Friday, October 15, 2010

Courts & Parents & a Comrade Conference

Summons and Plea

If you've been following this blog, you might be curious what happened with the summons I got from getting caught train-hopping in Arvada, Colorado in early August with Roy.  I was to appear in the Jefferson County Court in Golden on October 15.

I called the Court shortly after to see if I could work out avoiding court, to save me hassle and to also avoid court costs and save taxpayers' money.  They told me to wait until mid-September and call them again, asking about a "plea by mail."  So I did.  They gave me instructions, then I faxed the "plea by mail" (my friends Damian and Dorina let me use their fax machine).  I plead guilty and requested either community service or jail time in lieu of any kind of fine, because I live without money.  Then I waited.

Last Tuesday I called them back.  The first woman I talked to told me the plea by mail was rejected and I must appear in court the next day at 1:15pm or I would have a warrant for my arrest.  So I asked her if there was anything I could do, since I was moneyless and car-less, out of state, and didn't think I could make it.  She referred me to another woman.  This woman wasn't very friendly and wasn't open to any other options, but kept saying, "be here or you will have a warrant for your arrest."  She wouldn't tell me why my plea by mail was rejected, either.  When I asked her why nobody contacted me about this, she said, "We don't make long-distance calls."  I had stated in the letter that the best way to contact me was by email, but also leaving open the option of calling my friend or contacting me by snail mail.  By this time I was expressing my frustration.  She then asked, in a not-so-friendly tone, "well, why did you wait so long to fax the plea by mail?"  My mouth dropped open.  "I waited until mid-September, as your office, at this number, instructed me to do!"  She then told me if I couldn't make it to court I could show up at the DA's office by 8:15am to avoid the arrest warrant.  So I hung up the phone, immediately got my backpack, and hit the road to hitch-hike.  It was about 3pm Tuesday here in Moab, and my appointment was at 1:15pm in Golden, Colorado, about 350 miles away.

Hitch-hiking seemed harder than usual.  I got as far as Fruita, Colorado by nightfall in 2 rides.  Fruita happens to be where my parents live, so I decided to pop in and stay with them.  I had been trying to keep them out of this.  Of course they insisted on driving me to court the next day.


So my dad drove me across Colorado.  It was good, because he and I had great conversation the whole way.  My dad talked a lot about how much he adores my mom.  Yeah, believe it or not, my parents have been married over 60 years and adore each other.  But he's naturally concerned about how they are nearing their end.  My mom is getting fairly decrepit and my dad has to care for her more and more. 

My dad and I also talked theology.  My dad is a theologian (he used to be a pastor), so we talked a lot about the principles of living by faith and, as Jesus taught, to "lend hoping for nothing in return," and why Jesus said "lend" rather than "give."  How in the world can you lend if you're hoping for nothing in return?  This idea has been on my mind for a long time.  It unravels all these ideas about nature's "interest banking" that have been brewing in my head and heart over the past year.  It's about nature's "lending at interest" as opposed to human ego hijacking this process of lending at interest, bringing corruption into the world.  I'm still working it all out, to write down.  But my dad totally gets it, and it makes me happy we can find agreement at deepest levels.  We used to have arguments about religion in the past (a lot of it having to do with my bitterness over most religion and its hypocrisy), but we've both mellowed and found common ground.

My parents are unusually supportive of my lifestyle and would do most anything for me.  How many parents would could be like that? They are conservative Christians, and they blow stereotypes of what a conservative Christian should be.  Now they have been giving me full support in this latest adventure of going to court for train-hopping.

So my dad and I walked into the courtroom together.


My name was alphabetically near the end of the line, so my dad and I had to listen to case after case before the judge, Susan Fisch, before she got to me.  Seeing the other cases I was preparing myself more and more to possibly be put into a Jefferson County jail.  But I also grew to be very impressed with her.  She seemed to be an endless supply of patience and compassion, and I started relaxing about my own case.  By the time she finally got to me, I told her my circumstances, that I lived voluntarily moneyless and "homeless" as a spiritual path.  For this reason I requested either community service or jail time in lieu of a fine.  I also explained how difficult it was to make it to this court appointment due to my circumstances, and that it would have saved a lot of hassle for us all, and it would have saved court costs and taxpayer money if the plea by mail had been accepted.  She said pleas by mail can't be accepted if there is the possibility of jail.  Giving me an endearing look, unusual for a person in her position, she told me that, due to my indigent circumstances, she would wave all fines and give me 10 hours community service and 90 days probation (which would be erased on completing the community service).  I was astonished that was all the sentence I got, and my dad and I left smiling.

Cyber Conference?

Now I'm back in Moab.  A guy named elf Pavlik, who recently started living without money in Germany, decided to contact me and other folks in the world who are consciously living moneyless, and have a kind of "cyber conference" this Sunday.  Hopefully I can get it to work on my end with a borrowed computer.  There are 3 moneyless folks in Germany (Heidemarie, elf, Jurgen), 1 in England (Mark), 2 in South Africa (Adin, Sonja), maybe another new-comer in Brazil, plus the Dutch (Benji) and German (Raphael) dudes who are hitching moneyless around the world (now in South America, I think with their 2 girlfriends who've just joined them), and 2 of us in the US (Roy and me).  I hope we can pull this off.  It's getting scintillatingly exciting.

It looks like Roy is getting ready to start his moneyless trek south of the border!


  1. Beautiful! I'm glad it worked out well.

    Cheers to compassionate judges. I'm a registered voter. I will remember this.

  2. Great post! I enjoyed reading. I'm glad you got only 10 hours of community service and the probation would be waived after that. You could knock that out in a day and 2 hours of another day and then be on your way.

    Still, I don't agree that what you did was ethically wrong and in a just system it wouldn't be a criminal offense what you did. If birds and other creatures can catch a ride for free then it's simply species discrimination not to allow a human to do it. lol ya gotta laugh to keep from crying sometimes.

    As for Roy - I'm excited for him. I hope he has the adventure of a lifetime and comes back in good spirits and in good health.

  3. "Cheers to compassionate judges. I'm a registered voter. I will remember this." - Miss Ash

    You know - perhaps those of us who are regular readers/posters on Suelo's blogs should write this compassionate judge, Susan Fisch and thank her for showing him mercy. It's an idea anyhow.

  4. Suelo says: "They are conservative Christians, and they blow stereotypes of what a conservative Christian should be."

    Who's stereotypes?.

  5. HI Miguel, without wanting to argue (I hope) a lot of people stereotype. In fact, I think everybody stereotypes. I know I do! However, I only feel that those stereotypes become prejudice if you categorically will not accept someone, or their actions, based on those stereotypes. I get it all the time, people discriminate against me all the time, either because I'm Christian, because I'm universalist, or because of who I associate with. As soon as a certain catchphrase catches their ear about me or what I believe, they start trying to argue and sometimes get aggressive. For example, my roomate was nearly beaten to death (put into ICU) because he was the wrong type of Christian, and because he's gay. It was like a double death sentence.

    Good to hear you got off fairly easily, Suelo. But more inspiring than that, is to hear that there seems to be a growing number of people deciding to live moneyless! I LOVE it! Hope to hear how the conference goes.

  6. I'm curious about the conference! Please let us know what happens. I live mostly moneyless (I got about $700 last year, and will probably have around the same this year), in the Boston area, mostly (with a short stint at a Buddhist center in Northern California, and a couple of months on Cape Cod). I'm mostly focused on the idea of a Permaculture Economy, where people give what they have in excess, whatever it may be, and take what they need from others' excess as they need. It's similar to the gift economy, but with more of a focus on sustainable growth for all individuals in the environment, and it focuses on the positive elements of natural economics, rather than the negative focus of "not having money".

  7. Suelo, what's your view on the fictional character of Ebenezer Scrooge?.

  8. Miguel, what is your view on the rectum as a whole?

  9. Youuuu Whoooo Migy, where are you? We want to play.

  10. Miguel went to the lumber. Migy told the clerk that he wanted to buy some 4x2's. The clerk asked, don't mean 2x4's? Migy said, no, I mean 4x2's. The clerk asked, how long do you need those 4x2's? Migy said, for a long time, I'm building a shed.

  11. Did you know that Miguel tucks half of his brain behind his back just so he can play with us. Too bad it's not the intelligent half.

  12. Wisen up!. Your second rate jokes don't impress me.

    Are you an uneducated Republican?. Because, you sound like one.

  13. Jesse:

    Do you laugh at idiotic republican jokes?.

    Sight, I tought you were smarter than that.

  14. Migy, don't beat up on Jesse. I am another one of your fans. Good thing for you, the tire is only flat on the bottom.

  15. THANKS Migy, you played right into my hand.

  16. Migy, every time you post, you exhibit a perfect example of the derogation of human experience and knowledge.

  17. Migy,,, Put some wind in your sail! Or did you take your toys and go under. We're all waiting.!!!!!!!!

  18. Miguel, Please respond, stop being so cruel and selfish. We need your guidance. Our lives are going to shit without your impute.

  19. All right Any. I thought the first joke was funny, but the rest are just lame. I thought the first one was funny because it highlighted how Mig's question was kind of weird, but the rest are just insulting. I don't dig on that.

    Turil, what you're talking about sounds interesting. Do you have any idea how to enact such a community of people?

  20. Miguel, there's a new sheriff in town. And how did you derive a political tone from the jokes?YOU are the idiot.

  21. Please dodn't argue with idiots, they only drag you down to their lavel, then they beat you with experience.

  22. Lay off Anonymous. Even Daniel says Miguel just arges for the sake of arguing . You are stooping to low levels labeling and calling Miguel names . Miguel brings up some good points and if Daniel didn't want to hear it he would delete his comments .

    Does your Dad beleive in the finality of the cross ? I was like you For quite a while as far as bitterness over religion and its hypocrisy.I was rebelling. I came close to throwing It all out and walking away (Becomming an agnostic. ) Then about 5 years ago someone told me about the truth that its all what JESUS did and none of what I do . I realized that I wasn't rebelling against God I was rebelling against legalistic religion .

    How is the guitar practice comming along ? Is that a steel string guitar you have or a classical nylon string guitar ? If Its a steel string I Can send you new strings . My gift to you .

    Preacher dude


    God is not dealing with us in reference to sin - the cross finished that. On the cross Jesus took away all the sins of all people for all time. He took away all sins - past, present, and future (John 1:29). Our sins are all forgiven and taken away (lifted off of me). The punishment due to humanity for sin was taken by Christ - our death He died - so there is no punishment left for us.

    When we sin it changes nothing in our relationship with God. We don't go out of fellowship or stop being "right" with God or need to try to get forgiven. The sin is already dealt with and we are forgiven people at all times. We're right with God forever because of Jesus; that won't change no matter what we do. That means that even in the midst of our worst sin, God is looking on us with a smile and delighting in us! He's already taken care of that sin completely at the cross (Jesus' work is FINISHED) so it isn't on His mind; what's on His mind is His love for us and His joy in the new creation He made us in Christ!

    Thus sin can never come between us and God. All guilt and shame and condemnation are removed; if we feel any of that, it is not from God. At the cross all sins were forgiven and God is not counting the sins of the world against them. Sin, being taken away at the cross, is not longer an issue between us and God. God is not pointing out what's wrong with us; He's pointing out what's right with us because of Christ! God doesn't see our sins. He sees us in Christ as holy new creations with Christ's righteous life inside!

  23. Daniel ,
    I also have a extra guitar tuner you can have if you want .

    Preacher dude

  24. I would like to know how Daniel keeps his finger and toe nails and hair cut (does he keep a pair of scissors handy?).

  25. Hey PD.

    I like simplicity the best: If your doctrine above causes you to follow your own Jesus' teachings, then it is good. If your doctrine above excuses you from following your own Jesus' teachings, then it is bogus.

    Yes, my dad would emphatically say he believes in "the finality of the cross." Lots of people say that. It's an abstract concept few understand much less believe. Our actions (Fruit), not really the doctrines we claim, speak Reality. This is why we must become as infants, who think nothing. Yes, Reality only recognizes Reality, not illusion. Sin is illusion. Thus, Reality (God) is pure forgiveness, because Reality cannot see sin (illusion).

    Let's make this not abstract: All debt is illusion and everyone who is in debt is illusion. For example, if you act out of obligation (debt) rather than from your real heart, you are forced, you are unreal, you are illusion, unrecognized and unheard by Reality (God). Gold ore (the unreal) in the Fire is "punished," burned away, but the Gold itself (reality)within the ore remains unchanged by the Fire, but refined. Our Real Selves (gold) are all that Reality (God) can recognize, so, yes, how can sins (illusions, ore, debt) be counted against us? But anybody who sins is illusion and is deceiving him or herself that he or she is "forgiven", and will be burned away in the Fire of Reality. What was good (real) from the beginning is ever good (real) and can be nothing else. What we think is ourselves (illusion) must be crucified, burned away, through suffering. No creature is exempt from suffering (as Buddha taught). All that is left unscathed through Fire is pure Reality, Forgiveness, Timelessness. This Grace message has been twisted to excuse and promote sin (by keeping the ore from the fire) rather than to abolish sin (by jumping into the Fire). Forgiven means abolished, not excused. "He who is born of God cannot sin", 1 John reads. "Everyone who sins is not born of God", 1 John also reads. Gold cannot burn. Find the Only One Born of Reality (God) in yourself, find the Grace, through the fire, through being crucified WITH Messiah, not by avoiding it. The cross is not a separate ticket to heaven. The price is paid for you, but through you. All the work is done for you, but through you. The branches bear the Vine's Fruit. I'm stating orthodox Christianity, which happens to be the basic of the world's religions, in different lingo.

    If the body you ride in (that you might think is yourself) right now is free from suffering, free from debt (physical or spiritual), free from bondage, at this very moment, then you have disproved what I say above. The "finality of the Cross" is not reality for us who are illusion, for us who are stuck in time, except that it will burn us away. If "It is finished" were in time, then sin would have been abolished from earth 2000 years ago, but debt is stronger than ever now.

    So, yes, I'm agreeing with everything you're saying, PD, but I want to bring it from the abstract to the Real.

    Thanks much for the guitar string & tuner offer. Right now I don't need them.

  26. Suelo,

    Glad it worked out for you. I very much approve of what you are doing. Good luck and God Bless.


  27. I think Jesus said "lend" rather than "give" because none of us truly owns anything. We only borrow to use as we need, then pass it on.

  28. "Miguel, there's a new sheriff in town. And how did you derive a political tone from the jokes? YOU are the idiot."

    Yes, I should only have mentioned the uneducated aspect, but I can't fail to notice you sound like a redneck. And rednecks are supposed to be republican, are they?.

    Sorry, but your first hilarious joke, was followed with very offensive and stupid ones, that made me answer you.

    You sound like a past poster named Al. He thought he was smart because he could quote Sartre (I doubt he did read any of his books), and judged me as stupid becase I valued Wikipedia.

    Oh, the arrogance of the ignorant.

  29. "Please dodn't argue with idiots, they only drag you down to their lavel, then they beat you with experience."

    First learn how to spell and then learn about life to finally be able to give advice to others.

  30. Yeah, you got it, Piper!
    Now there's an intricate science to this lending, the Principle of Nature - and it gives me a thrill.

  31. Fruit Inspectors

    As I was traveling through the back roads of washington yesterday, I started thinking about Fruit Inspectors. You know, those individuals that inspect the quality of fruit before it gets shipped out to grocery stores. They look for shape, color, disease, bug infestation and of course, taste. They have an eye for quality, or at least that’s what they are trained to do. It’s nice to know that rotten produce is eliminated and doesn’t get passed on to the consumer…well, most of the time.

    I too, at different times during my Christian walk, have assumed this role of fruit inspector—checking out the produce of other Christians. I got really good at “discerning” quality spiritual fruit! When the fruit failed to measure up to my standard, I either confronted the individual or distanced myself from having contact with that person. Ouch. Yep, I was very proud of myself for having great fruit inspection abilities! I took great comfort in being able to distinguish between the fruit of a “mature” Christians and that of an “immature” Christian. Hey, someone had to do it…

    Really? Ever been around Christians who are inspecting your spiritual fruit? It’s a pretty ugly experience because at once you realize they have forgotten the Lord’s commandment to love, instead they are passing judgment on the quality of your life. It makes for a very sour “church” experience. It’s an environment where monitoring the behavior of other Christians has become the focal point of their belief. Rigidity follows, legalism ranks, and we look down our noses at those who do things we have defined as un-Christian. Skirt length, hair length, beverage limitations, forms of speech, food selections, and other well-defined codes of conduct become the “important evidence” of what a Christian looks like.

    Well, I think the Lord is very clear about not calling us into the role of fruit inspector. That’s His job and He’s quite good at it. As He says in John 15:1, “I am the true vine, and My Father is the vinedresser.” His conviction is powerful and always full of grace. Sure, I don’t mean to say that He doesn’t use other believers to point out error—He has on many occasions in my life—but He’s not called us individually to carry out that task as a matter of daily course. We do so under His leadership, “with a spiritual of humility”.

    When I fell into this “self-assigned” role as fruit inspector, I had lost sight of God’s grace. I lost sight of His unconditional love for each child of His, myself included. I forgot about His ability to shape and fashion my heart into His image. I didn’t know that as the Vine and Vinedresser Jesus is the One Who is most committed to bearing fruit in me. I thought it was up to me and if it was up to me, I better get cracking…and get other Christians cracking too! No, He’s called us to “bear” fruit not “create” it. We bear fruit when we abide in Him… “All of Him in all of me,” as Major Ian Thomas so aptly put it.

    It sort of takes pride right out of the picture, doesn’t it?


    God is not relating to us on the basis of law; the cross dealt with that. Christ nailed the law, with all its ordinances and requirements against us, to the cross (Col. 2:14). He fulfilled the law for us. He took it out of the way, and the law is now obsolete. He is the end of the law for righteousness for all who believe (Rom 10:5). We died to the law by the cross and were married to Christ (Rom. 7:4).

    God makes no demands on us. We have no requirements or obligations before God. God doesn't "should" on us. We have no Christian duties or obligations. We are free from the law! We are not under the law but under grace. We don't think about good and evil, right and wrong, do's and don'ts; we think about Life! We now have Christ in us, with His righteous nature and desires inside. Christ is our life, and He will live through us and keep us. We are truly free from worrying about what we should or shouldn't do, free to enjoy our relationship with Christ!

    We never need to do something to get God's favor, for we already have it as a gift by Jesus' work, not our own! And we never need to do something to "regain" the favor we feel we've lost by sinning. The fact is, we don't lose His favor when we sin. (Since His favor is based on Christ's perfect work, the only way we could lose that favor would be if Christ were to sin! Not gonna happen!) We are truly free from trying to get God's acceptance and a perfect relationship with Him, free to enjoy the acceptance and perfect relationship we ALREADY have with Him as a gift through Jesus!

    The Christian life isn't about what we must do for God; it is about what Jesus already did for us. It's not all up to us, but all up to Christ, and Christ's work is finished!

  33. Daniel ,
    Does your dad believe in the exchanged life ?
    Preacher dude

  34. “What has religion to do with facts? Nothing”

  35. Suelo, I have been following your blog for quite a while now and I love your messages. You're doing great things despite what people may say to the contrary. I am finding ways each month to live on less and I notice that stress melts away with each thing I can do without. I sincerely hope that I run into you (not literally) some day hitching up or down I-15 or accross I-70 someday. I would enjoy the conversation quite a bit I am sure. Keep up the good...

  36. Suelo, what is your definition of responcibility?

  37. Responsibility:
    A compound word that means having the ability to choose your own response. It refers to making a reasoned response rather than a emotional one. The culture of marketing and government taxation has distorted the word to mean more or less: Work hard to produce goods or services. Start a family by having kids. Buy expensive items and take good care of them. The distortion of the word "Responsibility" completely ignores the fact that the world is overpopulated and the earth has limited resources.

    Consumers, Consumption:
    Another word perverted by marketeers. In the past, tuberculosis has been called consumption, because it seemed to consume people from within, with a bloody cough, fever, pallor, and long relentless wasting.

  38. We're so busy watching out for what's just ahead of us that we don't take time to enjoy where we are. I'm guessing Daniel does not suffer from that.

  39. Michael said:

    "The distortion of the word "Responsibility" completely ignores the fact that the world is overpopulated and the earth has limited resources."

    Humanity needs to grow up and stop being dependent on Mother Earth. A being who wants to become an autonomous needs to leave the home and become independent...

    The Universe is ours to explore and conquer!

  40. Any, it's not necessary to define "responsibility." We all know good and well what it means. The Golden Rule is written on every heart, whether or not we choose to follow it. Nobody can plead ignorance.

    There's some nice Mars property with great crater views for a good price. Bon voyage, Miguel!

  41. "There's some nice Mars property with great crater views for a good price. Bon voyage, Miguel!"

    Suelo, I am dissapointed with you. Short term thinking is very vulgar and common.

  42. Suelo, you know full well that planet earth represents the mother. I expected you knew more about symbols than I do.

    So my idea makes sense, to grow up and leave the mother behind. Don't you think?.

  43. Yes, it makes sense. The earth is a reproducing organism like everything in the universe & I suspect we are her spores. But we need to learn how to live civilly here before we think we can do it somewhere else. And leaving our mother doesn't mean trashing or disrespecting her.

  44. “Even if you just spend your life being kind, happy and pleasant, puttering around at your hobbies, helping others when you can and generally just making the world around your little sphere of influence a little cheerier by virtue of your smiling, whistling presence, that's a great work in and of itself. Too many people, feeling that pull to "make something of themselves," fail to realize that who they already are is enough.”

  45. "There is a story of a fellow who dies and, leaving his body, finds himself in a shimmering realm. He thinks to himself, "I guess I was better than I thought I was." He is approached by a glistening being who ushers him through an archway into a regal banquet hall in which an immense table is laid out with unimaginable delicacies. He is seated at the banquet table with many others, and a choice selection of food is served to him. As he picks up his fork, someone approaches from behind and straps a thin board to the back of his arms so he cannot bend his elbows. Trying to pick up the food, he sees that he can't get it to his mouth because he cannot maneuver his stiff arms to feed himself. Looking about, he notices that all the other people around the table have their arms bound straight so they cannot bend them. All are grunting and groaning as they attempt to stuff the food into their mouths but they cannot reach and there is a great wailing and moaning at their predicament. Going to the being who had shown him to this place, he says "This must be hell. But then what is heaven?" And the glistening being shows him through the archway and across the hall, into another huge banquet hall in which there sits another great table, filled with the same array of foods. "Ah, this is more like it," he thinks. And sitting down at the dinner table he is about to dig in when someone comes and ties a board to the back of his arms so, once again, he cannot bend his elbows to feed himself. Lamenting that this is the same unworkable situation as hell, he looks about in dismay to notice that, at this table, there is something different occurring. Instead of people trying to force the food into their mouths, straining against the rigidity of their arms, each being his holding his arm out straight to feed the person on either side of him. Each person is feeing the person next to him. The conditions are the same, but the response is totally different. Thinking in terms of "I" and self-gratifications, we live a life of stiff-armed hell, denying the process we share with all who exist. Recognizing ourselves as part of this whole, we feed each other and are so fed in the doing."

  46. Nice anecdote. I think migy would prefer to settle on Uranus!

  47. You didn't get the analogy, it's about growing up, not simply moving to another place just for the sake of it.

    Also, my name is not migy. Please don't copy Al, he is not a wise and learned man. Stop imitating him now!.

  48. Miguel said to daniel

    "I expected you knew more about symbols than I do."

    Check out daniels web site you will find the nazi symbol and he also has endorses The Zeitgeist . look for the all seeing eye on The Zeitgeist website .

    Daniel isnt dumb . He is for the new world order . Daniel is pure deception, beware !

  49. "Yes, it makes sense. The earth is a reproducing organism like everything in the universe & I suspect we are her spores. But we need to learn how to live civilly here before we think we can do it somewhere else. And leaving our mother doesn't mean trashing or disrespecting her." - Suelo

    I just wish more people agreed with you.

  50. This whole discussion has taken an interesting turn with the humans as earth spores leaving the mother earth! Here's a little perspective.

    Massive Attack Atlas Air by Edourard Salier

    Half Atlas man-half bunny. Blue eyes, lions teeth. Blown like a cape in a man-made electrical storm, Atlas-Bunny cavorts, king-like through the glass and metal landscape. Clear reference to our mammalian impulses combined with our modern neo-cortex.

    The landscape is abstract, unrecognizable but soon monumental glass and metal human figures loom large. Craned heads, backs arched, sexually looking to the smoke cold sky. Man has built a city of cold uninhabitable monuments to itself.

    Atlas-Bunny is in a desperate hunt for open frontiers to run wild. Then overtaken by an invasion the fleet of jetliners... crashing. A blitzkrieg of tanks blowing everything in sight, reference to the recent terroristic push for change

    Stewardess's of death advertise their flights with no escape. The unstoppable futility of over-consumption and overpopulation becomes apparent. We cannot escape our reptilian and mammalian instincts in time. The neo-cortex is just a slave-tool which will crash and burn into the city of glass and metal. Atlas-Bunny is embedded with the shards of technology. So the question ... should we fear Transhumanism or is it just the next step in evolution?

  51. * Atlas-Bunny is in a desperate hunt for open frontiers to run wild. Then overtaken by an invasion. The fleet of jetliners... crashing. A blitzkrieg of tanks blowing smithereens. A reference to the recent terroristic push for change. *

  52. * Stewardess's of death advertise their flights with no destination and no escape. The unstoppable futility of over-consumption and overpopulation becomes apparent. We cannot escape our reptilian and mammalian instincts in due time. The neo-cortex is just a slave-tool which will crash and burn into the city of glass and metal. *

  53. So much for free speech. Censorship has raised it's ugly communist head. Kill freedom in the name of righteousness and all is lost. We have all just been made anonymous!

  54. Yes, for the 1st time in this blog's history, I've deleted "comments." It was not really comments, but droves of childish one-liner name-calling between Anonymous and Miguel, who keep hijacking free speech. Eliminating airwave distortion is necessary if you want to hear the radio, to respect the speech of others. Noise is not speech, because it says absolutely nothing. Notice I haven't deleted any of your slander against me.

  55. Letting the universe be what it is , yin vs. yang is all bogus unless you let it be. You are doing the very thing you supposedly are against.
    What a disappointment, You are now BIG BROTHER! Congrats!

  56. Daniel,

    It appears that my experiment with Miguel went beyond my expectation. As do most experiments. With the application of enough heat, most things melt or turn to ash. I put the ore (as Suelo talks about) into the kiln and what came out had no more Suelo. Suelo couldn’t melt, so he turned to (trash) ash.

    Emperor Suelo has decided (although this is his domain) to edit, pick and choose what he wants his viewers (followers) to read. Suelo can’t even stand up for himself. He found it necessary for his father to accompany him to a plea agreement for hopping a boxcar. Gee Whiz!!

    Suelo, grow up and I’m sorry that your parents are such enablers.

    I know what you are doing. You are playing and bidding the time away until your parents die. Then, you will swoop in and call it “What was freely given to me”. You are a total piece of work. Martyrs have higher standards than you.

  57. I'd love to check the comments here one day and not read something that makes me sick. Thank goodness that there are so many wonderful, kind, generous, happy, supportive, optimistic, and loving souls in the world, especially in Moab, to prevail over whatever unidentifiable unpleasantness is so rampant here.

  58. yay, I'm glad Suelo deleted posts. Personally, I would advocate that because this isn't a place to slander and call people names, even if that person is Miguel. I've had some arguments with Miguel, but I wholeheartedly agree that calling him names is totally unnecessary. I thought this was a place for DISCUSSION not verbal diarrhea.

  59. YOU have killed free speech. what a waste

  60. Censorship YAY! That,is is even stupider than migy's stupid ramblings.

  61. This is what Daniel said about Ayn Rand in the last blog entry "how to become free from debt .

    "There are a lot of things she says that jive with me, but some that totally don't, like her ideas on money, which she didn't think over very thoroughly. She was genius in logical intelligence, but a total retard* in the greater intelligence of Intuition, which is usually, ironically, the domain of women. "

    Sounds slanderous and sexist to me . Just my opinion .

    If I ever sounded that way I appologize just like he did after he wrote that .

  62. I said
    "Daniel isnt dumb . He is for the new world order . Daniel is pure deception, beware ! "

    I admit that I am wrong about this . This was a dumb thing to say . Im sorry daniel .

  63. To Any: There's a difference between freedom of speech and slanderous or hateful comments. The latter can be tried in a court of law and the individuals doing it can even be prosecuted for it. Freely stating beliefs is quite different. Limiting hateful speech on this message board has nothing to do with allowing people to DISCUSS issues, even those contrary to the individual in charge of the blog.

    Is it wrong for educational institutions to restrict porn in classrooms? But HEY, isn't that censorship?! Of course it is, and for good reason too.

  64. I have a solution to this whole mess. Not for just this blog, but all blogs and for the entire world. Solution; We ALL become Sheeple. Lay down your personal belongings, your thoughts, disagreements, wishes and wants. What is yours is mine and what is mine is yours. Now doesn't that sound fair? Yeah, right... No, it's true!
    And we all, will live happily ever after.

    And for you apologizers out there. Stop, you're makin me sick.

  65. I challenge you to go to most any site and see if you can get away with saying what you say here, anonymously, and then come back and tell me about free speech. I feel free to delete useless name-calling & bickering (noise), which inhibits free speech, but I will not delete speech. Speech has meaning, noise does not.

  66. Anonymous,
    I apologized because I was wrong for saying what I said . I have a consious and my consious said to apologize .

  67. Listen Suelo, maybe you should lay off the peyote for a while. It sounds like it's affecting your hearing.

  68. Bickering (another word for disagreeing) inhibits free speech. Free speech exacerbates bickering. Thus, a world chasing it's own tail.

    Winter is to Summer as Fall is to Spring.
    Do you think one season can win over the another season?.. NOT possible.

    So, Mr. Suelo, you have a great site. And let us (we)fight it out.

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  71. Do not be too moral. You may cheat yourself out of much life. Aim above morality. Be not simply good; be good for something.

    Henry David Thoreau

  72. Due to the silence here, I think Suelo is actually Sibel(multi personalty).

  73. Any, I think you might be right.

  74. Ambition is like a frog sitting on a Venus Flytrap. The flytrap can bite and bite, but it won't bother the frog because it only has little tiny plant teeth. But some other stuff could happen and it could be like ambition.

  75. Plant teeth? Good to see Mig's back.

  76. this is abit unrelated to your post but I couldn't get your email when I clicked to message you on your profile. But...
    It was such a delight to me that I happened across your website early today. And it was just the encouragement I needed! For the past year, and longer then that, I have thought about returning back to the wild and living a natural free true life. Its only been the past year I've really really been taking a long hard look at if this is trully what to do. I went through abit of a spiritual awakening for lack of a better term at the start of this summer. Now I've alaways been abit spiritual but this summer I've realy opened up. And the more I see, the more I inform myself, the stronger the yerning is to return to a natural true life. I've read alot of what you've posted on your site and I have to say its exactly what I've had on my mind this past summer.
    I know that I have to do this. Not for me, yes partialy of course, but ultimately I know that I could not be truly happy living a synthetic exsistance and being a hypocrit to my veiws and to the way of nature.
    I hope to perhaps talk with you abit more in detail whenever possible. I am planning to head out on my own before long now, just getting a few things I know will be of practicle use to me on my trek, perhaps possibly trek'n out to Utah there in Moab? Who knows?
    I look forward to chatting abit more my friend!
    Take care & stay free stay wild!

  77. P.S. heres my email adress,

  78. Right on Phillip! Hope that all works out for you!

  79. Thanks Jesse! I am just making some final plans selling some stuff off, though I probably should give it to friends but I do plan to use this last bit of money for simple things such as a flint compass etc so not alot but I am ok with using what little cash I have left to get things I know I am going to use over and over and over and... well heck the rest of my life more then likely lol.
    I am super excitted about this, I use to think I was the only one like this and the more time went on the more I realized I was beinbg a hypocrit and I have no desire to 'fit' into mainstream society it would kill me & I can not do that. But know I know theres others out there! I have always been enthralled with Chris McCandless and I like so many others i find out know share that vision of returning to naturality & living life to the fullest!
    Ah excuse my ramblings! I do hope however to get into contact with Daniel here get to chat abit and maybe hopefull head out this his way for abit if he doesn't mind, this will be the first time I've stepped out into the wild & it would be great to meet some one like Daniel. I've felt this in my heart from a young age to live this way getting older,well only 21, I've reealized that its come time I realize my truth.
    ~Stay free stay wild!
    & Namaste.

  80. Travelling moneyless, or simply, is best to start young, especially before you get into debt! People always tell me, you need to be responsible and go back to college. But I always say, why? To get into debt? To get married and get a mortgage? No way, I wanna be free from money, free from greed, and free like the birds in the air who don't have a 9 to 5 like silly humans do. It doesn't mean the birds don't work, heck sometimes they work pretty hard travelling across the world, but they aren't motivated by a money system because it doesn't exist in the natural world.

  81. You make a valid point Jesse. Why go into debt,get a mortgage,or get bound via "marriage" with a modern day femi-nazi? Forget that nonsense! That's not freedom. The whole working 9 to 5 slave wave routine disgusts me. Most jobs no longer pay a person enough to live on. It's pointless.

    Good luck Philip! I hope your path in life pans out for you.

  82. Yay Phillip for joining the ranks!
    I'm not sure why my email clicker isn't doing its thingy. My e address is also on the website, but here goes again:

  83. This comment has been removed by the author.

  84. Thanks! I think it may be the computer I am using.
    Ah sorry I must have over looked/missed it on your site, well I'll be sending an email your way soon.
    Take care stay free stay wild!

  85. Philip, I too might be taking the path in the not too distant future. The wage slave dredgery no longer appeals to me. It's attachment to excessive things that require slavery from us in return that keeps most going back to the grind day in and day out. It's a very gray and therefore dull existance if you ask me.

  86. I very much agree with you been.
    I see it every day when I look at commercialized continue living that what I kill myself each day, my true self. I would be a hypocrite, and even worse to me is I would be assisting in the destruction of nature and mother earth... so many times have I cried for earth, & I can not live a destructive life.
    I am glad to hear you are considering it Ben!!! Deffinately keep me informed, and feel free to email, I posted it in a earlier comment.
    Stay free stay wild Ben!

  87. Pardon the typos lol long day & I am getting tired.

  88. This comment has been removed by the author.

  89. Thanks Phillip. I will. You stay free and wild too. I concur with what you just said. To continue to be a wage slave for a meager existence is foolish and the damage it causes to mother earth is frightening. It's just not worth it to me.

    Our "culture" has changed to the point that getting married,having children and the such doesn't seem feasible EVEN for those lucky enough to be financially stable. Not only does the idea of being a wage slave make me nauseous but the thought of getting legally bound (married) to some modern day femi nazi and her amplified sense of entitlement makes me wanna puke my guts up. Thanks but no thanks. I enjoy my peace of mind thank you very much. lol

  90. Fully agreed my friend! I couldn't have said ti better myself.

    Well hey feel free throw me an email, should keep in touch Ben especially when you decide to head out and such.

    My emails in an upper comment but just cause I can:

  91. Wow, you have a ton of comments! Do you read them all? Anyways, I had a library fine of $6 and a court cost of 118. yep. outrageous. I like your style. I just wrote about unmoneying. come and read it!

  92. Great blog Family of Movers! Hey Phillip if you do it please consider blogging about it. Sharing these kinds of stories is the start of the larger movement! Ben great comment. I married one of those "amplified sense of entitlement" babes and divorced as soon as I realize what I had. Thankfully it turned out well for the both of us.

  93. Thanks for sharing this! I always love catching up on your adventures. Glad to hear your parents are so in love after all these years. It gives me hope.

  94. Michael said:
    "I married one of those "amplified sense of
    entitlement" babes and divorced as soon as
    I realize what I had."

    So much for feminism... it turns out it's another mistake of the silly left. Funny to see they are crying for the results of their own inventions (and of course doing nothing about the problem), as it's always the case. Moaning and bitching is all they know about.

    It's no wonder we see decadence everywhere, no values at all. Only hypocritical liberals who pretend to have morality or a sense of self-respect.

    Notice how these so called "liberals" run to praise Suelo or use him as a poster boy to push their own agendas. A sad reality indeed...

  95. Most every movement is based on truth, including feminism. There are always those who spoil every movement, but that doesn't make the movement invalid. It's pretty obvious (unless you've been living on another planet) that women, like poor people & minorities, haven't exactly been treated respectfully through the ages, so I think they have a right to speak up. I've seen too much abuse against women in my life. But feminism often turns into whining or reactionism, like any movement, which is exactly what the "other" side is waiting for to keep being biggoted. Men are feeling emasculated nowadays from feminism gone awry, so they're reacting, causing the pendulum to swing to the other side of stupidity again. I know plenty of men who are psychologically abused by women, too. Whatever, to men I'd say: rather than denounce feminism, maybe we should learn how to be real men again, full of strength, compassion, leadership, stamina, respect(for both ourselves and women). We then earn the respect of women, and there's nothing for them to react against. If I were a woman I'd say the same to women: Man bashing has never ever done anything good for women, but makes men more and more like what you dislike. We're all pots calling kettles black.

  96. Suelo says: "They are conservative Christians, and they blow stereotypes of what a conservative Christian should be."

    I think that because you grew up with sterotypes and a father for a pastor largely effected your own path. That your views were in part formed because of these stereotypes.

    I am here because i do think that ultra conservatism denies assential truths. but to me its a "nobodies right, if everybodies wrong" thing. I could describe myself as an ultra conservative hippie of shorts i suppose.

    I guess what got me abbout your beliefs was at the bottom of your page you talk about grace, and list a passage or two from varrying religions. And i know you might already be thinking im closeminded, but to me how can the book of Mormon stand next to the bible Truthfully, and not stray from scripture.
    stay with me....
    For did Christ not say behold i have revealed to you all things?

    or didnt paul say "For if someone comes to you and preaches a Jesus other than the Jesus we preached, or if you receive a different spirit from the one you received, or a different gospel from the one you accepted, you put up with it easily enough.

    If Christ is the living Torah, and is the son of the living God, what more be contained in His word?

  97. By "fundamentalist" reasoning, there is no God apart from the Bible, and all who don't have the Bible are damned. If Messiah has revealed to you all things, hasn't Messiah ever revealed ever will reveal to you all things? Doesn't your Bible say Messiah is "the same yesterday, today, and forever"? "You know all things", your Bible says. Doesn't Messiah exist long before Moses & the Torah, even before Abraham who had no Bible? If the Word is not written on your heart and is just a book, doesn't that make it a dead image, an idol? What natural creation in the infinite universe is not the Word, Ever Speaking, ever revealing to you all things (Psa 19)? Did your god fall asleep or die after the last jot of the New Testament (which wasn't Bible cannon until church politicians decided it was hundreds of years AD)?

    We are what we worship, and our fruit (actions) reveal what we worship. Worship the letter which is dead, or worship the Spirit which is alive, ever written on your heart (1 Cor 3). Whether you are "Muslim" and worship the Quran or or "Jew" & worship the Torah or "Mormon" & worship the BOM or "Christian" & worship the Bible, it's all the same, obvious for all the world to witness: intolerance, bigotry, materialism, war, death: the fruit of idolatry.

    When we stop worshiping scripture, we can finally hear what it says.