It is nice to meet you.

    I read the Detail's article and thought the article was good. Unfortunately, the magazine still falls under "pop culture media" and can't deviate out of that constraint.

    As far as Christians go...should we be surprised that the folly of humans still rears its ugly head after all these years. Certain human traits such as greed, hypocrisy and hatred seem to be hard wired into our DNA and consequently into the populace. As much as I hate to say it maybe the expectations are too high and maybe we are really just animals. Maybe our talking is a sophisticated form of barking like canines....

  2. Thought you might like to see a passionate discussion that your story prompted on Hacker News:

    I find your story very hopeful and encouraging. Best of luck with everything. I hope you continue to find peace and 'grace' on your path.

  3. Extensive discussion also on Reddit:

  4. I think you would garner many followers if you were to have a Twitter account. You are an interesting man, with balls the size of planets.

    Good luck to you, Dan.

  5. hey man, I just got laid off from my job. I really respect the life that you are living and hope that one day I can stop slaving myself for cash. god bless

  6. I hear of you from digg. I really envy you. You are like Diogenes in a way. I am not a religious man so I will leave you with this. May you always have Time and Patients.

  7. You are a large man living in a small world.

  8. Suelo,
    I am a Christian and a Native New Mexican (Santa Fe)living in Kansas City. If I was there I would invite you to stay at my house and have an awesome New Mexican meal with me and my family. I admire you for what you are doing, and trust that you will find all the answers that you are seeking. I am sure you will get much flak from people about your lifestyle and the decisions you've made, but I encourage you to run toward the goal which you have set for yourself. It is not an easy task, and I am sure the naysayers don't have nearly 1/4 of the balls that you MUST have for doing this.

    Bless you man. Peace to you. Charge on in the direction of Him.


  9. What makes you any different from any other homeless person? You have the qualifications to go out and get a job but instead you choose to leach off society...Who do you think pays for the internet at the library where you write this blog?..Me, and the rest of the taxpayers.

  10. Your ability to post this blog is a direct result of money. Your not scavenging internet as its not a 'wasted resource' as such.

    Your surely just using resources we pay for with our tax but without contributing?

  11. It is only because of his need to let others know about his life and p eace of mind that brings him to the library. If he was selfish he would of not used the library and keep these wonderful mysteries a secret. But he is using what is freely available to anyone on this planet. You can ask any raccoon about what he feels is free or not free to him. The raccoon just lives each day. I have an old saying that my grandmother used to tell me. To Live is to Learn, to die is to graduate. Thanks for the blog!!!

  12. It takes a lot of strength to motivate yourself to live the way you do. Most people in this modern world wouldn't be able to do that. However, that is the whole reason "money" was created. It is a simplistic way to motivate advances in society. In a way, what you are doing can also be seen as backtracking. In a different world, we could all still be living the way you are, but we aren't. We've worked to improve.

    If you don't like the "improvements" we have made, that is totally fine and respectable. But please don't claim that you don't use money. There are hundreds of people indirectly paying the cost for this website, and just because none of them are you does not make your world moneyless. How do you think you managed to hitchhike to Albuquerque...horseback? No, you used a car didn't you. That certainly didn't cost the driver anything right? I bet he got that car for free too of course.

    Money is the motivation for advancement. Feel free to live your life how ever you want, but don't try to claim you live in a "Moneyless World".

  13. I find it interesting and revealing how much bitterness and resentment your lifestyle provokes in certain people. The way you live challenges people to defend their own choices. When I told a colleague about your story and about how inspiring I found it he was immediately seized up with anger and claimed that you are wasting the valuable education, experience and perspective you have gained from having led such an interesting life. He thought you should be contributing more directly to society. I disagree strongly. Enough people are already doing that type of 'contribution' and you have done it yourself. In fact I think the way you live and the story you have given everyone to think about is as big of a contribution as you could make by doing other kinds of work. We all add something different to the world. You have added something valuable to my life the last day or so as I have reflected on what your story means to me personally and the choices I have made. Thank you for sharing your life and ideas with all of us.

  14. Some people claim that you should be ashamed to be living without making money as if by doing so you have broken some unspoken Covenant. To them I would say "when did making money become our God"? What moral responsibility are we betraying when we do not make money? You have consumed food culled from refuse but we begrudge you even that privilege. What kind of misanthropists are we to deny to a man what we would gladly give even to a stray dog?

    Good luck and stay safe.

  15. A good quote: "True creativity is inherently destructive, and truly creative individuals always, without exception, seek to destroy the mediums [sic] they work within." To me, that's what you did — you worked up to being a successful, self-sufficient regular man, then up to helping others become self-sufficient under America's cultural standards, and then you appear to have redefined self-sufficiency on your own basis, perhaps realizing how damaging it is to allow one culture to dictate others. You are, without question, an overwhelmingly wise person and what you are doing makes perfect sense to me. Thank you for being open-minded enough to use blogging to pass on your ideas and lifestyle — I am certain you are helping more people this way than any overseas service ever could — it's like a redefinition of "Teach a man to fish..."

    Greetings from Athens, Ohio.

  16. Since the beginning of recorded human history, there have been people (let's call them "spiritual ecologists") who have chosen to renounce the trappings of society in favor of living a solitary, simple and contemplative life in the wild. Such a monastic, ascetic, threadbare life is not for everyone, but it is important that people who feel so inclined be able to pursue such a way of life if they so desire.

    Even if you decide eventually to return to society or something like it, you still will have shown (by keeping away as long as you did) that much of our current society is wasteful, slave-minded, anti-human, alienating, synthetic, unhealthy and destructive.

    I admire your perseverance, your patience, and the presence of mind you have shown in "dropping out" in order to reorient yourself in the natural world.

  17. I am a firm believer in "to each his own", but I also believe that if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck...

    If he wants to live like this, cool by me, but don't church it up and act like he's strong and brave for what he is doing. He's a bum that lives off charity and the commercial civilization that he claims is such a poison to the soul.

    And the whole idea of the gift economy? Never works. Thousands tried it during the 60's and 70's. Want to know why our societies evolved they way they did? Read "Gun,Germs and Steel" by Jared Diamond. You can check it out from the same public library where our buddy Daniel leeches off our hard work and tax dollars to post this blog.

    Quoted from his header: "Wild nature is your true nature, crucified by civilization." He is still living off the this civilization he claims is a problem, whether he directly admits it or not. Wanna impress me? Stop wearing clothes and eating canned goods made in factories. Want to let natural selection really run it's course? Throw away those eyeglasses. Neither of these suggestions will happen, of course. His claims of a "natural" lifestyle are inaccurate, and when he gets too old to scavenge for himself, he won't let natural selection take it's course. He'll end up retiring from this "natural" lifestyle and will somehow live off the tax dollars of our crucifying civilization.

    Like I said, it's cool with me if he wants to live like this. I'm not judging his lifestyle. I'm just calling it what it is.

  18. @Robb - You call him a bum and then say you're "just calling it what it is". Actually you're not calling it what it is. You're calling it what you think it is. You are revealing that when you say "it's cool with me if he wants to live like this" what you really mean is you don't care one way or the other about this guy or what happens to him. Your whole comment is completely lacking in empathy. You just came here to justify your own lifestyle by derogating his. I'm not judging you though. I'm just calling it what it is.

  19. I read the details article and couldn't help wondering "what's the point?" I don't mean it to be offensive. I'm just trying to understand why it makes sense to live if you're not changing the world?

    Yes, having credit cards and mortgages and 401K plans can be a burden, but isn't hardship worth going through if it leads to technology like, which helped us all connect with you?

    Isn't it worth the pain if you can add something valuable to the world?

  20. @Andrew Warner - What makes you think Suelo is not changing the world? Have you considered the possibility that your notion of adding value to the world (building technology like is just one way of changing the world? Is it possible that Suelo is changing the world simply by challenging the ideas which the rest of us use as the foundation of our lives?

  21. You're famous on Digg:

  22. Hi Suelo. I just learned about you through an article and have been reading this blog about your adventures. I don't agree with those who say you give nothing to society. You posts are too much food for thought for me to eat at once! Thank you for giving us this abundant feast!

  23. Just watched the video "Moneyless in Moab" on Google Video. The quality is bad so it's hard to hear everything you're saying. But I got a lot of it. It makes me feel like a child to hear you talk about how you see the world. I mean that in the best possible way.

  24. Much respect for what you are doing: living a real life on your own terms.

  25. You are the future! Soon, tens of millions will be roaming the country, not working and sucking the bones of society! Kumbiah!
    You are the socialists biggest nightmare, can't be taxed and don't vote!

  26. Just read a news about you. Then search your blog here.
    You did something amazing!

  27. A friend of mine lives the same way:

  28. well done ,you are walking the right path . Your next material step is very clear . Once you have renounced money you must revive the ancient alliances . You need a horse or donkey , chickens , a big dog and cultivated plants ...and of course...a woman .

  29. You say you live without money. You fail to consider that you have a degree from an institute of higher education, in anthropology no less, and perhaps this store of knowledge which you paid money for is like "savings" that you are now living off. What's more, along with find food in the wild, you also salvage items from other (paying) people's waste and so, in a way, you are in debt to them for this continued supply. You maintain this blog at the library, which you would have no access to if (again paying) people did not have money to pay taxes. One could argue that while your efforts in the wild are indeed admirable, you are not living without money, but, in part, living off of the money of others.

  30. The quote is "Freely you received, freely give." It is not the other way around as you have used it. Your ideal is noble. However, sadly we still live in a material world. How can one give materially if there is nothing to give? It's like living for all for yourself. You only got so called the clothes on your back... all for yourself... and nothing else to freely give to those who is worse off than you. The more you thought you found your reality without money, the deeper the pit of delusion you truly have delved into.

    If you believe in God, all that needed to be done to grasp the truth is cry out to HIM and ask.

  31. If you truly wnat to live without money, stop using the public library that all of us taxpayers pay for, who owns the land where the cave you live in is, who pays the taxes on the land, or is it living off the tapayers again? give back the stuff you find in the dumps etc., because that was originally bought with money from people that worked. So don't tell me that you live without money, because you still rely on stuff paid for by money.

  32. I agree, you are living off paying people and when you get seriously ill, you will be in the hospital on paying people taxes. You are right about about Americans being to materialistic,We don't need half of what we got but not to contribute to society I think show selfishness.

  33. I read your story on a site that yahoo had on their home page... so glad i did. you are an interesting creature and i admire what you are doing... best wishes in all that you do. humbleness is the most gratifying quality any human can obtain... more people should take interest in it and less interest in chasing dollar bills. much kudos to you. It is quite entertaining to read some of the blogs posted on here. the human race will never cease to amaze me... i'm just sad that it is usually in a negative light... open you minds, hearts and souls people!

  34. I found it quite pathetic that some of these comments are directed only out of hate and spite and that they actually wasted Everyone's time to make it a point to make themselves look like idiots. Kudos to you for doing what you want and then letting the rest of the World see how you survive. I read this article this morning and I wanted to "Thank You" for letting me forget about "Material Things" atleast for a while.....

  35. Hello,

    I read your story online and then looked up your blog. Now you are in my neck of the woods, maybe I'll see you in Santa Fe.

    I am Native American, we didn't know we were poor until "they" came and told us we were. We used to live off the land in balance with nature, "they" shamed us into joining "their" ways.

  36. just read the story that came out, very interesting. My mom once met a homeless man that was a Doctor and he also choose to live free and with out money.

    I will personally start reading your blog. Actually this is the first blog I have ever read.

    Good luck my friend

  37. I now want to come to moab and see you on the street just to give you a smile.
    sheri rogers concord ca.

  38. I am very interested in your story. I am sorry that people judge you and say harsh words because you choose to live differently. I have a few chapters of a novel about a homeless person posted on my blog. I would really love your imput if you are willing. Thank you for sharing your story with the world.

  39. @anonymous - "open you minds, hearts and souls people!".

    Don't forget our wallets. Some of us have to "chase dollar bills" so leftover hippies can "return to nature".

    Seriously, I give to charities because I feel that some people need a little help from time to time. I've volunteered on multiple occasions because sometimes money isn't enough. It may be an interesting read, but behind the stories is nothing more than a guy that want's to experience life on his own terms without contributing to the community that enables his experiences.

    I honestly think that he came back from India because our society make it possible for him to live this way in a relatively safe fashion. America is wasteful. No doubt about that. That's why he came back. It's easier to leech of a wealthy (and wasteful) society than it is to leech off a poor society. Period.

    Omg. Read the stories. Enjoy it. Learn what you can from it. But don't sit there and tell me that he's brave, strong, enlightened, or whatever. As he put it, he's a bum and a vagabond. Being a bum doesn't make him a bad person. But glorifying his own choice of existence by demeaning mine (even though his relies on mine) is ridiculous.

  40. Hey Suelo,

    I read the story and thought it was fairly good. Wow, did it ignite a lot of comments!!!! I haven't slogged through reading them all, but thought this one was rather hilarious:
    "well done ,you are walking the right path . Your next material step is very clear . Once you have renounced money you must revive the ancient alliances . You need a horse or donkey , chickens , a big dog and cultivated plants ...and of course...*a woman* ."

    Good on ya, Suelo, for branching out and facing the media. I think it's worth it to get some people thinking.

    Love in your direction from Los Angeles!!!!

  41. Hey Daniel, I read your story and I was wondering if you needed a survival kit? I can send you one for free. Let me know.

    I never thought of money the way you do, thanks for opening my mind.

  42. Common man, put some google adsense on there and make a couple of bucks.

  43. Money might be an illusion but smelling like a beast and being unscrubbed is no illusion. Yuck!

  44. I'm from New Mexico-they don't call it the land of entrapment for just any old reason. Just be careful over there. (actually it's land of enchantment) My husband and I practice voluntary simplicity and my hubby lived in a tent for 4 years and walked around with thousands of dollars in his pocket all the time. He said he never needed any money. We got rid of our 3BR 2Bath house and now live in a 33 foot 1951 Spartan. I wouldn't change a thing and I've never been happier. Stuff is just that, stuff. You can always get more and there seems to be an endless supply of it these days but it always seems to weigh me down. In a previous life, I was attached to my stuff, not my loved ones, or my friends or family or even my dog. I couldn't move freely because I was clining to stuff. and money, well, money is OK but as the old saying goes it doesn't buy you happiness, or health, or love.

  45. "the man who doesn't use money" - AKA the man who gets no (clean) pussy


  46. Tell me how would you live if you had young children? would you be the same?

  47. I too came across the article and was inspired to find your blog. I have been only writing about doing what you do in my blog. I haven't commited yet! Being a woman I am a bit nervous, but I have learned about a few self-sustainable skills via my brother. I do not want to use money any more either..for the same spiritual reasons you site. Besides there is so much useful stuff just wasted out there already! Many blessings toward your liberation!!!

  48. I can hardly express to you in words how truly inspirational you are. I just heard of your story as it was headlined on Yahoo; I wish I had knew of you before. I've needed a story such as yours to inspire me. You see things in a different light than most of the world, and I believe in all you say.

    I am nearly out of high school and have been searching for what I am going to do with my life. It seems to me society's plans for its youth are greatly skewed, and I refuse to follow this norm. I'm not sure if I would have what it takes to do all that you do, but I'm going to apply your ideals to my life. Peace Corps is where I'm headed, as a start. I really want to help people, share my ideas, and understand the world.

    Thanks for the inspiration! I wish everyone knew of your story.

  49. Hey! I lived in Moab for about 6 months.. I spent some time out near what is probably your cave.. but it was back in 96.. wrote a book to help others explore the area and have a better chance to not get lost and die..

    If ya wanna copy, I'll send ya one.. maybe I'll deliver a copy in October along with the rains... hmm..

    I've been telling people money is an illusion for a looooong time.. funny how they can't see it.



  50. Due the article in Style... many people are going to be looking for your blog.

    I'd change the name of your blog to Moneyless World - Free World - Priceless World | Daniel Suelo.

    Your name needs to be in the title of the website, so people on search engines can find you... since they didn't put the link in the article.

    It took me about20 minutes to find the site, and Im pretty savvy.

    Love your ideals... continued success to you!

    Travis Wright

  51. Hmmm...perhaps just a shameless self promoter that will someday get his book on Oprah's shelf. Why else have a blog? To enlighten society? A real sadhu needs not recognition nor an audience. His currency appears to be fame and attention rather than money. If I heard the story of the hobo they ran across in the desert it would be a bit more interesting than the college educated hobo that uses the library's internet service to raise awareness of his lifestyle. Whatever...

  52. It's interesting to see how outright insulted people are about your claim of not spending money. There's a certain hilarity to it. They want to convince you that you're doing it wrong, and attempt to thwart your conviction and belief. I feel like they need more romance, as well as a change of perspective in their worlds. I'm not saying that they're necessarily wrong (to each his own), but unconsciously they're probably envious of the lifestyle that you possesses, free from credit and debt. I applaud you for your courage.

  53. Have you read the book the richest caveman?

  54. Hello Mr. Suelo,

    OMG, I was so excited to be reading the story By Christopher Ketchum. The story-bio was beautifully written. I wished I could have read more about your life. So I am going to join your blog visit your web site and tell anyone who will be interested about your so free life. Your venture in life is so touching because I had many thoughts of such a life after I was married with a more modern twist- but that didn't go so well with my hubby. I understood his reaction (it is of the American way) it was the enviro he grew up in.

    I think you are a HUGE inspiration to so many. You know the ones I am talking about..starring at a PC for 8-12 hours a day, driving through traffic to get home, eat a meal full of preservatives, to top it off a family they should be spending time with ....but then time slips away and they get to start the whole day over.- I will just stop there way too much to cover - but hopefully with the economics falling People will learn money is not everything and hopfully some will know what to change to make their life more fullfilled without the monetary purpose....

    I have been slowly heading down that path weeding out spending on materilistic things that serve no Deep purpose. It is the hardest habit to break being brought up in the American society it is a topic they should be covering more then talking about pills that could help overweight I leave my comment with Kuddos to your new found life. PS have you ever thought of living in Colorado Rockies in the Summertime? It is soooo beautiful their. We were just their visiting my sister - On our day trips through the amazing woods I said man I could live off this land all summer.

  55. I admire what you're dong and the fact that you choose to share how you do it with everyone. To hell with the corporate life suckers who would happily have you as a debt slave. Way to go and good luck, keep on keepin' on! And I bet you know Nik Hogan, a fellow free spirit.

  56. Were it not for others in the world, I would be dead, first from scarlet fever and second from a dead/infected gallbladder. I have no envy of the reach or a desire to share poverty. I have paid my debt to a modern society and am retired. I owe no one. If you do not want to be a debtor, do not borrow.

    We are all interdependent on each other. If everyone reverted to being a "caveman," I would have died.

  57. hey dan

    afew questions:

    Do you Believe you are smooching off others? how do you see this?

    What is your opinion of using the public library and having a blog?

    What do you what to be remebered for what legacy?

    what happens if you get a serious illness? will you use a regular hospital or finf natural remdies in the current habitat you are living in?
    Would it not be wise and prident to invest in some basic survival items such as a tent, soap, get a donated mattress. and etccc?

    what is your definition of being self sufficent?

    lets face it dam you are a smart guy but if you are running from creditors and not being real to yourself then do us all a favor and get a real job.

    but if you bel;ieve this is the Lord's calling and will for you, then God be wioth you.
    my email

    take care

  58. Greetings from California:

    I think many people are missing the point here. It is true that you live with the indirect benefit of the money others make (library, dumpster diving, etc.). But you refuse to make money your idol! The Bible doesn't say that money is the root of all evil, it says, "For the *love* of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs." 1 Tim. 6:10

    Putting faith in money as the be-all and end-all of our existence is folly. It's all a chasing of the wind. You're in the middle of a journey that tests that supposition...and challenges the rest of us to do the same. Lately I've been contemplating the question of what is required to survive. I suppose it depends on what you're willing to give up in order to gain what you need. Truth be told, I'm not willing to give up my house to live in a cave. I like my indoor plumbing! Therefore, I work to pay the mortgage. It's a trade-off. But do I *need* that flat-screen TV? or the latest gadget? or the closet of clothes that aren't being worn? or the dining out? or the venti iced-mocha? or the...Fill in the blank.

    I see that you live a life that doesn't require you to earn or exchange money to get the things you *need* to survive. You've let go of the trappings of a "civilized society" in exchange for the essence of humanity. Kudos to you for being an example (rather than just a mouthpiece) of simplicity and what is truly important in this world: Love.

    "And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love."
    1 Cor. 13:13



  59. One more thought for the nay-sayers.

    Mr. Suelo
    I think it is great that you are educated enough to have worked the American life. Choosing to be a Dr. then finding guilt in charging people to help them - I mean isn't that the spirit of one choosing the path of medicine - or it should be.
    I too was once heading along plugging away to aspire to be a Nurese - help my community - along the way getting points for college application I did CNA work (retirement homes) - I saw the horrible politics, the horrible workers (most of them), and the death of one of my pt/s that should not have happened but did due to the horrible politics and workers that all slack in their duties because they all feel under-paid. Anyone reading this I would rather die in a peaceful place naturally then die because the politics and money was to blame. Still the saga continues for the current Health Care System....and for those of us holding great insurance coverage until your life depends on it then the Insurance Holder wants to deny-deny and throw your health to the curb. Most health problems though stem again from money-money-money habits/choices-Mr. Suelo knows what I mean. Its so funny I have to share - I was driving into work looking at the beach and bam the song came on-money-money-money and it was like exactly Peeps shake it off. LOL - Holly

  60. Goodness gracious. You are quite the interesting person, you know?

    I'd simply been looking through the magazine article online before it was time to head on out of my little, rented apartment for yet another day of study in school. I hadn't expected to see that headline by Chris, something about a man surviving in America with no money to his name. It seemed preposterous but enviable, I had to admit.

    Without a moment's notice or a second thought slipping in to change my deicison, the link was clicked, the article was read, and I was off some minutes later to see this fortold blog of yours myself.

    I found a few differences between your logic and my own, as well as a few questions were brought up as I read. Curiosity killed the cat, and still I pry away at mysteries without learning from said feline's mistakes.

    But I must say I'm glad that my destined path lead me to this current situation. I already feel more enlightened, yet this is only the first time hearing of you. I am enriched by your wise words and look forward to hearing more from you.

    Sincerely wishing you best,
    C.S. Reed

  61. You like to criticize but could you at all do what he is doing???
    I have, to a point. I have roughed it out in the field. Hey, we had portajohns, and after a fair amount of everyone bitching, a place to take a shower, and a tent and sleeping bag to sleep in...
    Could you rough it??????? Could you survive on nothing but your own instincts? You drive your cars, you have your bank accounts, you have your three bedroom houses and so on... none of it signifies greatness, you are not BETTER than Dan you simply have more stuff.
    Most of you couldn't last a week without TV... the same thing that is feeding your mind a bunch of useless information while you sit on the couch, get fat, and bitch about the ways of the world... so unless you are willing to put yourself in Dan's shoes I suggest shutting the hell up.

  62. I am fascinated by all of this! I was reading the GQ thing today online, and I intend to keep reading more. I neighbor you - live in Cortez, Colorado, and I have often thought so many of the things you talk about on here and your web site. I'm agnostic and don't practice faith in any way other than a "be kind and kindess follows" aesthetic, but I can still completely connect with what you're talking about. Thanks for the incredible insight.

  63. hi
    i've read the article and was curios to see this blog and your real thoughts, i find your experience quite fascinating but i don't think you're right or wrong for that matter.
    you seem to be living your dream and stick to your own principles which i think is wonderfull but the fact is that you continue to compare your living with others and that's where things begin to crumble . you see , comparing things leads to adding different values to them and that's a step away from capitalism . what i mean is that it doesn't matter if you find happiness in the corporate world or by scavenging for food as long as you do things the way you think is right . there isn't only one way , the best way.
    as for money being an delusion , i agree but they are much more useful rather than dammaging it simplifies our world. isn't the internet an illusion ? and yet it makes our world so much easier , the simple fact that i have read about your life and am able to write this right now. i think we all deceive ourselves more or less(even you) on various matters but i see it as a sort of an surviving instinct .
    i wish you the best

  64. Robb: I agree it's wrong to glorify or romanticize what this guy is doing, but I also think it's wrong to demonize him. To call him a "leech" makes no sense: surely there are loads of other people who use public library computers in much more destructive ways than this guy does. I mean, if that's the worst he does, then it's hardly worth getting bothered by. Most of what he eats would either end up in a landfill if he did not eat it, or he forages from nature herself. Again, where's the harm? There used to be traditions in Europe (and still are in parts of Asia) where wandering monks, who had taken vows of poverty, were looked after: people provided food for them, b/c it was thought that what they were doing was spiritually worthwhile. Just saying.

  65. Are you people serious? Have you seen our world lately? You condemn this man for using library resources.. what crap! I rent an apartment, don't pay school and property taxes, does that mean I can't use the damn library? Some of you are so shallow you can't see the big picture. Who cares if this man uses someone else's garbage? Do you really care or do you just want to hear the sound of your own voice complaining? Use what education this man is offering and apply it to your own life in whatever way it may fit. We are so full of pride and ego(Edging God Out). Look at the gift not the giver!!

    1. Even if you rent you pay property taxes since the landlord raises the price of rent to pay the property taxes.

  66. It would be one thing if you lived off the land completely or even grew your own food but you are actually leeching off of other people's work. That is no different than being rich by taking advantage of others' and having them work for your gain. The only difference is you do not have coin but you have food and clothing. I would be more impressed if you worked but yet lived as simply and gave to others in need while being able to care for yourself. You're halfway there. Good luck with your journey.

  67. Don't use the library.

    We paid for it with our tax dollars and don't want you to use it. We're not sharing it with you.

    Also, stop eating our garbage!

    We paid for the food so we decide what happens to the garbage - we don't want you eating it.

    Who are "we"?

    We are the selfish sociopaths of America. We are many.

  68. It's funny how many of these naysayers bitch about their precious, hard-earned tax dollars that are going to waste to pay for his library and blogspot usage...

    But they say nothing when the government flushes it down the toilet in Iraq, Afghan, and every other place they keep under wraps. but Hey, thats the American Masses for ya. Out of sight, out of mind.

    Btw. Much Love from SF, California Suelo. Perhaps one day you could make a movement, a Thoreau-like movement. I'll be waiting, Peace!!

  69. I think you live in a profoundly beautiful manner. Thank you.

  70. I hope you got ahold of alot of pot seeds and have a stash. :) keep up the will power. Hell find a shovel and make the cave a little bigger so you can have more company over lol... Do you harvest the seeds from the finds you eat and try to plant more in your immediate area? sweet man... FUcK THE NWO

  71. LOL! What a fun discussion, eh? Have to thank Daniel for that! But lets sift thru some of posts and get a few things straight:

    1. Anyone who posts just to say "get a job" is a tool.

    2. If Daniel wants to live this lifestyle, more power to him. We each have to choose our own path, whether others agree with it or not.

    3. He openly acknowledges that he decided to be a bum and a vagabond. His words people.

    Now here's where you have to stop and use your brain for a few ticks.

    4. His lifestyle would not be possible without most of us working, paying taxes, and (unfortunately) being as wasteful as we are.

    5. He still makes use of the civilized economy that he claims to want to leave behind. He does this because he wants to. Not because he has to.

    There is nothing wrong with any of this. Let the man live how he wants to live. I have no problem with that.

    Since I read the article (and subsequently his blog and website), my argument is not with his lifestyle, but with the pretense under which he claims to live it. His idiology is both flawed and often hypocritical.

    I have no problem with him using the library. But don't take advantage of the library's resources (paid for by our tax dollars) to call me and people like me unreal, prostitutes, hypocrits, etc. Again, these are his words for anyone who works a job they don't necessarily like but has to put food on the table. But it's ok for him to utilize the results of our hypocracy.

    I don't have a problem with his regular scavenging trips to town to utilize what other throw away. Jackets, food, whatever. Waste not, want not. But don't utilize what society throws away and turn around to tell us that we are slaves. If we are slaves, why would he choose to benefit from our metaphorical bondage by utilizing the products of our slavery?

    And I wonder how many homeless people out there would resent his sentiment that this lifestyle is as great as it is. He chooses to be there, so good for him. But he needs to realize that there are thousands of others that are homeless and don't find it so great.

    I could go on about the flaws in his theories all night, but I'll close with this: Practice what you preach. Period. If civilization is flawed, don't take what you want from it and bad mouth the rest. Dump the eyeglasses and let natural selection take it's intended course. Don't eat out of our garbage cans and tell us we are whores and slaves.

    Keep the conversation going! Speak up!

  72. Daniel, as you a former anthropologist, I wonder if you have ever read these two books:

    1) "Fragments of An Anarchist Anthropology" by David Graeber
    2) "The Gift: Imagination and the Erotic Life of Property" by Lewis Hyde

  73. He's a leech, but we need a lot more leeches like him to remind the rest of us peons how f*cked up the system is.

    Also, anyone who successfully riles the suburban Republicans by using the free public library computers is a good person as far as I'm concerned.

  74. I understand your soul, therefore, I have started a blog called come home and be Free...........namaste, thomas

  75. I just finished reading the article about you Daniel and I give you much respect and admiration,unfortunately we still live in a world where people who envy the life of others always seem to have something negative to say .Those who post and say only stupid and shallow comments are those who lack real substance and the appreciation of the wonderful life you live. As my mother always told me if you have nothing nice to say , say nothing at all......Continue using and taking what most of us take for granted. I too am a tax payer and I rather my money be spent wisely then given to a bunch of Corp Assholes..... no one has the right to judge you .... and now to those people or should I say "Idiots" who comment on this blog. I feel sorry for you that your life has no real meaning and that your never feel what it is to live and feel alive because your so close minded and jealous of something daniel has that you will never have true happiness having nothing rather then struggling to have everthing!

  76. As far as I'm concerned since when did using the library become such a crime! jeez that is why Daniel chose to live like this! I don't blame him one bit for living like he does! Kudos to you Daniel! maybe everyone should take a look around and realize what we're missing from our life we go to work, never see our kids, don't enjoy our home that we wanted so bad and pay a $2600 mortgage on it! So glad to hear about your adventures Daniel! Keep us posted your adventures!

  77. Well! As The Original New York City Free Advice Man...and the first person in Western Civilization to do "Free Advice" with a sign in public...I find you (Suelo) rather amusing!
    I can imagine you coming up to me (in NYC or London, England) and upon seeing my "FREE ADVICE" sign laughing your socks off!
    The Free Advice Man: "I'm happy I made you laugh so heartily, but why?"
    You: "Because if I had any money at all then your offer would be unusual, but as it stands I never have any money at all!"
    The Free Advice Man: "Nothing? Zilch Moolah?! Are you serious?"
    You: "Here. See this booklet collection of articles about me." (You hand it over)
    (I skim-read through it)
    The Free Advice Man: "I see. But you have to admit not everyone, not even most people, can afford to do that(?)."
    You: "Why not?"
    The Free Advice Man: "Suppose you have a serious Thyroid condition and need to take hormone pills for the rest of your life...or you are see?"
    My FREE ADVICE; "If anything really works for you and really makes you happy and if it does not prevent anyone else from exercising their rights and being able to seek happiness then fine! Do it, be it, live it, feel it! But just remember to think about The Big Picture (INFINITY and everything in IT!) every now and then, because we're all interdependent and you never know when you'll need a friend to help you out!"

    Best, JP Fenyo, Philosopher of The Infinite, etc.

  78. Think Carbon footprint bitches. His kicks all of your asses. His dumpster diving is nothing other than recycling. Sure he could kill a deer and tan the buckskin using a natural Indian method, but why waste more resources doing so to appeal the critics? I say fuck off. If you throw shit away it's public domain. If you waste food and someone else turns your waste into something usefull, fuck off you gluttonous pig.

    Carbon. Garbage. Pollution. Raping of the natural world. Yeah, we have done a whizz bang job of fucking things up.

    sent from my iPhone. :P

  79. ur my new hero! i would love to come out and visit! its too bad more people dont think like u. of course, it's all about survival. humans have greed and desire in their dna. its what fuels progress and innovation and progress in the capitalist world. also war, hate, crime...but that's life. not for me, but most others.

  80. I was going to say something similar to what 'anonymous' before me said.

    Thanks, Suelo, for reminding me that money isn't everything.



  82. I would love to live like this. I yearn too, but I have diabetes, and must rely on money to buy insulin.

    If only there was a way for me to be cured, I could actually live the life I want.

  83. P.S.

    I am experiencing a bit of guilty amusement at reading the posts of others who want to tell other people how to live. I have found that those that spend so much time and energy pointing out the perceived faults of others only do so because they're too much of a coward to examine their own faults.

    Brother Suelo, keep on keeping on.

  84. I wish I could live like you, but I have kids and grandkids and one on the way. My daughter has been going to college to become a doctor (for the money) and needs me to help her financially and as a babysitter...I've seriously thought about selling my crappy, falling apart house to buy a couple acres in the country with a trailer house on it and mostly live off the land and recycle..But then I wouldn't be readily available to my family...I'm getting so tired of responsabilities...I'm 52 years old and ready for change.

  85. I just have to add one more thing here. I read a comment from a hardcore ultra-Capitalist guy and so I wrote on his blog this:

    The real problem is not Ethical Capitalism but Unethical Capitalism. What real good comes out of exploiting the ignorance and other weaknesses of others to make a so-called profit? (Rhetorical question).

    Few people have ever become rich by actually overwhelmingly having improved the world and the immediate lives of those their actions impacted upon the most.

    I have tried very hard to make real money, but there really are sinister forces (unethical interest groups and unethical individuals) who both envy and fear what I am able to accomplish were I allowed to gain the means to do so.

    It's one thing to sell a painting to a rich person for any price they are willing to pay or to invent something that really does solve problems without creating new ones, and it is another thing to rip less fortunate people off by selling junk, junk food (tainted with addictive poisons) and so forth. The Lemon Dealer who sells a relatively poor working-class family person a car that will cost more than it is worth is nothing but a criminal, just like the people who used Madoff as a front-man! Who knows how much real Remnant Nazis and their offspring have managed to infiltrate and undermine (divide and conquer) relatvely Liberal Democracies (some now merely former Democracies turned into Plutocracies)!

  86. Good Evening Sir,

    I must say I was very impressed with your thoughts on money. I sometimes get so upset that EVERYTHING is dependent upon MONEY!!! Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to live in smaller communities where only bicyles were used as a mode of transportation and where we could all grow our own food. Wouldn't that be something! I'd love to just enjoy the simplicity of life rather than have to worry about having enough MONEY for this and that. Money affects everything--your health, your status, your time, your happiness--everything! In some ways, I envy your position right now! Anyway, I really enjoyed reading and learning about your way of living--sounds exhilirating! Buena Suerte! --La Lechusa



  88. Suelo, as a new Christian, I am inspired by you. I really can't go without money as I owe many monetary debts I want to pay back and am married to an unbeliever whom I love and would never abandon...but maybe my son will be courageous enough to lead by example like you are doing. We must live by example and walk as Jesus did...and stop making excuses for our selfish lifestyles. Thank you and God Bless.



  90. Good luck. you should do meditation. It develops your physical and mental being.

  91. You are an amazing man. Why do people find the need to judge you or insult you? Do they feel threatened in some way? Are they not happy in their own lives? You have found your happiness and that is wonderful. I say to each his own. Live and let live! Stay free and carefree. I wish you much happiness, health and blessings!

    I am interested in how society treats you? Would you blog about that one day? It is sad how our society looks down on people because they think they are "homeless". They are treated worse than animals and that is just disgusting. So it would be interesting to read about how you are treated when you walk into the library or any other public place. Thanks and take care of yourself! God bless!

  92. We need a new law to prevent people like you from using the public library and eating our garbage. What do you think, that this is a free country and you can do whatever you damn well please? If we don't put some laws in place all our kids will be living in Moab with you and drinking poisonous cool aid. I suppose you want everyone to join you on your suicide mission. Well, you ain't got me fooled, mister. I wasn't borned yesterday.

  93. The United States of America has become devoid of your renegade spirit. I salute you, compadre.

  94. Dear Suelo,

    From reading your words I felt a connection with you on a spiritual level. I felt that you are experiencing God's grace and you are getting closer to him through his signs. Most of HIS signs that are all around us are mostly a blur to our materialistic way of life in the west. These signs are meant to help reach his divine presence and contemplate his Light. I wish you the best of luck on your spiritual journey. I would humbly suggest you to read about sufism / Islam as it is an extension of the Abrahamic faiths and iy has been a profound eye opener for people like me who seek light of truth. Maybe you can pick up a book on Islam from your local library or read verses from the Quran. God Bless.

  95. I read the article about you on yahoo news and it really inspired me. For the past couple of years, I have been depressed, almost suicidal and it was because I was worried about my job, my possessions, etc. Your words struck a chord with me. Keep up the good work.

  96. Okay, allow me to understand this better. I admire your lifestyle, and that you (obviously) are succesful in your attempts to live by your faith.
    However, a few times you quote things from the bible, and such as that.
    What do you have to say of the fact that Jesus himself accepted currency? Perhaps there is a missing link in there where he gives it to someone else, but I haven't ever heard of that. My dad is a very serious believer in his bible, he reads it day and night and read to us as children, however he's probably sleeping or I would ask him, plus I'm interested in your response. I wouldn't know that except for the memory of one of my favorite stories where a woman give jesus a very very small amount of money amongst a group of rich people who are giving him lots of money, and expensive gifts. When Jesus acknowledges her gift exclusively the others are upset and ask why he acknowledges such a small gift. Jesus' response was they were all giving a portion of what they had. This woman gave all she had left. This is (to this day) one of my *very* favorite stories from the bible, it shows the compassion and understanding (to me) that Jesus represents today. Understanding the difference between one giving all and the other only giving a fraction is a big thing in todays environment. I can relate to it as we live on a very fixed income, and my children are constantly wondering why other kids get stuff that we can not afford. This story always plays a cruicial role in my explaining to our children, that while others may drive fancy cars, and the such and their kids have very nice and lovely things, we can not afford to drive a new minivan and have a flashy home, and still offer them just about everything we have.
    I was just wondering, what your take on this story was. If Jesus used currency himself (even if it was currency for the times) then how could society every be persuaded to *not* use money. I love the idea, and it's not that I've never thought before "wow, it's amazing how this world turns on a piece of paper" and I never had much use for money, other than the obvious, to feed my children and clothe them. It is truely an interesting way to live, and you seem perfectly happy of it. Amazing in todays society you are able to reject the ideals of society, shun them, and give your full trust in God to feed you, and clothe you.

  97. Daniel, first off, you are a very inspiring man. Now down to business. While reading the many pages of your website I realized that you have to be the only person that would ever understand this situation::

    Lets say a major aeronautical engineering company wanted to create a prototype of their new do this they need "funding". What exactly does "funding" mean? The company holds off on any design until they have the necesary amount of money to complete the job. However, what does this money help to accomplish? Will the pretty pieces of paper magically turn into metal parts for the design? No. You don't need "funding" to do anything in this world. Everything you need is around you. The parts to complete this design originate from metal elements within the earth. They don't require money to be put to use.

    Nobody has ever understood what I mean when I present this situation. They can't seem to get past the mental block that money does all. But, I think you will. I look foward to reading your blog and viewing your website.

  98. Dear Suelo, I herald from Singapore, a busy city filled with noise and bustle. After reading about you, I am in awe, inspired and not to mention impressed with what you have achieved, I can only wish I have the courage to attempt what you have done, but with wife and 3 kids, practicality prevails. I want to leave you with a YouTube link, its for the 24 steps simplified Tai Chi, hope it may benefit you.

    Best of luck!

  99. I'm sorry but I must repost a personal opinion on all these "anonymous" posters.

    If you won't put your name to your opinion. Truely you are ashamed of it yourself. Perhaps you shouldn't be posting anything if you refuse to stand by what you say.

  100. Tasha, dragonflymama85@yahoo.comWednesday, July 22, 2009 at 10:44:00 PM MDT

    Hi Daniel. I truly admire the way you live. I think it would be great not to worry about my house payment coming up or my overages on my cell phone. I have read some of the ugly comments on here and see no sense in it. If I don't have anything nice to say then I won't say it at all. I was thrilled to read that you read your Bible before you turn in for the night. Maybe if this world had a little less money and a little more Bible reading, it would be a better place :) God Bless you and I hope you have everything you ever NEED.

  101. Thoreau said that (paraphrasing) "A man will work his entire life for a box to live in." Glad to see at least one of us has escaped the rat race. How does it look standing to the side? Good luck, brother. I pray you are well.

  102. Daniel -

    I just read about you online. You are one of the most badass individuals on the planet. Keep trucking.

  103. I love you Daniel!!! I am a firm believer in everything you stand for. Its funny because I am currently between and frankly I am happier now than I have ever been, I am free at last. I have considered writing a book entitled "Homeless By Choice"... someday I may do it... I have met many great people on my journey and have truly figured out just how evil money really is. I suppose I have always known and never did put much stock in it or material things... but I am seeing even more clearly now. Thank you and may you continue to never WANT for anything!!!

  104. Perhaps the "anonymous" posters do so for the sake of their own safety, you can't blame them for that. If one takes the time to read and understand Suelo and write in his blog, they most likely stand behind their personal opinions.

  105. Hi Daniel,
    I just saw the article written about you and kept going from page to blog and on and on. I am very impressed with your story and your lifestyle. You seem very happy and enjoying your life. More power to you, it sounds as if you are much happier than a lot of us. If people don't like what you do, that is their problem. I will continue to follow your blog, and wish you joy and good health in everything you do. Stay well.

    Donna J.

  106. DANIEL, I've been contemplating joining the peace corps for a while now. As I am doing the application, your story just happened to be featured on yahoo. I saw so many similarities between us, even down to working in a lab. The only difference is that i went to college in california.

    I thought you'd be the perfect person to get advice from on whether or not this program is worth it for contributing to the world while building personal growth. i don't want to talk to a recruiter for the peace corp because it's one-sided. where can i email you personally about this? thanks.

  107. This was a very nice find today. Hope you're doing well. Sending you lots of love from Miami Florida. <3 <3 <3 <3

  108. I have no words.But i must say,you inspire!

    I had a moment years ago when i realised through accumulated knowledge that without me nothing can exist,i experienced a shift in consciousness.I felt that in the literal sense.Vijai,me will die.But 'I' eternal!

    I have the knowledge but when pain comes,fear grips me,the vijai manifests.The ego is ever selfish,self serving.
    I only hope to realise that "I"

    Tat Tvam Asi "You are that"

    We are one,Lets evolve together :)

  109. What you are doing, I and many, many more, have often dreamt of, but never take the first step toward. We are conditioned from childhood that money is a goal, a treasure, a tool, brings power and happiness. We grow up and often find ourselves unsatisfied and longing for some innate sense of being that we simply cannot identify and therefore can never find. I think you have understood it and therefore have found it! TRUTH not MONEY is the real goal. May we all be true to ourselves and one another. The world would and could be a better place.

  110. Dan: I was a peace corp volunteer, and saw ways of life I did not know existed. For those of us that have grown up here in the US, and have had things (i.e. almost everything), the other worlds are curious places where we dwell for a period of time and contemplate life, but then move on. Your case is quite interesting, as you have chosen the simple life, not the challenges of the modern world. The theroy of evolution calls for the survival of the fittest, and right now the fittest participate in the worlds and economies they reside in. Maybe I am missing the point, as many will interpret, but today's reality requires far more than yesterday's. We adapt, we survive, we flourish, we move on... If the destruction of civilization comes tomorrow, then you survive, whereas many of the rest of us will not understand how to survive, but if the world continues as it is for the next 50 or so years, then what is it all for? Most cultures, including the Native American envied cultural advances. The POW WOW that you recently attended might have made you feel good about the TRADITIONAL way of life, but you hav to remember that most of the participants are in it for the money - SORRY, but I work in Indian Country, and this I understand; there is culture and tradition, but there is also the reward at the end of the day. I guess I am more about reality, but I do understand you chosen lifestyle. I do not envy you, but I do wish you all the very best!

  111. Hey Suelo

    As you know, I obviously think what you are doing is fantastic, and you've got a nation thinking and talking about it now. The Freeconomy Community website got inundated with hits coming from this site, so I thought I best find out why, only to find you've become a huge story over there in the US! 114 comments on your blog as I write - you've tapped into something there my dear moneyless brother.

    I am sure this new spotlight is bringing up lots of questions and feelings and dilemmas for you (or maybe not) - it has for me over the last few years, mainly ego questions. The question is what are you going to do with it? You are raising such debate and making people question things now (ridicule is the first step for a lot of people in acceptance of new ideas). You've now suddenly got an opportunity, an audience, and the capability of bringing those who are interested on a journey with you. Does this change things for you? Do you now have a responsibility to raise awareness of the issues and ideas involved? There is no right or wrong answer to that, I'm just really interested in your take on it.

    I'd love to hear about your experience of this and what you are feeling today about it all - you can email me on if you ever want to talk about it.

    Lots of love Suelo, whatever your feelings are right now remember that you are just living your truth and at the end of the day that is all that really counts. Some will love you, some will despise you and be very vocal about it, at the end of the day you are threading as gently on the earth as you can and living in tune with the Nature of this ecological system.

  112. I was filled with hope and joy for mankind after reading your story. I smiled at the comment by the the person who thinks you are out of your mind as I deeply feel you are one of the few people on this planet...who seems to be really present. I hope the ripple of your simplicity causes great waves in the minds of humanity.

    Safe travels Brother Who Walks With Grace. T-Mama, AZ

  113. This way of life is sort of an on and off again fantasy of mine...ditching what has become of society. I can't do it because God has not given me perfect health but I'd sure like to try to get close some day. I came in thru the Yahoo front page and the article in the men's magazine.

    I also doubt I could have mice crawl on me at night and I'm a fan of soap, but, a cabin far away from other humans is a fantasy of mine.

    Eating grasshoppers like John the Baptist would take some getting used to but the little I've read of your foraging skills is amazing.

    Do you get cold in winter?

    May God continue to bless your endeavor.

  114. I was linked to this blog by a weird forum I found out of the blue called This seems to be a forum infested with pedophiles, losers and the mentally ill.

  115. @doodleboy - don't be an asshat. Who give a fuck really.

  116. Libraries can't be created without money? The green presidential paper is useless. It only takes bricks, mortar, and hard work to build a structure.

    Leave Daniel alone... slaves!

  117. Hm. You may not feel deprived, which is why you can be justified in insisting that you're not "ascetic," but you have to admit your aesthetic is pretty minimalist. Soupcan pots and sleeping with mice, after all. Maybe you can mention that this aesthetic isn't necessarily entailed by living without money. After all, the American Indians made/built a lot of stuff (tools, furniture, musical instruments)that were both useful and beautiful, maybe even (sensually) luxurious sometimes.

  118. Daniel;
    To thine own self be true. Good ways.

    (I have lived without money in Santa Cruz, and Hawaii, Arizona and other places, trading or doing the stars or sleeeping under them in previous incarnations, even though I now live on house and land. It was never bad to live without. So I respect the frugal and needs be freegan lifestyle)

    I note your religion perspective and 12 branches. Saw 10 Plus the Darwinist. I would like to suggest a root of all branches, or a 12th branch, so in keeping with free spirit. This may shine as the root, or perhaps the 12th (12 being 12 tribes and many other mentioned groupings) branch being that which unites the physical creation (bio-chemical water, DNA, sun, universe) and the spiritual creation( soul, spirit and God). This is not a religion per say, but the conclusion of what we observe, a unity or trinity, as it is in the world, and the bio-chemistry is root of earth, the spiritual root from the highest heaven, in this creating Soul in God, and as the individual, to reside in our human form while we live. This being what we are, thus Human, I say there is a unity to all. Perhaps nature is the God here, but it does not deny the above. Nature is change and transitory as is the body. We still have freedom to choose how to live and how to unify. Blessings then.
    Thanks from Pan, a Freegan empathizer.

  119. Dear Suelo,
    I read your story on the home page of MSN yesterday, and was so captivated and curious, I went back and read it again this morning. I could enver do what you do, but that doesn't mean I don't ADMIRE what you do. I will glean a few thoughts and bits of wisdowm from your fantastic story, and implement them in my own life.
    I know you don't desire money, but this could be a wonderful, inspiring movie. You could donate any proceeds to a charity of your choice. Maybe, if mass produced, your life could inspie others to give a little rather than always trying to get alot.
    I particularly like your take on 'natural selection', to let nature take it's course in the end of life. Better than a nursing home, you are right.
    You've already found a bit of heaven on earth.

  120. Dear Suelo,

    I spent this morning reading about you and seeing the documentary made about you. I really have enjoyed living vicariouly with you for a bit in cyberspace. I thougnt that you might be interested to hear how I define "grace" for my children. As a Christian, I am always telling them that "Grace is getting what you don't deserve, and Mercy is not getting what you do deserve." Blessings to you, Dear Suelo!

  121. How inspiring - I think in a couple of generations with the right education about the evil wasteful prostitutes and whores, the entire US could be living in caves, not using money, and giving back to nature by pooping and peeing. There might be a small problem though if everyone adopted this lifestyle so maybe just a few people should work, consume, and discard so the rest of us can be spiritual.

  122. have some kids and you might have to do differently

  123. Are you going to read all these messages? So, I'd like you to read my reply. I made a post about you in my blog, if you don't mind, take a look:

    Pecche' Nu sem Nu

    If you don't like I'll modify or cancel the post, I don't care.
    Why you use blogspot? they're going to make some money from your blog. try this:
    I'm currently in Tucson, Arizona. I'm unemployed for a year now, and concerned about money. I'd like to be like you. Why you don't join a bigger community? In Italy we have different eden communities, Avalon, for example. "The Elfs", that leave in the woods in Tuscany. Sure, Tuscany would be a nicer place than a cave in Ohio...

  124. No matter what anyone says on here, good or bad, I hope it doesn't sway your convictions and beliefs. There are many who will congratulate you and admire you, and of course, there will many who will try to discourage you. Shame on the ones who try to persuade you to live your life how they want you to live it. All they are is society shoving its own expectations and beliefs upon people and attempting to suppress individuality. But, then again, maybe their attacks will keep you humble.
    I think what some people fail to realize is that we are allowed to change. People are allowed to venture, migrate, attempt, and even fail. We are allowed to go against the grain. I think once people start believing that again, there's no telling what might happen next. Your story is just one step into that very direction.

  125. I read your story that was recently published. I must say, you are a very interesting man. I totally respect you and what you are doing. I, or anyone for that matter, am unable to think of any negative thing arising out of your quest, for the simple fact- I could never do it. Good luck to you brother and I hope you find what you're seeking.

  126. This comment has been removed by the author.

  127. i tell myself that all i need is some decent amount of money to buy some land. once i have the land i will retire to it and live a meditative lifestyle. i wonder if i am fooling myself. if you are able to do it now, then why can't i?

    then again, is money really so bad? with out money you could not have this blog or many of the thrown away items you get on your scavenging trips. i mean, you are indirectly connected to money no matter what.

    then again i get the feeling that not making money and touching it puts you and your lifestyle in a totally different category. it still seems like a pyramid scheme. if everyone were to live with out money then where would you get your items? then again, i am sure you would have no problem transitioning into a completely primitive lifestyle.

    i wonder though what your thoughts on bartering/trading is.

  128. I have told anyone and everyone that we all are slaves if you work for anyone other than your self. The word “slave” has been replaced by the word “work” and all the things you buy, with the little bit of money that you work so hard for and is very easy to get rid of, creates leashes that are tethered to you like a leach. If you have no possessions than you are free! Only when all the water has been polluted, the ground cannot grow food, and the air is un-breathable will people understand that money cannot feed you! Money is and always will be just cotton and ink! If people would work on a farm, growing there own food, as hard as they do working for a company, to make money to buy the food, they would see that life would be better than they could ever expect! Healthier, better air, better food, better living, live longer etc. Do you know that FDA tells food companies what they can and can’t put into our food!! Research it to find out for your selves, you would probably stop eating or at least start growing your own food. Another fact for you to digests, the food companies have developed the termination gene to put into plants so that you can’t grow food from the things you buy at the store. Reason, they do not want you to grow your own food. Even the seed that you buy at the stores say that they can only be grown the year that’s on the package. The big question you have to think about is what happens when plans takes this gene on to be its own!! The growing of plants WILL stop altogether!! I shouldn’t have to explain about that part.. The next time someone say I live in a free country, just ask them how much money do they pay for the home to live in, and then tell them “you call that free?” Just try and thing about freedom for a minute, with that in mind, think of the last time you spent money. Most people cannot go for even one day with out spending money. I can hear the excuses now, but I needed that $1.50 bottle, of tap, water because it’s good for me. So is the water from the tap. Research bottle water and tap water and you will find that companies can use the water from the tap and sell it to you in a bottle!! We all should do what this man is doing because it is truly being free and I admire that!! The way to be free is to stop buying things you think you need and sell the things you have now, including your home(s). No more hassle with things that don’t do anything except take up space and time that you could be out doing what you want. End the end, you can’t take it with you!!

  129. I'm sort of the opposite of Daniel, because my whole life revolves around money. Namely, I'm wealthy and my work consists in trying to make more money by investing on the stock market, even though the money I have now is more than I'll ever spend. However, I enjoy what I do. I think I'd get bored without a pot of money to play the stock market with.

  130. @Caeious: Suelo answers your questions in the "living without money" link at the top of this blog.

    I have a similar idea to buy land, except it wouldn't be just for me. I'd like to someday create a learning/retreat center that is fairly wild and free. I'd rather it be primative, though. No roads. Willow wickiups for shelter. Maybe a longhouse or kiva for dances/ceremonies. A place for people to get away and slow down. Learn about foraging wild plants for food, basket weaving, etc. I don't think I could do this money-free, but I could do it non-profit, probably by establishing a congregation affiliated with the ULC. Like you, I am putting this off to the future. In my case, it will have to wait for me to finish paying off my debts (I'm handling that in a way similar to Dave Ramsey's advice).

  131. Hi Daniel.

    You're famous in Britain. Check the Guardian newspaper's article: "Daniel Suelo: Free Spirit or Freeloader?"

    I did a Google search and your name is popping up all over the place. Bodybuilder forums. Hobbyist groups. Front page of Yahoo Buzz, Digg, Reddit.

    What do you make of all of this?

  132. It is amazing how whether people like you or hate you they have an opinion about you. That to me is the true spirit of a social experiment and like it or not you have become just that. I personally think you are a genius and I'm glad to hear some people know how to dream differently.

  133. I'd like to respond to those who ask whether they should join the Peace Corps. I'm not Daniel, but I can tell you that the Peace Corps is the left hand of the U.S. Military. The military goes in to take over countries, impoverish them by stealing their wealth, and then the gov't sends the Peace Corps to make those we have subjugated feel that we are not entirely bad people.

    Stay away from the imperial Peace Corps! If you want to help people, do it under your own name or an NGO that you have done your research on!

  134. Btw, for corroboration on the evil Peace Corps, read the book Economic Hitman.

  135. @Joel Rosenblum - Help is help. People in need are not bothered with your academic philophizing. Where are your priorities?

  136. Joel, isn't it a good thing that because of the Peace Corps we have a way to make people feel that we are not entirely bad people?

  137. Gift Society never works because capitolism steps in and crushes it before it can pose a threat.
    Sort of like all the subterfuge between Democracy and Communism, one seeking to undermine and destroy the other.
    Once Capitolism comes crashing down there won't really be much of a choice.

  138. Very insperational, I have watched your video twice and read I think every word on your site here. And I agree with you, Theres an invisable leash that binds people to their unhappiness. That leash is societys view of the earth walkers that have found peace and freedom on this planet. It is fear of ridicule that keeps some folks in check with currect society, I'd have to say the other is fear of giving up materalistc objects. But Yes!!!! keep doing what you are doing, as I know what it is, is right. I have a pack in the closet ready to go when my time comes. They tried to feed me their crap when I was growing up but I didnt listen, and the fact that I have not owned a tv in the last 7 years I'm sure has helped.... ok ramblings over lol, keep on the good path daniel...

  139. Who run barter town....
    Master Blaster

  140. Hi Daniel,

    I've just learned of you. My main concern for you is with the multitude of emergency situations that will be increasingly likely as you get older. But frankly I haven't sufficiently planned for that in my own life either. I don't agree with those who think you don't contribute to society. I think I needed to know about you at this point in my life; I needed the spark of reading about someone who lives so differently from myself.

    I don't think I'd last long at all in the wild, but you must see some incredible sunsets and cloudscapes during any given week.

    Where's the harm in your harvesting a tiny fraction of the vast tonnage of waste produced each day? It's infinitesimally small and hurts no one. And where's the harm in the fact that some drivers are generous enough to give you a ride? I think some folks are overreacting to your lifestyle. I see a lot of positivity there. And I'm not worried that masses of people will follow your example and take to the open road. It's actually not an easy life.

    All the best, looking forward to reading more.


  141. Dear Daniel, I wish you much peace and happiness my brother. Those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter. Two more years into this collapse and your naysayers will be 'begging' you for advice on how to survive in the wild.

  142. Dear Suelo,
    Suelo I must admit that I am kind of jealous of you. Jealous of your freedom, your travels, your knowledge of the world, of your faith. Everyday I walk out unto a world that I know is not real. I accept the illusion of money, of work, of getting a college education. My life is filled with doing a bunch of things that I simply don’t want to do, and that I know has no value and makes no sense at all.
    Tell me Suelo, do you really believe that giving up money is the only way to truly be free? I’ve heard this talk of freedom, along the lines of attracting riches from the Universe, until one day money doesn’t become an issue anymore. So tell me Suelo, if I were a millionaire, and thus I had a wealthy enough life savings, so that I never had to work again, I could enjoy the pleasures of life as much as I wanted because I have enough money to not be able to spend in one lifetime, would you tell me to give it up? Would I not be free from worry? I sense that to you this must be a naïve question, to think that one could ever find security in any abundance of money, yet I would really like to hear your opinion.
    I have never understood how I could gain from stillness until I read one of your posts. You said, “No human mind can grasp the contradictions of this world. This is when I have to clear my mind & meditate. In perfect silence is perfect Truth. Thoughts & words can never grasp truth. They can only drive you mad. But I find perfect clarity in stillness. This stillness, annihilation of ego (crucifixion of the delusion of self), is the fundamental of all religion, yet disregarded by religious institutions. Is this burying my head in the sand? On the contrary, I find it is lifting my head & seeing Everything As It Is, without letting the disease infect me. So the world is going to Hell. Why should I go with it? What good is that, for anybody, anywhere? Then, lift your head again, and see the overwhelming beauty in this world, and hear the Glorious Music lifted high, high, high above the hideous noise. Somehow, it all works out beautifully in the end.”
    Never has the importance of perfect silence been written so clear to me. Lately, I have been having the hardest time with sitting in silence. It is not the TV, I don’t watch television, it is not the radio, I rarely listen to it, I am distracted by nothing but my thoughts, and by my body. Maybe I will try again tomorrow, but I am stuck in mind. It forces me to want to leave. To get up one day, pack a bag, and follow the stars to a desert.
    I want to leave, to escape this illusion to be happy and to love. Maybe one day, I won’t just joke about it, and I will join the bushmen in Africa to live without possessions, and without money.
    It is so amazing Suelo. People kill for this Manufactured paper that someone deemed valuable, they give up their lives for digital numbers on a computer screen with zeroes at the end THAT DON’T EVEN REALLY EXIST.
    You have chosen to be what you seek, to be the change you wish to see, and I believe firmly in that.
    I fear that I will forever wish to be a raven , while choosing to be a circus monkey.
    Suelo there is honestly not much I want from this life. And I know the most important things that I want can’t be bought.
    Yet, I admit that even though I don’t want much from this life, the thought of not being able to go the store and buy tampons just scares me. So what advice to you have for a raven who is living like a worm? I wish you the best on your journey Suelo, I enjoy reading about your “coincidences” and your travels.

    -Infinite Love-
    (I took that from You!)

  143. great life, great history!
    cheers from brasil

  144. Hi. I would agree that the way money has been used has caused a great deal of grief throughout history. However, it seems to me that you don't really live without money. Even if you don't have any money, you still use things that the "regular" economic systems provide -- the clothes you wear, the rides you hitch, the dumpsters you dive, the computer you use to write your blog, etc. Although it's true that you may not be personally paying for these things, you're still benefitting from the work of others, so in that sense you are still part of the economy. You may be one of the very last parts -- where things may go instead of being thrown away. However, these items still have to be designed, manufactured, shipped, purchased, etc. before they make it to you. Your idea may be a noble one, but it's extremely difficult to put to use in way that's meaningful. It seems to me to truly live without money would mean to remove yourself from any "benefits" that the use of money even by others might bring you. Otherwise, you're still using that which money buys (even if you aren't buying it yourself) while simultaneously decrying it. However, I believe that people should do whatever they want as long as they don't harm anyone else, so I wish you good luck.

  145. Daniel continue your road to infinite happiness we will all be watching and reading about your journey....And pray for those who envy the beautiful life you live...Much Luv baby143

  146. Daniel, I would just like to say you are a great inspiration and I wish you all the best! Don't let the recent internet fame get to you ;)

  147. So, now what are you going to do when the Hollywood people show up and want to pay you big bucks to make a movie about you? You're getting too famous!

  148. Suelo may become a hustler. Remember: Hustling is a way of life.

  149. This is the first post of yours I've read. I'm a recovering alcholic and you talk about getting rid of the money and all it's trappings like I talk about getting rid of the false life I was living through alcohol. It resonates with me. So much, it does.

  150. Life without money, thats funny. How is it you have means to get to the internet? You hitch hike around and stay places accepting the hospitality of others. Just because something doesnt cost YOU anything, it doesnt make it free. who paid for the vehicle and gas that you hitched on? Whose paying for you to be able to log on here and post? Someone is. Your way of life is BS, you are a homeless mooch. Its people like you that hurt our economy. I would go as far as to call you un-patriotic. Think about that the next "free" ride you get.

  151. I enjoyed your blog, and thanks for sharing. A lot of peace flowed out of it for me; and I must admit I have wrestled with the "what's the point of it" part of our modern life. Maybe that part of me that said there is no point is right after all.I loved what you said about getting sick and dying because it is so true. Anyway You said we could call you whatever we liked, so I will call you brother francis, one who also understood the poverty teaching of jesus like you do.

  152. How come living off others is seen as noble, but living off your parents or inheritance is seen as slacker?

  153. Enjoyed the Details article, it made me totally want to come visit... for a minute... I've already lived like that, and it didn't take long to figure out that I'd eat better with a garden.... Still love the road kill deer!

  154. @Gary from Michigan

    Yes, we are animals. But more than that. That is our cross to bear in this life.

    We are supposed to divorce ourselves from this selfish nature that animals have (Lions slapping and roaring at each other during their meals for example or us snatching up a valuable possession because it is "ours".)


    I admire you sir. I think you are following what God has set forth for you. Your obedience to this call has allowed you to influence the thoughts and ideas of thousands of people who hear about your story.

    I wish that I could be so bold. I am not sure that is what I am called to do in this life though.

    Although, my wife and I definitely feel that capitalism and the corporate lifestyle is poisonous to the soul.

    We have taken small steps to release ourselves from the snare of the money trap.

    We have already given away our television and major electronics. I'm not sure we will get rid of computers for a while. But, we are seeking to place ourselves in a place in life where we will work to live and NOT live to work.

    I wish you the best sir. May God bless you and keep you safe.


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  156. First I would like to commend you for what you are doing. Personally I HATE money and how much EVIL it creates in the world, so I try to live with as little money as possible. My question to you is: what do you do for bathing, what do you use to wash your hair? thanks...Jamie
    I absolutely LOVE your answer to question #13 on your front page :-)
    Its absolutely 100% true!!
    take care...Jamie

  157. Grace is from Greek "charis", not Latin, gratis

    2 Corinthians 9:8

    And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.

    In context your quote says:
    Matthew 11:27-29 (English Standard Version)

    All things have been handed over to me by my Father, and no one knows the Son except the Father, and no one knows the Father except the Son and anyone to whom the Son chooses to reveal him. Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.

    You see, where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Freedom.

    John 8:36

    So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.

  158. Hey Daniel. Greetings from Orlando, Florida. Your story is quite intriguing. When I get more time, I'll be back to read your posts. Keep writing.

  159. I'm sure you get quite a few responses to your blogs and you may not get to this. But I feel compelled to write this anyways.

    I met you on some random article and curiosity got the best of me so I went on to your website.

    I've been reading all this material for the best three days now and am now starting to read your blogs. I must say this has been the most amazing, thought provocative week I have had in quite a long while.

    I don't even know you and am so happy for you; you seem at so much peace with yourself, good for you. ^_^

    I feel very grateful to have met you, thank you so much for this site.

  160. No matter what decision we made to live our life , we all are walking towards the same path. Everyone is going in the direction of death no matter what you do in life.

    Just do whatever you think is right because nothing matters when it reach the last leg of our journey.

  161. You certainly are thought-provoking. I suspect you have way more than so many who are slaves to their possessions.
    As Jesus said, "Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; a man's life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions."
    Best regards!

  162. Hi,

    I've linked your blog because MONEY is the main reason targetted individuals are stalked and harassed. Without money and the things it could buy the whole stalking/harassment machine that ensnares millions worldwide would completely fade away. How would they pay people to be snitches and betrayers. They run some harassers on fear, but for the rest of them they need an incentive.

  163. Dear Daniel,
    I learned about you from the recent article in Details magazine. Your writings about your way of life have given me so much to think about. It doesn't sound like you need anyone to give you encouragement against the naysayers, but I'm going to do it anyway. Just because you use the free internet at the library doesn't compromise your lifestyle. In fact, as one who currently pays taxes, I'm glad that some of it goes for so noble a cause as to give someone like you the ability to share your thoughts and way of life. It is a gift to all of us the way you live. It is unfortunate that some people are angered, but that is often the way it is in this world, feelings arise and we are left to figure out what they are trying to tell us.

    Thank you for your inspiration. - Anne from NY

  164. all very interesting commentary about what money has done to us. her in oakland, i have some friends who are trying to form a new currency, and have been giving lectures about what money has done to us. i'm sure you've heard of the book "Life,Inc.". but for all you commenters who haven't, check it out.

    the part of this post that caught my attention was your statement about becoming just like your sister, crying at the drop of a hat. i wonder if you have any thoughts about how your "masculunity", as defined particularly by American culture, has changed by this experience. it has sadly always been a sign of 'weakness' that women cry so much, but really it is a sign of awareness and emotional connection, that many men push down in order to conform to ideas of mascululinty, which have been heavily affected by economics and currency. so having shunned a lot of western cultgures expectations of you as a man, are you now feeling more in touch with women?

  165. Hi Daniel,

    I feel very lucky to have found your writings. You and I are about the same age and it's been very helpful to me to read your logic regarding living a more clear,peaceful and rewarding life (the same one that has always been available to us) it seems to me the money and lack of use of it takes a back seat to the courage needed to make the leap! I am moving in this direction slowly and find myself nervous and scared. I appreciate the help. Thank you so very much. Todd.

  166. "During a conversation with an aboriginal elder, I came to see clearly the effect of the loss of hunting and gathering on the deeper workings of the human psyche. "Some of the young aboriginal men today walk and act very smart, they no longer have the vision, 'cause they have the same fear inside as the white fellows. That's because they can't go off in the bush and feed themselves like I do. I know where all the roots and berries are. Anyone who does not know how to find food and feed himself is always frightened inside like a little child who has lost his mother and with that fear the vision of the spirit world departs."LAWLOR

    We are doing the same in quebec as a family.

    Thanks for the inspiration and the lucidity!
    please check out Daniel Quinn's book "THE STORY OF B".

  167. Matthew 26 - 30
    26- His master replied, You wicked, lazy servant! So you knew that I harvest where I have not sown and gather where I have not scattered seed? 27- Well then, you should have put my money on deposit with the bankers, so that when I returned I would have received it back with interest.
    28- "Take the talent from him and give it to the one who has the ten talents. 29- For everyone who has will be given more, and he will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him. 30- And throw that worthless servant outside, into the darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

    You disagree and resent society, yet you live on its fringes and judge those within as violaters of your philosophies. You utilize scripture and other teachings only as validation to your behaviour not to spread the word of the teachers.

    You criticize and judge without any action of solving the problem you so vehemently complain about.

    History is full of heroes who made a difference in the world because they stood up for what they believe and they took it to the source of the problem and made a difference.

    History is also filled up with cowards, lessor known however, who choose to rant and rave about how things should be or could be but do nothing to bring about change for the betterment of mankind.

    Which servant are you, the one who takes the talents and turns them into something or digs a hole and buries the one talent he has because he is too scared to take a chance and work hard at something beside casting blame and resentment at the world.

    I do not disagree with your philosophies, I disagree with your approach and cowardliness to correcting the problems you challenge as unfair and impractical. There are many non-profit groups working hard at bringing about change and yes, they need money to operate, get over it. Money or trade or whatever you want to call it is necessary in any culture. How you use it or seek it is up to you as an individual. Living in a cave, eating trash and telling the world they are living wrong is absurd at best. You can come up with a better plan than that, oh but that would take some effort ... OOOHHH Maybe not Huh???

  168. I have a couple of questions that isn't answered on your FAQ. When will it be possible to raise a family without money in the USA? And do you grow a garden?

  169. And to add to the chorus...Very inspiring.

    I don't necessarily agree with your decisions but I applaude you for them. We each take the journey and yours is a very interesting one.

    To hell with the haters.

  170. In your post, "Well, I'll Be Quirky" (nice pun, btw), July 21, 2009, you say:

    "Seeing that, how can we ever look down on or judge another human being?"

    Do you not look down upon and sit in judgment of those who use money to live their lives? Casting aspersions is just that -- regardless of the issue, who sits in judgment, their qualifications, or their reasons why.

    Social injustice that hurts others is worthy to be decried and acted upon with righteous indignation. Making money to support a clean life that doesn't hurt others (and perhaps even used to bless others?) isn't for you to preside over as judge. One might be tempted to say you do so to make yourself feel better (dare I say, "righteous"?) about yourself and the choices you've made.

    Money isn't evil; the heart of man is. What a person does with money reveals the heart's content and intent. I choose to live a clean, honest life and bless others with the gifts God has given me -- material and otherwise. As you reap what others have sown (discarded and otherwise), I hope you give thanks that your needs are met, and that you grasp who the True Giver is.

    Kamille, CA

  171. Funny,
    I read your latest post before this one (the one where you ranted and raved about this Christian country not having anyone to stop and give you a ride). So obviously you have been given rides other times, so apparently there are a few nice people around. Also, I love this quote from your post "Seeing that, how can we ever look down on or judge another human being? I". Maybe you should go read "Las Cruces to bear" again and then revise either that post, or this statement about judging.

  172. Yeah, what happened to the post "Las Cruces to bear"? Some great dialogue happening. Of course, not all of it was favorable to Suelo and his "cause." I guess we know how he handles those of other opinions. Some tolerance, huh...

  173. Rational man trades, he doesn't loot. Money is nothing more than energy. Someone's energy went into the material goods and dumpster food you scavenge. You don't even have the courtesy to barter.

  174. I think you have a point about money And while I would not purposely live as you do. I do try to recycle my old possesions to new ones and I recycle other things into useful items also. So I would gladly feed a person who needed it but they always ask for money which I don't have cause I don't work. I hate the rat race so am now devising ways to free myself within my own constraints I am succeeding. But slowly. All that really matters in life is that you live it. Not whether you had lots of money. In the end money has no need of you.