Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Gila Healing

I just crawled out of the Gila wilderness in southern New Mexico, living with a primitivist (I'll call him "M"). Now I'm at a computer in a little public library. Culture shock.

Funny, the first woman I met in Silver City, at an Indian music kirtan, knew of M & his friend with the burros. Then the guy who gave me a ride here from Silver C knew M personally, & directed me to his camp!

M is a guy my friend Prema (formerly known as Gillian) has been wanting me to meet for a couple years. When I finally met M, I understood why Prema so wanted us to meet. I think I didn't really come to learn new skills, but to understand his spiritual presence. And he has a deep spiritual presence - quite astounding.

M is 40-something, soft-spoken, & lives with more grace & light-footedness than most if not any body I've ever met. He is the epitome of patience & living in the present. He doesn't seem to give a hoot about religion or consider himself on any spiritual path. That's what makes his path pristinely spiritual, in my eyes. His camp is pristine, like a Zen temple. And everything he makes is a total work of art. M is gradually replacing everything he brought from civilization with what he makes himself from his local natural environment. He makes his own gorgeous pottery & fires it at his campfire. He makes his own cordage, weaves beautiful baskets, made his own shoes, built his own bow & arrow, his own hut, table, chairs. The list goes on. Everything he does is to perfection - perfection in the way that Nature, not Babylon, defines perfection.

But M is new to the area & isn't any more skilled at living off the wild land than I - as far as eating goes. So I didn't learn much new skills in that area & was pretty much on my own.

M has close connections with an "intentional community" across the river, though he is not a member of it. He shares farmland with them and grows his own grains (wheat, rye, millet) which he harvests by hand. He is super generous & was always giving me food. His cooking is a work of art, too. What isn't?

Credible Edibles
I myself ate only wild edibles quite a few days, and I must admit I've lost a lot of weight. It's a good thing. The beginnings of my mid-aged paunch are now gone. I've eaten lots of mesquite, some honey locust, wild grass seeds, cholla (starchy cactus fruit) rattlesnake, fish, amaranth greens (seeds not ripe yet), acorns (the kind you don't have to process), black walnuts, & berries (I forget the name).

The bugs are relentless down there: mosquitoes, chiggers, ants. That's been the hard part. The heat gets pretty bad at mid-day, but frequent river-dips remedy that. And there have been short, cool monsoons in the afternoons.
This all exacerbated my bouts of chronic fatigue. Yeah, bouts of extreme fatigue have been my little trial for decades (& living moneyless hasn't made it magically disappear). But it's my Teacher, & teachers stick around until our lesson is done.

Into the Wild Gila River
M's friend (who also seems enlightened to me, though I didn't get to know him much) told us about droves of acorns way up the Gila river. So, a couple days ago, M & I took a trek up to find them, camping overnight. I was a bit concerned, because I really had little food & not sure I could do it all in my sandals. But I didn't say anything. I just kept reminding myself that "all these things shall be added unto you" if I not worry. Besides, we were heading to the alleged "abundance of acorns". So off we went.

I found tons of super-sweet mesquite pods & chewed them the whole way, feeling not a bit of hunger. My sandals held up well, but my feet were pretty scratched up by the time we reached our destination. There was an abandoned camp ring there, &, lo & behold, a pair of perfectly good boots hanging, just my size!

There were lots of oaks, but all the acorns were gone - eaten by critters in the desert competition. That evening I toasted a few wheat berries M had given me days before, and a bunch of grass seed I had collected. I also ate lots of mesquite, again. And I pulled out a fishing lure I'd found & caught a fish. I felt great. In the morning, M insisted on giving me cooked rye cereal, which he had too much of. I had boiled a sweet milky syrup from the mesquite & carried it with me. We headed back. I came across a rattlesnake, knocked it in the head with a rock, & ate it. Rattlesnake has a texture like, & tastes like, calamari (squid), and peels off like string cheese.

Night Visions of a Dragon
The trek was incredibly gorgeous & wild. That night we camped I felt high, sleeping sporadically, interspersed with amazing dreams. New revelations were coming in the wee hours of the night on charging interest & world religions, believe it or not. Everything nature produces is interest bearing - an observation I've tried to avoid thinking about in my opposition to banking. But now the answer was crystallizing in me, and the idea of interest in the Torah, as well as the idea of Yajna (sacrifice) & renouncing the fruit of action in the Bhagavad Gita & Upanishads,& how Jesus often uses the word "lend" rather than "give" in his teaching. It's blowing me away.
But there is also something quite frightening about all this. We're getting to the Heart of the World Dragon, and do we dare stab it? I realized then I had to move on out of our wilderness refuge & go back out & help deal with the Dragon. Part of me is really reluctant, & part of me is excited to no end, & kind of scared about what's happening.


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  2. Hey Suelo,

    I am intrigued by this latest post. Your wilderness journey explains the lack of communication, but that's cool. I am glad to hear that it was an enlightening experience. Wind sounds like an amazing character; right in your ballpark ideologically and in personality.

    The rattlesnake part is very exciting to me! wow.

    your lil sis G
    Love and Peace,

  3. Wow, it's sounds like a wonderful experience living with Wind and the wilderness of New Mexico.

  4. You should start a new religion and stop hiding in the wilderness.

  5. Hey Suelo, great report! Nature's products bearing interest is some food for thought. Wind seems very interesting.

    Bugs can be troublesome. When you are in shelter for the night, a smudge pot might help keep them away. Perhaps a hobo stove with some green leaves sprinkled over embers might do the trick. Many plants have oils that supposedly are repellent, but I don't know how you would extract them. The ancient egyptians distilled them by boiling plants in clay pots with cotton in the neck, so that the steam passed through and the cotton picked up the oils. Another method involves pressing plants between trays covered with animal fats so the fats absorb the oil. Or cook plants in oil or fat until the same effect. There are some plants to consider here
    maybe some found locally, who knows. Looking forward to the next report =)

  6. Yeah, that's what happens when you smoke too much peyote with a bunch of smelly hippies!

    Mosquitos for lunch again?

    It's hard to believe he's single, ladies!

  7. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I've enjoyed reading your blog over the past week. Your primitive experience brings to mind the movie "Walkabout" and my favorite childhood books "My Side of the Mountain" and "Julie of the Wolves."


  8. A word of advice to anonymous who said "it's hard to believe he's single", you should never do peyote or any drug to expand your mind -- yours is boxed so tight it would probably explode.

  9. Suelo has nature as his wife, he doesn't need a psysical partner.

    Although I would recommend that he does a caredul examination of his admited homosexuality. First we live in a homosexual society, a society that excludes women. Only that homosexuality is repressed. Does Suelo think women are stupid or sinful?. Maybe some ideas need to change.

  10. That's because our boy has been "fucked in the ass by god".

  11. Dear Wondering Woman,

    Please stop begging me for loose change every time I visit the DMV Office. I know it is located next to the Free County Methadone Clinic - where you choose to reside, but I just don't have time to be your sponsor. I think it is just marvelous that you can now admit to the world that you are an addict, but you do have a long, hard road ahead of you. Thank you for not stealing my car stereo to pay for your meth. Have a nice day!

  12. Greetings Suelo!

    I've enjoyed reading your posts of your experiences over the past couple of weeks and I'm excited to hear of some more. I saw somewhere this week about the Tarahumara tribe of Native Americans residing in Mexico. They seem to be not very well known but they are mostly known for running hundred of miles with only homemade sandles. I thought this might interest you as you probably did not catch it on the boob tube as I did. Maybe you can check them out in your travels, eh? I know I will try when I'm older.

    I hope to meet you on the road someday, just to talk perhaps.
    - Alex

  13. Nice to meet you, Dan. Your path doesn't seem too crazy to me. It is interesting, though, the strange animosity that it brings out in some of the comments here. It's hard for those of us who work for money (me included) to look at the way we are enslaved, particularly if our employment seems like a raw deal (mine does not, so I am mostly ok with it - nature is also often a raw deal). I hope those who have lashed out here would take a look at their anger and see honestly what wound it is that they're hiding with it.

  14. Here we go again with more hippy freakness. I'm glad you finally went somewhere where you actually didn't need money. No more dumpster diving!

    WhiteDove where you at? I hope your getting some!


  15. There are a few things here that I simply do not believe!

    Don't believe that magic boots, magic backpacks, etc. materialize just when the old ones wear out.
    Too far fetched & sounds like a Disney film.

    Don't believe that Suelo will actually turn down money when it is offered to him 100% of the time as he claims. I understand the goal of this blog is to explore the world without money, but this seems to unlikely.

    People only offer him money, shelter, clothing, food, etc. because they feel sorry for him or think he is mentally incompetent due to his dissheveled appearance & lack of hygeine. That's a gimmick for him if you will...his schtick.

  16. Suelo, you need to smoke some weed.

  17. Sorry to say it, but some of these comments freak me out.


  18. If Suelo is content and at peace with his life .... then he's better off than most of the nation.

    -South Carolina

  19. I believe that the boots appeared in the tree and were waiting for Suelo. It's called the art of "availabalism." I have experienced it many times before and still do. One must have faith that the things that we need will eventually turn up on our path, when we most need them.

    I think Suelo's lifestyle is beautiful and true. It really pains me to see some people post such hurtful comments on here. It's just amazing how so much animosity comes out, when someone speaks their truth.

    It brings so much venom to the surface...

    I would be interested to hear more about "The Heart of the World Dragon." I have had visions of the world encircled by a giant serpent/dragon.

    Take care and be safe Suelo. I look forward to your next post.

  20. If you get the chacne, please stab it in the heart.

  21. Isolating yourself from society is stupid. I prefer what shamans do, they serve their comunities. They heal the sick and give advice to people.

    Suelo is living off other people without giving anything in return, except this hypocritical blog. The real world need modern shamans that help us connect with ourselves, not hypocritical idiots.

  22. With the soon coming forced H1N1 vaccine,kicking our doors in to claim our weapons,and dragging us away from our children in the middle of the night to a "fema" camp...many of us are going to wish we had the survival skills that this man has.I suggest we quickly educate outselves in this same way.I wish I had prepared better for the days soon bearing upon us....I fear for our childen,and for each one of us..especially those who choose to turn away from is not too late...I respect this man..Suelo stay strong in your will pay off very soon.God be with you. p.s. to far as me getting satisfaction comes in knowing my Lord and Saviour reigns forever and He has given me eternal life through believing,and accepting Him..I know where I'll be when I leave this earth,..are you ready to face your JUDGE? if not,may I ask you to fall on your knees and ask Him into your heart,He will take away all your bitterness and loneliness.I hold no anger toward you,I only pray I may see you one day in Heaven as my brother in Christ.....

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  24. Magic boots, magic backpack...I've had days of similar luck and critical "guidance". The phenomenon has also been called "synchronicity" and noted by many people. I don't think Suelo is making it up, any more than others who have noticed it. But there IS a made-up aspect to it, as in all observations - one's own perception of the event. Thus the appearance of backpack when needed seems somehow more miraculous than the next breath of air, when needed.

  25. Thanks for another great post. You and what you're doing are an inspiration. I hope you've decided to just ignore these commentators who feel some kind of twisted compulsion to tear you down. Some rotten souls derive pleasure from destroying other people's dreams and whatever they don't understand.

    I'd be curious to hear more of your thoughts about about interest and nature and how Jesus spoke more about lending rather than giving.

  26. I've read a number of your blog entries and replied on this one (last comment):

    This is my observation concerning your fatigue based on some things I know about Chinese Medicine using the Five Elements Cycle (wiki "wu xing" for a list of corresponding seasons/tissues/emotions). Your fatigue is based primarily in Kidney deficiency. Graying hair is a sign on this as the hair's color is a sign of the Kidney meridian's health. In the diagram of the Five elements you will see that too much Fire/Bitter-food will insult the Metal and attack the Water meridian. Many Bitter foods grow in your present environment such as mesquite(simple sugars) and then anything that is very-sweet to the point of diuresis. You need to find a way to increase your intake of Metal/Pungent but especially Water/Salty foods to maintain an internal balance that is more akin to your Caucasian nature. You're living in a hot, two-season climate, as opposed to a four-season climate, which is very different from that of the epi/genetic tempering of your forefather's land/climate/staplefood environment. Your body is adapting but is not "best equipped" to handle the environment and available foods and therefore will not thrive and be further worn out by the extreme climate. There is the concept of Interior/Exterior in Chinese medicine and it is of my own gleaning that those people that live between the Tropics of Capricorn and Cancer are of a more Exterior nature and thus of darker skin, while those that have lived well north of there with cold climate exposure have become more Interior thus keeping nutrients more to the inside; "yellow" Asians are essential four-season types that ride the fence by keeping the Interior and Exterior in balance. The Five Elements cycle shows Earth to be yellow as this is the color of warming, nutrient-laden digested substance and by keeping a "smooth flow of qi" between the Interior and Exterior along with and depending on the amount of their exposure to more cold-weather seasons, the Chinese, Koreans, and Japanese have taken on that "color". Pale white people come from regions with long, cold winter and thus the cold forces a diet that keeps their centers warmed and nourished. Such places are the centers of greater technological development as well for the need to plan ahead and make tools to help in the tasks. You're the one with the degree so I'll stop there. If you follow this line of thinking the Five Elements explains quite a lot... even the Individual/Group based difference between West and East, respectively. I've even tried experiments that show to me that food creates language in a sensual way... each food has it's own chemical and energy effects upon the body and thus tongue/throat/lungs/heart/mind and after eating a single different cuisine I find my mouth more easily muttering syllables/phonemes/etc more in tune with the language tied to the cuisine. Seriously, even the amount of phlegm/mucus produced has a major part in this phenomenon.

    I know walnuts are a good food for tonifying the Water/Kidney meridian but I'm uncertain if black walnut is of a similar enough nature to act so. Beans of all sorts would be good and so at least try to eat those during the cooler half of the year which should set you up for the warmer half. Nettles are excellent; I think I read you have those available to you at some time of the year.

    Much love to you there in Reality! I'm working on clearing things away for "my own" slice of heaven. Eat well!

  27. Ah, almost forgot, seaweeds are excellent for Kidney meridian. If only I knew the herbal ecology of your area I could offer up more helpful info. Maybe contact someone that does TCM (traditional chinese medicine) or herbalism to find herbs/plants/nuts/seeds/etc. to help energize and balance you.

  28. Chinese medicine is great and all, but doesn't always address the problem as directly as it could be addressed. Many people I know who have had chronic fatigue actually had mercury poisoning, and many of those people had silver amalgam fillings which are actually 50% mercury. It can also be from other sources, such as eating a lot of fish at some point in your life, and mercury is a cumulative toxin that is very difficult for most people to excrete. If the chronic fatigue is mercury related, you can eat all the walnuts you want and you want and it will not fix the problem.

  29. Hey, I finally made it to a computer. I'm hitching in AZ, after days hanging with NM cowboys.

    Thanks for all the comments, & health advice. The health stuff makes sense to me.

    I actually get a kick out of the negative & nasty comments. It's spice, & they remove my doubt about this path! They make me laugh, thank you. Maybe you chaps are tricksters.

    And why oh why would I lie about boots & backpack & food appearing, & everything we all need appearing when needed, when our eyes are open to it? Am I lying if I say all the molecules in the universe needed to create your human body coincided (yes, in coincid-ence) together at the right place & time? So why be astounded over a silly pair of boots coinciding with me? What's not miracle??? And what's so astounding about turning down paper with pictures on it, that they call money? Robins & dogs do it all the time. Absolutely no feat at all. Would I be so desperate for stories to lie about such small things that happen all the time? Seeds sprouting & birds flying & crickets singing - now those are things to get excited about.

  30. To Whitedove:

    What in the fuck kind of hippy bible thumping shit are you talking about??? You are certifiably nuts and off your rocker. Please help yourself by seeking professional help.

    The only person that needs to get on their knees is you. You are repressed girl. Go to your favorite church, insane asylum or local KFC and grab that dude that looks best to you and get on YOUR knees, pull down his pants....and go to town!!! Let it out!!! If you know what your doing it shouldn't be to long before the holy sacrament enters your body.

    BTW, I don't think there is a heaven, but if there is, and I see you there, and you are as attractive as you claim you are, show me your love by giving me brains. Or maybe we can find our own little cloud and I can show you a few tricks. I don't really care for hugs.

    PS. Suelo, I like the fact that you love the negative and nasty comments. I now respect you that much more. Not that I never did respect you, but I do THAT much more for the fact that you obviously don't take yourself TOO seriously. How could you not laugh at some of the ridiculous shit that's posted on his comments board???

    And I'm telling you man, keep going south, as in south of the border. Once you get to the tropics living without money is so fuckin easy. Coconuts all day when you're thirsty, abundant fruits and vegetables growing everywhere, and best of all....women walking around with less clothes on. It'll also be a little easier to fit in because 99% of the people don't have any money. You're also bound to run into some expat hippy that runs a co-op organic farm, who will more than likely love to have you help out.

    The one thing I do see eye-to-eye on with whitedove is that this country is fucked and in for a rude awakening. I don't believe our doors will be getting kicked in by FEMA and our weapons take away and all that fucken straight psycho conspiracy theory shit that she's talking about, but we are in for some drastic change. The comfy cushy america that we have all grown accustomed to living in will no longer be what it once was. "HOPE" is hopeless.

  31. Suelo, I am glad you appreciated the chinese medicine advice from the Anonymous poster. Medicine and wisdom are the same thing in primitive societies.

  32. Whitedove, Ignor the rude comments of simple minded people like Dirk Diggler..people who use so much profanity and sexual references to make their point are obviously immuture, and afraid of anything outside their own narrow-minded reality.I'm sorry you have to read such garbage!keep on doing what you do sister,because you have a good sense of right and wrong!!besides, if Dirk doesn't believe in Heaven, maybe he can rot in hell!! and Dan, keep up the good work and as always, I enjoyed reading your blog!!take care my friend!

  33. Whitedove, I forgot to mention earlier, but I was wondering if you would be interested in chatting sometime! and if so,where and how! if not, that's ok to!! just a thought...I enjoy reading what you have to say!!

  34. Thank you lonewolf for opening up the doors for me to hate on you!

    I don't really know where to start since I haven't paid much attention to to you, but I'll say that off the bat you clearly:

    1) Have serious problems
    2) More than likely have a psychological disorder
    3) Have no friends
    4) Are a virgin
    5) Are living an extremely unfulfilling life
    6) Are a fucken Geek

    Good luck trying to make that magic connection with whitedove loser!

    And by the way, what has you so convinced that there is a heaven and a hell? Christianity is not the only religion in existence.

    You are one sorry ass dude!

  35. Dirk Diggler-
    You are a faggot, get a life.

  36. Dirk Diggler, feel free to hate all you want,it is obvious that you are just a sad, ignorant man who has no life, so you fulfill your need to hate by coming here and posting garbage no one cares to are nothing more than a vile disease!! as for being convinced of Heaven/'s called belief! and you are right,Christianity isn't the only religion in existence, so feel free to persue whatever religion you believe in! by the way, if you think Daniel's ways are so wrong, why do you spend so much time here?? I'm sure you wouldn't be missed if you left!! As for Whitedove, I think she is an intelligent sounding person and would enjoy some intelligent conversation; something you wouldn't understand, since I imagine that someone like you view all women as sex objects! Serpo is right, GET A LIFE!!

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  38. This is a long article,but I urge you all to read it.....!!!!

  39. WhiteDove, I know you are well meaning, but your fear mongering is not better than that of George Bush. Fear is used for creating confusion and to manipulate people.

  40. Thanks for starting your blog. What a pleasure. Believe it or not, I learned about you from a story in the Times of London, of all places.

    I spent many years in New Mexico and am now on the East Coast, the world capitol of capital!

    Thank you for bringing me back to my very good memories of a more egalitarian setting and for sharing a glimpse of how abundant the opportunities are there for exploring and finding meaning.

  41. Doesn't sound very likely.
    But if true, more power to you.
    Sounds like masochism, rather than
    Haveing lived that way out of neccessity,
    rather than by choice, I know whereof I
    speak. :o) It is NOT fun.
    Seeking enlightenment is something one
    does from comfort. Not self inflicted deprivation.
    It is a good story, though, and those who
    have not lived that way will probably be
    attracted by the 'seeming' romanticism of it.
    But that is an illusion. It is NOT fun.

  42. Froggy, Suelo's way of life has it's advantages and have helped him to get over some of his problems. In the long term however, it is probably stupid and pointless.

  43. My intent is not to be a fearmonger...I only present the cold,hard facts,of issues that concern us all.If this has caused fear to arise in you,then perhaps you should reflect upon your life,and determine which path you should be taking.Suelo,keep at peace.


    This news clip from yesterday shows this could be us next......warning this may outrage most.

  45. Regarding boots/backpack. I had an instance when I was at the beach. I had gone into the water for about an hour and when I returned my sandals were gone. They were a perfectly good set. As a result I ended up having to walk home 2 miles on hot rough asphalt. There are a number of ppl living the moneyless life style in tents among the dunes. I guess one of them considered my sandals a "gift" from the universe. I guess my gift was having to go to work the next morning with burned and bruised feet.

  46. this is so different from my life in Shanghai.

  47. 2 Comments:

    1. Dirk Diggler must have a lot of anger and free time in which to inflict it on others over the Internet. I have sympathy for tortured souls.

    2. With regard to "magic boots," I had a similar experience a number of years ago. My wife and I were backpacking and we forgot to bring any eating utensils. This wasn't too much of a problem for a dinner of pasta (sticks sufficed), but oatmeal was on the menu for the next morning. That evening, while walking around the campsite we found not one, but two high quality stainless steel spoons laying under a log by a fire ring. It was exactly what we needed when we needed it! Another interesting level of serendipity: I was eating dinner with one of those same spoons just now while reading this article and the comments!

    I wouldn't want to rely on "availablism" all the time, but it definitely worked in this case!

  48. Why not? "Availabilism" works for all wild living beings. And it works for me. It's the Law of Nature that's been balancing Nature zillions of years before we came along & imbalanced it.

  49. I'm the "Anonymous" with the story about the spoons. Maybe at some point I'll actually bother to get a profile.

    Upon further reflection, I suspect that "availabilism" works for most of us more than we commonly recognize. It's just a matter of whether we open ourselves up to getting what we need through normal employment, dumpster diving, foraging, or looking over an abandoned campsite.

  50. Yeah, you're right. Nobody is special. It works for all creatures. It's just a matter of being open to what's already Here.