Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rainbows & Zygotes

My life has been crazy-packed with strangeness these days & keeps feeling more & more surreal, on the one hand, yet, on the other hand, more natural & normal & at peace than ever. I've been dividing my time staying at the cave & at a camp near town. I'm adoring Moab & the people here these days.

I've been in a lot of contact lately with Mark Boyle, the British guy in the UK who started
the freeconomy community, and has been living moneyless the past year. It looks like he is contracted to write a book about his year living without money & has felt himself in a dilemma - because a book brings in money royalties. It sounds like he might use the money to buy land & create a moneyless community in the UK. We had a bit of an email debate about it, because at first I was feeling disappointed that he might go back to using money. But since then, I'm feeling in total agreement with his venture, & want to support him in every way I can. It's splendid. But I myself have different ideas, a different path. That doesn't mean better.
Heidemarie Schwermer, moneyless in Germany, has also written a book, DasSterntalerexperiment - mein Leben ohne Geld ("The star talers experiment - my life without money."). She has given the royalty money away.
It's a fascinating time, that the world would want to put a spotlight on such a thing now.

Yes, in corresponding with Mark, I also had to think about my own dilemma. A Sarah from Penguin books had contacted me months ago about writing a non-fiction book. I told her the only way I'd write a book is if it could be totally fr
ee - given away free & zero money for me. It would be absurd, otherwise, I told her. She said they'd think about it & get back with me later. So she did, & suggested somebody else write the book, namely Mark Sundeen, an author & former Moabite I happened to know! The book would not be free, except for donated copies to libraries & maybe a supplemental pamphlet, & I, of course, would receive no money. It's not my business whether or not somebody else gets paid for their work. So it looks like it's happening.
Thinking about this whole scenario after corresponding with Mark Boyle, I thought his decision could be the better one. But now I'm realizing it's foolish to compare. Whether or not I made the right decision matters not, now. What is, is, and I pray that the utmost best comes of it, regardless of my own shortcomings.

Forgiving Egoism

Hence, Mark Sundeen has been in Moab interviewing me, and just left yesterday. He's coming back for another round in the Spring. On the one hand it's been intense, like talking to a therapist, and, on the other hand, my ego has enjoyed it.
Yeah, part of me is an egoist. It's our human condition. As long as I'm aware (holding it in the light), my ego can't take control. We all must forgive ourselves for our egos, because every single one of us billions of humans on earth (except maybe artificially inseminated ones) was, in our past life, in the zygote universe, one spermatozoa among hundreds of thousands or millions or billions (if you include multiple ejaculations) who made it to the egg! That's right, each one of us was superior to all other sperm in our past sperm universes, respectively! Yup, when I was a spermatazoa, I alone made it to the prize, the egg, above all other sperm.
However, then I was born into this universe, right back at the bottom again, an infant, among billions of humans, for another round of competition & cooperation. The first shall be last.

The Halo Around Only Me, Around Only Us

you ever noticed in a spray of water in the sunlight that your own shadow is always at the very center of the rainbow? Always! The rainbow is our halo. Ezekiel the prophet noticed this in his vision: the Son of Man is surrounded by the rainbow halo (Ezekiel 1:28). The Son of Man is the One and Only, the very center of the universe. It's a grand ego trip until we realize the Golden Rule, that every creature is the One and Only Son of Man, the Word made Flesh, Adam-Eve One, Ruler of all Creation, who is "all and in all": "The Anointed within, the hope of Glory."

Moab Happenings

I've started going to yoga sessions, taught by my new friend, Mel, & she's totally splendid. It's a spiritual practice for her, not just a physical exercise
that most American yoga has been reduced to. I'm growing to really love her & her hubby, Matt.
My friends Tina & Forest & Diane & Karen have also started doing sweat lodges, and I'm excited to have started participating. I'm feeling such
a beautiful bond with people in this town these days.

Last week I came into the library to check email. It was the first time in a while I'd been there. As I was typing at the computer, a young guy I'd never seen before, named Cody, came up to me and asked me if I was Daniel Suelo. Yeah, I said. He said he'd walked away from everything in eastern Colorado & had been on a hitch-hiking adventure the past few weeks through New Mexico & Arizona, and decided to come to Moab on the whim that he might find me. The fact that he'd never told me he was coming, that he was running on pure spontaneity, stepping out on crazy faith, totally swept me away. He's pure & beautiful & a total joy. He's been camping with me since.

The day Cody came a Denver Post journalist (Jason) & photographer (Yuang) were here, as well as Mark Sundeen. The Denver Post folks stayed up at the cave with me & Cody. What a crazy life.

Another thing that made Cody's coming so unusual was that Mark Sundeen was just asking
me the very day before Cody came about my life in the canyon - a life not too conducive to relationships. It would be a rare individual who'd be willing to share this lifestyle with me, we both agreed. It seems I am running away from relationships with people, I'm often told. Yes, I truly would be happy living the rest of my life solitary. But accepting only pure relationship, if it comes, is a point of living this way, I told Mark.
A universal fairy tale in cultures all around the world is about a princess who will only accept suitors who can make it through near-impossible trials. She won't take anything less. She prefers solitude to anything less. It seems like she is avoiding relationship that way. These fairy tales & myths are from Nature, conveying the very Law of Nature. Back to that sperm-and-egg scenario, see how the egg is at the center of a near-im
possible obstacle course. Sperm must go through a competition with other sperm through spermicidal fluids to reach her. Nothing less than the Naturally Select, the Elect One, will do for her! Every single one of us earthly creatures, in that past zygote universe, has played the Princess and the Suitor, and won the Game! It's pure, magical "coincidence", coinciding of Elect Zygote halves!


Yesterday Cody & I were on our way to visit my dear friends, Brer & Haila &
their daughter Veda, & we decided, for fun, to check a dumpster on the way. I found a child's compound bow, (which I might modify & use to hunt small critters). When we got to Brer & Haila's house, in the light, we noticed the name "Cody" scrawled on that bow! It gave me the chills.
Cody could stay or he could leave soon. Nobody knows, and nobody has made any promises, and nobody must ask for more. Everything is impermanent and fleeting, and being able to accept the impermanence & fleeting of life is true life. Accepting the Cross of impermanence is life. We fool ourselves into thinking there is a permanent family or permanent relationship on earth.
Smell and relish the desert primrose while it is here in all it's fickle glory! Spread those peacock feathers while you can, because it is Nature!


  1. Interesting and exciting happenings! It's good to read about someone participating in human relationships while living an unconventional lifestyle. It's encouraging. I will look forward to the book when it comes out.

    One factual point that I'd like comment on: Artificial insemination still uses real sperm. The one that does the job might not have to overcome the obstacles involved with natural conception, but it is still one of billions. Also, does consciousness really come from the sperm and not the egg or the union of the two or something less tangible? These are details that I'm not familiar with and I'm sorry if I'm getting too hung up on the details of the metaphor.

    Anyway, thanks for the post. It's good to hear what's going on with you.


  2. Good to hear from you again.always something interesting going on with you!! It's nice that you have your new friend Cody to hang around with for awhile...I know you enjoy your own company, but it sounds like you enjoy having some company as well. I can't wait for the book to come out!! I hope to pay a visit someday!!take care!!

  3. Good to hear from you. Cody is a friend from Colorado and it makes total sense he found you. I was super excited when a mutual friend told me. I am following your journey.
    It was great to see your comments on the Matador article.
    What I love about your life (among many things) is that you're putting yourself out there. You could choose to do all of this without a blog or being open to interviews. But you are being generous with your life and path. You ARE making people think hard about this kind of life. Thank you for that.
    Tell Cody Hello from Robyn :)

  4. Suelo, thank you for a great article and I wish much success to these people in the UK and Germany.

    With respect to your desire not to accept money for your prospective book, either from purchasers or from the publishing company, while I do respect you on that, please consider this thought experiment:

    Imagine if there were starving children in the Third World, or in this country, who could not eat were it not for money that you earned by selling your book, and then giving it to those children, or to an organization like Muhammed Yunus' Grameen Bank.

    Now, stop imagining this because those starving children do exist.

    Your potential to be able to feed them does not go away because you have renounced money.

    On the contrary, in the real world as it exists, there is virtually no potential for you to be able to feed them without using money in some way.

  5. the book deal is interesting. I wonder, how do you feel about helping other people make money? Penguin have obviously seen you as a money making opportunity...

  6. Ken -
    I like your points. I know there's also a fertilization process that involves putting genetic material from 1 sperm to 1 egg, but not sure if it's been done with humans.

    I believe everything is conscious, including atoms, sperm, & eggs, & everything is a combo of past consciousnesses. I feel the same laws that create our consciousness exist everywhere & always have, always will.

    Joseph - believe me, I always think about those things. I sent much money overseas in my money days. Some of us can do that, some can't. I came to the decision that I'd rather get to the root of the problem (inner greed manifesting as banking, corporate greed), not just the symptoms. Banking, for example, creates most poverty in the world, then throws a little medicine at poverty, giving the illusion that it is curing it. The very nature of banking causes goods to flow from the poor to the rich, the workers to the non-workers. If you have money, give it away in charity. Better yet, don't feed the root of poverty & environmental devastation, namely banking.

    Arukiyomi - yeah, that's exactly my dilemma. Most all the publicity we have gotten is media making money on us moneyless folks. I do not judge people for making money, nor do I feel it is wrong, if people take only what they need. I would prefer people find a better way, and see money go obsolete. In the meantime, it's perhaps like going off addictive drugs, gradually, rather than cold turkey. Going cold turkey can often kill people.

    Robyn! I'll pass on the message to Cody.

    I'm outta time to comment more...

  7. "Banking, for example, creates most poverty in the world"

    That's a very broad statement, yet you provide no proof of it. I wonder if you could handle a structured debate on this issue.

  8. If poverty is the lack of money, then it's axiomatic that there was no poverty before money. Suffering from lack of food or water due to natural disasters yes, but no poverty.

    A broader definition of poverty might be the perceived lack of basic needs. Given the fact that many of the things that we think we need have been created by individuals and corporations who are trying to profit from selling them to us, you could say that eliminating money, or at least profit, would eliminate poverty. This would be particularly true if, without the profit motive, the afforementioned individuals and corporations left people alone instead of depriving them of the means to meet their own needs. As is often the case.


  9. I see poverty as a more psychological and social reality. If someone feels unappreciated and misunderstood, he is going to feel poor. Also if you can not meet basic needs, or needs relative to what you want to do, the same happens.

    Saying that eliminating money will solve poverty is naive and even malicious. It has never been than way, not even in nature.

    Some individual animals may experience a better environment, sexual partners and group support than other individual animals. Others may experience rough climate, inferior sexual partners and rejection from their group. I am Sorry, but poverty does exist in nature as well.

  10. Suelo actually talked about banking creating poverty in his writing and interviews. How healthy indigenous cultures gave up tradition to grow cash crops, so they could participate in the national and global economy...only to end up poor, sick, and starving. What money they did have they bought unnnecesary things with, and unhealthy food like white flour and sugar.

    Yes, famine and draught and poverty exists in nature, but never at the levels as it has today. The root of the majority of this is the global economy and money.

  11. I am not claiming that banking and money are perfect, because I can see how the indigenous people could be affected in a negative way.

    But you are completely missing the other side of the story. These people have integrated into advanced society and liberated themselves from stagnating traditions, superstitions and their limited cultures.

    And you are missing the big picture about our culture, namely that life expectancy has increased, our quality of life is much better than in primitive cultures and education is better. It is not perfect, but it's better.

    At least in the material level. In the spiritual it could be argued primitive people's are more in contact with mother Earth and so on. And I would agree to some level with that. But it is good to notice their believe systems are too old-fashioned and superstitious.

    I much prefer the modern spiritual belief systems produced in our materialistic culture.
    Light gets much brighter in darkness.

  12. I can't believe it , I also lived very similar to you for about a year, I was only 23-23 years old and I was from a very affluent background(was even a top debutant) and the best education.I miss it all the time!
    I want to converse with you about it soon when I get the time. I lived alone in the mountains, found my own food and bathed in streams and drank the water, it was in a national forest and no one ever knew I was there. I did not eat insects or road kill.
    I brought all my spiritual books with me and my art supplies.
    I would be alone there for a long time for weeks then sometimes i would go down the mountain to a town. I will tell you more later.
    peace, Susan :)

  13. correction: I meant to say, I miss living out in the wild all the time!

  14. Miguel, Life expectancy numbers only seemingly increased in many modern cultures because modern civilization was able to cut down rates of infant mortality drastically. Many traditional cultures had very old people, and these people were able to care for themselves and help there family out much better than old people are nowadays. But if you include infant mortality into the figures, yes civilized cultures have better numbers for lifespan.

    Quality of life is better? why because people have hot water that comes out of pipes? Toilets that flush? If you look at rates of happiness in the USA they have been steadily declining since World War II...and no amount of technology has been improving it. Have you seen the rates that anti-depressants are prescribed?

    To be fair, some people did have traditions which may have held them back, but most tradtions served a purpose and helped make life meaningful to those cultures. Superstitions are still everywhere, no matter what culture.

  15. Watch "Money As Debt" (47 minutes) & then see if you can tell me that interest banking anywhere at any time is an honest profession.

    PROLONGED suffering (i.e., life-long disease, passing bad genes & bad habits from generation to generation, incessant mass starvation) are the price of our commercial civilization. Is it worth it? Natural Selection abhors prolonged suffering & mass starvation, quickly selecting them out. The evidence? Just look: you will rarely, if ever, see obesity or malnourishment in wild creatures and never will you see it last more than a blink in time. Then we ironically call nature cruel & our commercial system compassionate!

    Susan: way wonderful life, huh?

  16. See video "Money As Debt"

  17. Ok, I will watch it. It is important to explore many points of view before reaching a conclusion. As many times we let guilt, compassion or emotions get in the way of our rationality.

  18. Some use guns for evil, so guns are evil. Some use drugs and die, so drugs are evil. Some gamble there way into poverty, so gambling is evil. Some catch diseases while having sex, so sex is evil. And some use money to harm others, so money is evil. What juvenile thoughts!! Life would be so much easier for the intellectually lazy if the world were black and white. It's not.


  19. Agreed, Brandon. It's more a matter of preference, than of being right.

  20. True.

    A more accurate statement is that the love of money is wrong, but money itself? Hell, money itself is just a placeholder for goods and services!! "Capitalism" is simply the free exchange of same. To believe that because some people use these things and ideas for evil, that that makes the things themselves evil, is like a dog getting angry at a stone because some person threw it at him! Preference? Fine. But an IRRATIONAL preference.


  21. Correct.

    I believe a man should do what makes sense to him. Suelo is doing what makes sense to him, moneyless living.

    However, I can't help but notice a strong irrationality in his preference. He may be confusing his preferences and perceptions with reality.

  22. Brandon and Miguel, I think you guys are oversimplifying this quite a bit. This is far from calling money evil. Suelo is proving to people that life is possible without money, that money is by no means necessary for survival. Its about taking something you thought was sooo important your entire life and realizing its just paper, its just an idea, and that you don't need it be happy.

  23. Interestingly, Anonymous, it is you who are oversimplifying. He most certainly is not ONLY proving that money is not necessary for survival, that is only a part of what he is doing. And it is my favorite part, indeed! I love what Suelo is doing with the "you don't need it to be happy" piece. Heck, that is why I visit :-) He goes further, unfortunately. He thinks that we live in a capitalist society, which is absurd, and that money is evil, when in fact it just facilitates trade. It is the perversion of free exchange - actually, of freedom, itself - that is the problem. I am one of the most anti-materialist, anti-consumption people out there, but here's the point - I know who the bad guys are, and it sure as heck ain't free trade and money. Those are just the tools that the bad guys have chosen to use.

  24. A challenge for Suelo:

    Read the following studies linking meditation with high levels of serotonin and it's adverse effects as depression, grandiosity, suicidal tendencies, panic, boredom, etc.

    Research Demonstrating
    Harmful Effects From TM

    TM & Serotonin:
    Model of Effects

    See, even something as "beautiful" as meditation has a terrible side. Blaming money or greed as the ONLY problems in the world, shows a very hypocritical (and ignorant) double standard.

    Anything that has a physical exitence has a double nature, and I would even venture to say that any idea has a dark and light side. Pretending to see reality as it really is, while being biased towards reality, shows a great ignorance (and delusion).

  25. How can anyone analyze Suelo, or tell him anything about his motivations for living the way he lives?
    How can anyone, except those who have/do live the way he lives critique him?

  26. I just came onto to read your latest thoughts and get some inspiration and then seen my ugly face straight up!

    I think you're right, it isn't wise to compare. Just like you, I often think that your path is correct. I adore your integrity and honesty (and Heidemarie's). I sometimes wonder if I am losing my way with it all, if I am compromising too much for this world I find myself in.

    Keep staying true to what you believe in brother. And thank you for your support. And if you see me losing my way over here, please call me up on it. I question things everyday, but life is so hectic that I hardly get a minute to contemplate and reflect anymore.

    Lots of respcet and unconditional love Daniel.

  27. "How can anyone analyze Suelo, or tell him anything about his motivations for living the way he lives?"

    The same way he analyses people who think differently than him.

    "How can anyone, except those who have/do live the way he lives critique him?"

    It's easier to see the shortcomings of someone that has a different lifestyle than your own. While generally it's very difficult to see your own shortcomings.

  28. It's funny how often I've said, even in this very comment thread above, how I don't believe money is evil, and folks still say I believe money is evil. It's like if you stop drinking, people commonly say you believe alcohol is evil.

    Mark -
    I'm honored to have your thoughts here, my soul-mate friend across the sea. Believe me, I too am constantly questioning my own self, wondering if I'm losing my way. It's the nature of a path such as ours. It's when we stop questioning, getting overconfident, that things can spiral downward. Dying moment by moment is what it's about, huh?

  29. If the essence of wisdom is to live in the present and die moment by moment. Why do buddhist monks who follow this teachings suffer high rates of personality disorders, digestive problems and cancer?.

  30. Miguel,

    As a Buddhist, I'm not aware of any data that supports your claims that Buddhist monks suffer inordinately from the disorders you described and a couple of quick Google searches didn't turn up any information either. There has been neurological research that supports the idea that Buddhist monks are happier than the general population. By contrast, I know of people who have had digestive problems and cancer who also lived almost entirely for the future.

    Of course, I have read that Siddhartha Guatama died of food poisoning after eating some bad pork (guess it's best for Buddhists to stick to vegetarianism), but that's an isolated incident and hardly a chronic problem like you describe.


  31. Daniel,
    first, let me express my respect for your effort and commitment, and great appreciation for your accomplishments. The example you set is a truly excellent spur for thought and discussion around the issue of our gluttonous consumption.
    I'm speaking as one who, many years ago, lived much as you do now, and who is today assimilated into that world of consumption and the worship of impermanent things.
    While my work is altruistic, in it's course I've joined the masses with multiples of electronics and comforts, many excess BTUs burned, and stacks of bills to pay for it all.
    I've often thought that when this chapter of life winds down, I might again return to a much simpler and more unfettered way of being.
    I do want to point to a couple of questions, though - with respect to those areas for which I think one must have personal responsibility and participate in a scheme of commerce - health care in particular.
    If you become seriously injured or ill, will you rely on health care practitioners for help, or will you simply allow nature to take it's course?
    If you do seek medical care, how can you reconcile using that highly money-driven system (and I don't intend to open any discussion here of the moral or practical implications of that, itself) for which services someone, somewhere must doubtless pay?

    As well, to the extent that dumpsters and the waste within them exist as a result of society's commerce, even by living off their leavings, are you not still benefiting (subsisting) from that system without much contributing?

    I pose these questions out of curiosity and without judgment - again, understanding that you are living in a state of profound commitment which merits immense respect.

    Steven Nelson

  32. Ken:

    You should read "The Shadow of the Dalai Lama".

  33. Start here:

    INTRODUCTION - Light and Shadow

  34. For centuries after Buddha had died,
    his shadow was still visible in a cave
    a dreadful, spine-chilling shadow.
    God is dead: but man being the way
    he is for centuries to come there
    will be caves in which his shadow is shown
    and we, we must also triumph over his shadow.
    + Friedrich Nietzsche +

  35. Saw an article about you in the Denver Post. I think what you're doing is very cool.
    In case you haven't seen it, check your library for a book called The Scavenger's Manifesto. It seems there's a growing effort to bring some aspects of your lifestyle into the mainstream. Interesting, to say the least.
    And hey, congratulations on the success of your 'experiment,' and on finding the happiness that eludes so many of us.
    - J

  36. Hi Suelo,

    I live near Boulder and this morning I was introduced to you through our news paper. Since then, I have been researching you on-line and have spent most of the day doing so. I feel as though I actually know you. I feel and think much like you. I believe that you are on a spiritual quest and not out for notoriety or to prove anything to anyone but yourself. I admire that. It appears though, that your notoriety has come from people seeking you and not you seeking them.

    To the people that bash Suelo for not contributing. What is your definition of contribution? What did you do today to help society or humanity? I'll bet the only thing you did was contribute your larger carbon foot print. Suelo has contributed a lot, weather you realize it or not. Look, he's got you thinking. To me, that's a contribution. I think the people that criticize Suelo have some jalousie issues. If they could admit it. Deep down in your heart, you are thinking, wow, I wish I could do that.

    In the blog, some people say Suelo is not a true survivalist because he doesn't make his own clothes or fashion his own tools. Well, get a clue people. This is not the Stone Age nor The Bronze Age. This is the 21st Century. All this man is doing is useing the stuff you people threw away. Now what's wrong with that?

    You people that knock Suelo remind me of something my Dad told me when I was a little boy, having a selfish moment. He said, you're like the boy who had two loaves of bread and could only eat one, so he pissed on the other one. Why are you upset that someone found a use for something you discarded?

    Here is One example of the waste that I have seen. I did a remodel job years ago at a fancy golf club/resort. Being the lowly construction people, we had to enter the building through the rear, which happened to be near the kitchen area. One morning, I arrive and see this mountain of packaged goods such as cookies, pastries, chips and other assorted snacks just piled out there. As I went into the building, I saw the head chef and asked him, what's up with all the food outside? He said, we're not able to serve it, the package dates have expired. All of this food was unopened and I asked if I could have some. I was told, sure, take all you want. I didn't go into the gluttony mode, I just took a couple of this and a couple of that. Technically, they broke the law by dispensing food with dates that had expired. This food was perfectly safe for consumption. This is an example of why you should thank your politicians, law makers and lawyers. IT'S for your own GOOD. I call BS!

    I give Suelo a lot of credit for his commitment to his personal beliefs. In my mind, he is a quiet warrior. And I can almost guarantee you, when the crap goes down the pipe like what we are on the verge of, you nay sayers will be looking for Suelo.

    The strong will servive. And that is also a Law of Nature.

    Amen, your unknown friend, Lance

  37. Suelo,
    Saw the article in the Denver paper and wish you every opportunity to continue embracing a lifestyle that brings you contentment and peace of mind. Throughout the years of choices society found "normal", you gave much time and effort to others. You're doing no less than that now. It sounds, however, as if you may have finally given yourself permission to take what's offered to you - without feeling guilty in doing so.

    I look forward to the book's release.


  38. Hi Daniel, I just read the article in the Daily Camera in Boulder Colorado. When I came to read your blog, I saw the Peace Pilgrim someone I love. I'm still raising my son, but feel I could let this life of money go at any time. Sometimes I feel this is what is going to happen in the future. I will be reading your blog a lot. I have a deep faith in God which is in me and everything. I am tired of watching fear take over the lives of me and my friends and I'd rather leave this life than live a life of fear. Just seems wrong. I'm so glad you are in the media and others can see how we are wrapped up in such silly "things". Thank you.

  39. Congradulations Suelo! For having the courage to render money obsolete. I actually experienced something profound which led me from Denver to Utah in 1991. I wasn't how to interprete what the message was, but it was Biblical, and concerned Revelation, and I was agnostic at best at the time. I contemplated living in the "wilderness", and did alot of solo camping for years. Utah is a power place for me, and it seems that way for you as well. I have read stories about you before, amd felt grateful that you are doing this. I feel like you have given a great gift to all to share. You have shown that we do not need money to live, we need each other. That is the truth that I now know. Maybe we will meet someday. Marko

  40. For Suelo:

    "Everything is good or everything is bad according to the votes they gain. What one pursues another persecutes. He is an in-sufferable ass that would regulate everything according to his ideas. Excellences do not depend on a single man's pleasure. So many men, so many tastes, all different. There is no defect which is not affected by some, nor need we lose heart if things please not some, for others will appreciate them. Nor need their applause turn our head, for there will surely be others to condemn. The real test of praise is the approbation of famous men and of experts in the matter. You should aim to be independent of any one vote, of any one fashion, of any one century." Baltasar Gracián

  41. Miguel,

    Do you spew ignorance or is that your basic nature?

  42. You should ask yourself the same question.

  43. Only one thing holding me dog. Is it possiable to do this with your pet?

  44. I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly(John 10:10)The Bible is the revealed word of God and is the Will of God. God is the fountain of living water. Hewing out our own religous systems our own ideologies our own thinking patterns is against the commandment to love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul and with all thy mind. I will put enmity between thee and the woman and between thy seed and her seed (Jesus Christ) There are 2 seeds, seed of the serpent (Satan) and seed of the woman (Jesus Christ). Going back to Suelo's zygote, sperm, meaning seed in the Bible. You cannot take seed back once accepted you can accept the seed of Satan or the Seed of Christ. Just as we are born from the father's seed joining the egg you cannot take that back you are who you are, your biological father is your biological father no taking that back. Seed is permanent. Soul Life is in the seed, physically and spiritually. Jesus Christ was the promised seed. The only begotten son of God the perfect plan for man's redemption.

  45. It would be nice to accept the word of God as a guide to living, except that the word of God has been twisting and manipulated into the compendium of human interpretations of the word of God that we call the Bible. If it was possible to distill the Bible down to the word of God by removing all of the passages added for the purposes of politics and power plays, then it would be easy to live by the word of God. Given the current situation we are forced to "hew" our own religious and ideological systems out of the often self-contradictory gobbletygood that passes for scripture. This is probably a good thing in that it requires us to use the intelligence that God gave us rather than blindly following directions written down in a book.

  46. Hi, I read your story in the Denver Post, and while I don't agree w/ everything you say, I really like how it makes me think about what's important and what's not. You have a lot of great ideas to pass along. Most of us won't give up money completely, but perhaps we will put less importance on it.

    Best of luck to you--I look forward to keeping up w/ your blog.


  47. Barter and exchange have been around since the beginning of man. For what one man lacks the other does not in this way we help each other.

  48. To Robyn & Anonymous,

    Read closer and pay more attention. Daniel admits to, on occasion, needing to use currency and or trade

  49. Money, like tools, can be abused. But, having a medium of exchange is neither good or bad. Institutions, like banks, can do good, but like many things, they need to be accountable to the people. Greed is just another word for abuse. We all can stand less greed and less abuse. But, not understanding how money works, or eliminating money altogether is not an answer in the world in the 21st century. Making meaningful changes in society in which we live, can go a long way towards cleaning up the misperceptions about money.

  50. Indiana here.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Dan!

  51. Expecting an extremely impractical man as Suelo to speak sensibly about money or commerce, is like asking the Dalai Lama for advice in spicing your sex life.

    Never ask an impractical man about practical matters. And such kind of man would do well to abstain from giving their advice in those matters they are competely ignorant about.

  52. I have been hearing little trickles of your story lately. I just keep wondering, do you have any family? Where are they, and what do they think of your life?

  53. Daniel has family and they love him, but he has also forsaken family as he has forsaken money. We love you Daniel and we miss you.

  54. If we all did as Suelo does where would be, there would be no survival. Suelo depends on the garbage and generosity of a few. But if we all did what he has done where is the sustainability. I think Suelo's concept has to be taken one step further gradually but definitely for survival. Grow and harvest your own food become self sufficient this has to be learned it cannot be done haphazardly but well thought out so as to survive. But depending on where you live it would not be reasonable, in colder climates we would have to become nomadic people we would be going back several hundreds of years in which case we are slapping progress in the face. Can we not have a happy medium try to be self dependent and becoming a minimalist but not to the extreme. What Suelo has done for 9 years is amazing to survive in that extreme I would also like to hear more of how he has helped his mankind I have heard he has been very helpful with the domestic violence shelter in Moab is this the case?

  55. Anonymous 11:43:

    I can't help being cynical about progress in some ways. I'm all for social progress- treating people as equals and figuring out how to better live together as a human family on this planet. However, worrying about slapping technological progress in the face is placing it on too high of a pedestal. The fact of the matter is that embracing new technologies in the name of "progress" is stupid. Someone used to argue that we should use nuclear weapons in massive engineering projects, and thankfully the world ignored him. It's much more intelligent to pick and choose the technologies that we use. We shouldn't feel obligated to use destructive technologies just because they represent progress.

    Instead of worrying about whether or not a nomadic existence would be "going back several hundreds of years" or this choice would be "slapping progress in the face" we should be worrying about whether or not such an existence would work for the people embracing it. Otherwise we're simply slaves to the technology that we have created.


  56. I read Dan's story this morning in the Longmont Times Call. I can relate to his ideas especially being a "slave" to money and possessions. I have been very depressed over Thanksgiving and feel its a circle for me. My car had problems beginning Wednesday evening. A car I owe $12,600.00 of which $2,000 was left over from my previous vehicle loan on which I had to junk due to engine problems. I had to get another car right away to go to work to pay my bills and thus now have my old loan rolled into a new loan and now have to add $2,000 on to a credit card to pay for repair this Thanksgiving weekend as I still owe on this car and need to get to work to pay for my house that I spent Thanksgiving alone in! What for? I am miserable. I called for a cab to get to the repair shop before they closed as I have no one to drive me the 12 miles and the cab didn't show-up. I have no one to drive me as all I do is work to pay for my house that I spend all my free time alone in as I can't afford to do anything else as I have to work to make the mortage and car payment so I can get to work to make the car payment to sit in my house alone! What For? Tomorrow I have to walk 12 miles to get to the repair shop as I can't count on the cab. I don't ask for much just a cab to show-up. I am not asking for anything free. I will pay for it but that can't even happen! I ask myself whats the point. I was so depressed when the cab didn't show I thought thats it I can't keep going. I am done.

    So I understand what Suelo is saying. I do however feel much better in this economy to pay someone for their services versus buying a thing made in China. I thinking bartering is good and we lost our way with money/corporate ways. I would gladly exchange my talents for anothers talents. It makes sense to me if we can to operate that way. No man is an island and having studied anthropology I am sure Daniel you understand that humans are inter-dependent. It can feel good to share your skills with others and have a mutually agreed upon exhchange. This can also be done in goods. You sew me a blouse and I will build you a table. Something or that sort.

  57. I believe that maybe Suelo is a forerunner for setting the energy of living in the " New World" reality which we are all heading into. There will be a time in the near future where communities develop without the use of money by sharing one's gifts and talents with each other.

    Living off the energy of Mother Earth, Suelo is showing us that the Universe provides quite well for sustainability and has plenty of abundant resources.

    While I could probably not give up hot baths and my soft bed, I think he is a showing us that using natural resources are a key to living a healthy life. After all our forefathers and pioneer women did it quite well.

    Money is only a tool- FREEDOM is priceless!

  58. Suelo,

    You're living many a man's dream.

    Watched a video about "permaculture". This approach may benefit you, lessening your need to scrounge for food from society.

    Though, I'm not sure how much food you could grow in the deserts around Moab...

  59. Then again, if you have a nearby stream that's big enough to bathe in, you've got enough water to grow some food-bearing plants.

  60. Well I set out on my 12 mile hike to get my vehicle that I so desperately need to get to work to pay my bills including now the $1,800 credit card charge for repair as well as the monthly car payment. Love it! After about 5 to 6 miles into my walk when I was feeling it to the bone some kind ladies from Utah stopped and asked me if I needed a ride. Oh thank you Lord YES I DO!.

    I think moderation is the way for the most part speaking for myself. But its those who do it in the extreme that we learn from negatively or positively. Daniel's way is a model of the extreme but something positive to learn from. We have lost our way in so many ways. I for one am teaching myself how to grow food, make simple repairs versus disgarding and buying new, reduce waste etc. So Daniel's contribution is showing us that if it can be done in the extreme it can at minimal be done in moderation which so many people still don't get. I still can get razed about recylcing everything as one of those kooky/liberal/Boulder Hippies.

  61. Here's another idea for increasing your self-sufficiency, Suelo.

    In the high desert there in Moab you could easily build simple solar water stills near your cave. Four of them should produce about a gallon of pure water a day.

    Here's the plans:

  62. Hey! Maybe you could water your permaculture garden using the solar water stills!

    Just a thought.

  63. Judi,

    It is possible to get off of the make money so you can spend it treadmill by doing more things yourself. I've been doing my own car repair (with the exception of tires (don't have the right tools) and oil changes on extended road trips (only 2 since 1999)) for years and it gets easier all the time. I recently replaced my wife's brake master cylinder and a couple of brake pads and bled the system for less than $150. I can't imagine the same repair costing less than $500 if done professionally!

    Another thought: 12 miles isn't that much on a bike. Plus, if there's a food store and your work within biking distance and you have panniers or a bike trailer, you might be able to go for weeks without a working car. Repairs are always more expensive when they have to be completed more quickly (ie. by a professional).

    Perhaps most importantly, taking control of your own financial destiny can help to fight the depression that comes from being on the work-spend-work-spend treadmill!

  64. Yes I am working hard to reduce my debt and monthly expenses but then something like this seems to come along that stalls it. But I am still working toward that debt free life. I do have a bicycle in my garage that is all rusted and wished I had it fixed. The main issue with having a car is I have to get to 3 separate locations for work and need it for that purpose. Other than that the store is within walking distance for food. I wish I was more handy or that girls (at least in my generation of the boomers) were taught about car repair. The times I make myself try to figure something out and I've been successful has felt like a triumph. But again I think thats Daniel's point is the more your a slave to possessions the more you have to maintain them, pay for them and work for this.  l

  65. I am working toward having a life where I don't reject money outright. It just simply won't be needed so much. For example, I'll gladly pay money for the wheat I need (too hard to grow it myself), but I will not buy another television (totally useless for living a good life). I'm starting to think rent goes in the useless category.

  66. Constantly updating wardrobes ueseless. Unless you at least give your outdated clothes to charity. I have decided eating meat as a useless lifestyle due to health issues, enivornment and destruction of the factory farms and animal cruelty. Wathcing "FOOD" on PBS finally convinced me of that.

  67. I just shortly came across your websites. I must say I am deeply impressed by the way you live and the openess with which you are sharing it with us. I live in the city, but am doing outdoor activities as much as I can. I always had a deep desire to live a permanent simple outdoorlife like you are doing. I was never interested in wealth and luxeoury, the only thing I always wanted was freedom. I was only working in the system with one goal: to step out of the system as much as I possible can. But I never had faith that it would really possible to escape in a permanent way. But you are doing it ! I have so much respect for that, a deep bow for you. You are offering a hugh example and hope for lots of people who know their life is not ment to sit in an office watching a screen from 9 to 5. Especially to young people who thanks to the internet start awakening and realize they are living in the matrix. I came across websites in which those youngsters are meeting each other in the wilderness to learn all those necessary skills we have lost ages ago. I am long from ready to leave my job, but thanks to you I at least start thinking about it. Next spring I take 4 months off and I will definitely build myself a shelter on a nice wild spot. Oh I wrote an article about you on my own blog.

  68. Landloper:

    Could you post links to those websites you mentioned that are allowing people to mee in the wilderness to learn skills?


  69. Landloper:

    I,like Ken,would like to see those websites you mentioned that allow people to meet in the wilderness to learn skills! Thank you!

  70. Hi Ken and Rob,

    Okay here are two I kept in my bookmarks:

    Best regards, Rik

  71. Landloper(Rik),

    Thanks for the info...I'm going to check out those sites right now!