Sunday, January 22, 2012

Optimism in a Seemingly Hopeless World???

Moab City Council: Resolution Abolishing Corporate Personhood and Money As Speech
Since I’ve been house-sitting in town most the winter,  I’ve taken advantage of it,  changing my tune a lot, from my usual contemplative philosophy, to getting involved in activist movements (like Occupy Moab).  Our latest endeavor is a petition to the City Council of Moab, Utah to pass a resolution that declares corporations not people and money not speech, as part of a nation-wide movement to amend the constitution  [Move to Amend].  I made both a paper non-official petition and an online one for us to present to the Moab City Council this Tuesday, January 24th.  I made the online one, intended only for locals who couldn’t sign the paper one, but it turns out some people in various parts of the world are signing it!  Oh, well, I thought, that’s good, too, because it shows Moab the world is watching.  What the heck, now I might as well open up the petition for everybody (like you) to sign, right here: 

Moab City Council: Resolution Abolishing Corporate Personhood and Money As Speech

 Let Moab know you’re watching us!  


Now... for my brainstorming-philosophizing:  Somebody recently emailed me about finding it hard to be optimistic in such a tragic world.  What to do?  

Optimism is Faith, Self-Fulfilling Prophecy.
Pessimism is Faithlessness, Self-Fulfilling Prophecy.

I keep coming back to Spirituality, because the most powerful and successful movements for social change, whether for good or for bad, have been religious.  Religion is usually bad. But let’s focus on the small bit that’s good, because, as you will see if you read on, small good minority overpowers big bad majority.  I'm not talking religious denominations or institutions, I'm talking states of mind.  

Life's principle is to focus on the one sperm that makes it to the egg, not the millions of others that are doomed. 
Thus, my focus here is on the tiny minority, the True Triumphant. 

Harriet Tubman
Mohandas Gandhi
Look at the leading Abolitionists, like Harriet Tubman.  Look at Gandhi, Martin Luther King, George Fox.  Look at the movement against Apartheid in South Africa and Poland’s break from the USSR.  What motivated them? 

True religion is, by its very nature, unshakeable Optimism in the face of seemingly infinite Pessimism. I'm not talking fake smiles and bury-head-in-the-sand ignorant bliss of false religion. 

Spirituality is the Faith of the small against seemingly impossibly-large odds.  Faith is Optimism.  Faithlessness is Pessimism.  No movement, no revolution, can succeed for long without this Optimism.   Without Optimism, a movement is spineless, cowardly, pathetic.  Nothing succeeds without Faith. Faith is even the very essence of all scientific discovery.  Even so, such Optimism always appears foolishly naïve and childishly small to everyone but the Sprititual Mind, and this seemingly small childishness against the immensity of Pessimism is what makes the triumph of this Optimist so splendid when it happens.  This Optimist plays out our deepest yearning, our cultural mythology. 

Yes, this Optimism is the Essence of our most valued myths and fairy tales in every culture in the world.  My cynical Pessimist self thinks myth and fairy tale is silly fiction, and uses this as argument against my Optimist self.  Little does this Pessimist know he is only adding to the splendor of the Optimist in her potential triumph!  

Yes, the Spiritual Mind knows Myth and Fairy Tale express truths too deep for any pragmatic science to ever grasp.  This is because spiritual understanding is not theory, but direct experience, direct knowledge, beyond thought (beyond symbol, beyond words, beyond images).  Because it is beyond symbol, the symbols (stories) that point to it appear fantastic, as fairy tale!  Scientific theory is wonderful, but it can only be theory, can never go beyond thought (symbol, words, images), can never be direct experience, can never truly be knowledge (gnosis), direct understanding.

Examples of Humanity's Ancient Mythology:
Our Power to Overcome 
(you will recognize them, because they are our shared humanity): 

(1) The small, insignificant peasant turns out to be the Prince in disguise who comes to rule.  There are countless variations of this myth/fairy tale all over the world. 

(2) “The stone that the builders rejected has become the Chief Cornerstone (or Capstone).”  Jews, Christians, and Rastafarians readily recognize this one.  

(3) The unassuming pauper goes through unfathomable trials, beating all his strong and glorious competitors, to triumphantly win the hand of the Princess.  

(4) The little guy (eg David) slays the Giant (eg, Goliath). 

(5) The unassuming man slays the Dragon  (this is one of the most common and ancient and world-wide)  

This mythology is the very manifestation of our biology and physics, the very principle of all of existence:
Cottonwood Seeds


1) A cottonwood seed, so tiny it floats in the air, flies on random currents with no plan, to then fall into the ground as dead, and resurrect as a giant cottonwood tree.

(2) One single bacterium or virus can enter the body of a giant and conquer it.

(3) One single spark can mean the flaming end of an entire forest.

(4) One split atom has the energy to blow up a city. 

(5) One single sperm cell, against millions of competitors, goes through incredible odds to reach the egg to become a life form unfathomably greater and more complex than the original sperm cell.  And you, yes you, were one in millions who made it to the egg!  And you were the egg!  

Yes, the Sperm Cell journey is the eternal myth of the Pauper going through trials to win the hand of the Princess, the Egg.

Now my Pessimist side, void of Intuition, can only calculate. He can take several samples out of millions of sperm cells that are headed to the egg.  And each of his samples can contain thousands of sperm cells.  He can scientifically prove that every single one of those thousands of sperm cells are destined for death, doomed.  Why?  Because none of his many samples happens to include that one and only sperm cell out of millions that will reach the egg!  He can with full self-assurance say that he statistically and scientifically proved that all sperm cells are doomed and life is hopeless! 

This is the comical trickery and essence of all of Life:  Tiny Optimism triumphs over seemingly impossibly huge Pessimism.  Life would not be life without seemingly impossibly huge Pessimism! 

Optimism is Faith,  
Pessimism is Faithlessness:  
Both go together   

My little person is Optimism, the Very Essence of Life.  My Big Tyrant is Pessimism, the Very Essence of Death.  But Optimism can’t be Optimism without Pessimism.  Life can’t be life without Death.  The Stone that the Builders rejected can’t become the Chief Capstone without being rejected!  This is why the Stone says, “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.”  All Life and every particle in the universe is playing out this One Myth, this One Drama, the essence of every story we tell, every movie we watch!  Little Optimism faces off Big Pessimism and triumphs.  This One Myth touches our “interesting” sensor more deeply than any other story.  The Small is the Divine in disguise, and even appears to be defeated, even to the point of death, only to resurrect to overcome the Big in the end.  Then we all clap our hands and cheer with tears in our eyes!  You know exactly what I'm talking about.

I once told a religious person that gay people were “the stone that the builders rejected,” in the same way that African Americans, or any oppressed people, are the stone that the builders rejected, eventually becoming the Chief Cornerstone.  This person was appalled I could say such a thing, telling me I was blaspheming, because, he said, this “stone that the builders rejected” refers to Jesus, who was rejected, killed, buried and resurrected as King.  But, according to this person’s own logic, if he really believes, as he says, that Jesus is God and God is Omnipresent and non-changing, wouldn’t Jesus be Omnipresent, the Non-Changing Essence of All Life and All Creation?  Doesn’t his same Jesus say “I was hungry and you did not feed me” or “I was in prison and you did not visit me”?  Isn't his whole point that he is right in front of your face and you don't recognize him?  

Mother Theresa
holding real, live Jesus in the flesh
The dying, the cripple, the mental, the unwanted, the unloved:
they are Jesus in disguise.
--Mother Theresa

Not knowing my transcendent nature as Sovereign Lord of all beings, 
fools condemn me as a man 
(Bhagavad Gita 9:11)

Viewing all things with equal regard
he beholds the Self in all beings 
and all beings in the Self.
He who sees me everywhere 
and sees everything in me,
to him I am never lost.
The yogi, anchored in unity, 
worships me abiding in all beings 
lives and moves in me, 
no matter how he live and move.
He who, by likening himself with others, 
senses pleasure and pain for all as for himself,
is deemed to be the highest yogi. (Bhagavad Gita 6:29-32)

The person in me who can’t recognize that an oppressed Mexican immigrant or  gay person or an abused puppy or a Third World sweat-shop child are Jesus also can't recognize that Jesus is a piece of rock that becomes the Chief Cornerstone.  

And he cannot recognize that Jesus is the Buddha and the Krishna and the Muhammad and the Lao Tzu that he rejects. In fact, his own religious dogma that appears to be pro-Jesus, his religious intolerance, is the very spirit that crucified the Jesus he claims to honor!  

An adult who abuses a child loses all conception that that child grows to an adult to haunt him, the stone he rejects becomes the chief cornerstone. His intolerance of Buddha, Krishna, Muhammad, and Lao Tzu is his inability to recognize that Buddha, Krishna, Muhammad, and Lao Tzu are actually one and the very Jesus he claims to honor.  

However, it is his intolerant mentality, his Pessimism, that makes Optimism Optimism, his Death that makes Life Life, his Battling that makes Triumph Triumph.  Again, the one who rejects the stone is the one who pushes the stone to be Chief Cornerstone. 

What is Interesting Is Truth, What is Boring Is False.
What Is Good Tastes Good, What is Bad Tastes Bad.

Now you might think that by Truth I mean our usual definition of fact, which is idea.  No!  By Truth I mean Principles.  No brain on earth can ever know facts, only theories that parade as facts!  Science imparts theories parading as facts.  Myth imparts Principles.   Theories can only be believed.  Principles are known, directly experienced.  This turns around what we've been taught all our lives, that science is fact and myth is belief.  If you meditate on what I am saying here, you will know the truth, the Principle.   

Even if you define myth as fiction, I say that fiction, by the very fact it is interesting, is proof that it is Truth, imparting Principle.  If fiction didn’t convey eternal truths, it wouldn’t be interesting, wouldn’t be a good story.  What is not interesting is not Truth.  

In the same way nutritious grass tastes good to a deer and toxic plants taste bad to the deer, so we, in our natural state, know that what is interesting is good for us.  In our natural state, good food and truth tastes good and bad food and falsehood tastes bad.  Truth is interesting and falsehood is boring.  Do you get bored in Church?  

Now when we depart from our natural state, entering addiction, we start thinking crappy commercial fast food is good and mind-numbing corporate TV and malls and megachurches with slick manican ministers are "interesting."  We think they are interesting, but we don't experience that they are interesting.  But if you really know yourself, you know that you never enjoy food you are addicted to.  If you enjoyed it, you wouldn't be addicted to it!  Addiction is grasping for an idea you think about food or drugs that you once experienced or want to experience.  Your mind is never on the food you are addicted to, never enjoying it.  You know what I am talking about.

How Did We Get Into This Addictive State?

This brings us back to our myth of our Fall From Grace, taking on the Thought of Credit and Debt (Good and Evil), which I talk about in

The Serpent in Eden, giving the Fruit of the Thought of Credit and Debt.  And he grows into the Huge Seven-Headed Dragon of Commerce, his Kingdom of Babylon controlling the whole world.  He seems impossibly, infinitely powerful.  Just looking at him fills you with Pessimism, hopelessness, because he is Pessimism Incarnate.

Now We're Back to the Myth of the Little Hero Slaying the Impossibly Powerful Dragon!

Ugaritic depiction of
Baal vs Lotan
(who becomes Leviathan in the Bible)
Yes, we’re back to the Seven-Headed Serpent, the Dragon of Commerce.  The Dragon of Pessimism who gives birth to Pessimism in your very soul.  Is it hopeless?  Or is this another replay of the infinite Myth of little guy Optimism conquering impossibly huge Pessimism?  

Yes, hark back to the cottonwood seed becoming the tree.  Hark back to the spark creating a forest fire.  Hark back to the one sperm among millions reaching the egg.  Hark back to David slaying Golliath.  Hark back to the ancient world-wide myth of the little guy slaying the Dragon. 

Hercules vs the Hydra
Little tiny you is up against the seven-headed Dragon, World Commercial Corporatocracy of Addiction and Oppression, which poisons and kills everything it touches.  Now you must decide if the ancient Myth of the Dragon slayer is just a silly story or not.  Or is it Eternal Principle?  Now you must decide if the essence of Biology is a lie or not.  

Okay, I admit, I have a part of me that doubts, too.  That's what makes this so damn scary and exciting, what makes it so interesting!  If we knew for certain, this Drama wouldn’t be so on-the-edge-of-our-seat so scary and exciting, would it?  Which do you choose, Optimism or Pessimism?  Either one you choose, you are part of the Grand Drama.

Arch-Angel Michael
vs Seven-Headed Dragon

The Seven-Headed Naga Subdued,
no longer being served,
but being servant to Vishnu:
the sign of Enlightenment

Revelation's Queen of Heaven
vs the Seven-Headed Dragon

The Seven-Headed Naga Subdued,
is no longer being served,
but being servant to Buddha,
the sign of Enlightenment




  1. Thank you for sharing these thoughts.

  2. LOVED the bits on faith and science. Interesting spin on science: facts can only be believed but principles known.

    Just one possible correction, I think you meant George Fox, and not Michael Fox. George Fox was the man who got the Quaker movement going, which went on to fight against slavery, advocate for women's rights, and eventually started organizations which today are known as Amnesty International, Greenpeace and others.

    I do have to disagree though with your claim that all religions are true. I agree all religions CONTAIN truth, but they all contradict themselves at some point. Therefore they cannot all be truth, nor the cornerstone. I could also say whatever movie I decide to watch today contains truth, therefore it is also the Messiah, yet that's not the case.

    The best and most powerful lies are the ones that contain 99% truth but contain a 1% which turns everything else around. Therefore it becomes a lie. I cannot say that lie is the cornerstone nor the messiah.

    Since they all contradict, they cannot be said to be the same or equal.

    Believing one of them to be superior does not make a person intolerant. It means they believe one over the others. It's like saying a spouse is intolerant of the rest of the members of the opposite sex simply because they choose to only sleep with their spouse. It's not intolerance, it's love.

  3. Thanks, Raj, I corrected my silly mistake: Yes, I meant George Fox!

    There is a high principle in having a spouse. Having a spouse means you devote your deepest attention to that spouse. It does not mean your spouse is superior to all other people. If you believe your spouse is superior to all other people, you love an idea, an idol, not a real person. But there is high wisdom in having one spiritual path, not distracted by other paths. How to do this without thinking your path is superior is tricky, and takes utmost humility. You can only walk one road at a time, can only read one book at a time. But it's easy to mistake possession for love and think your spouse is superior. This is why a lot of sages chose to be single, to avoid this delusion.

    Every religion I've experienced & studied has fallen into this delusion. I have yet to find a religious institution that does not in some way believe it is right and all others are corruptions. In their egotistical superiority they all paradoxically agree: they all agree in denouncing the Core Principle of their own religion! This Universal Core Principle is giving up ego and seeing Nothing But One. In this way you are paradoxically correct. They all agree in that they all contradict and reject the Chief Cornerstone of their own religion! This "we're superior" attituded is the Big Bad religion I'm talking about, and it makes the world seem hopeless and why people want nothing to do with religion. It makes me want nothing to do with religion. But that Core Principle they all share, and yet reject, keeps me going.

    1. "Every religion I've experienced & studied has fallen into this delusion. I have yet to find a religious institution that does not in some way believe it is right and all others are corruptions. In their egotistical superiority they all paradoxically agree: they all agree in denouncing the Core Principle of their own religion! This Universal Core Principle is giving up ego and seeing Nothing But One. In this way you are paradoxically correct. They all agree in that they all contradict and reject the Chief Cornerstone of their own religion! This "we're superior" attituded is the Big Bad religion I'm talking about, and it makes the world seem hopeless and why people want nothing to do with religion. It makes me want nothing to do with religion. But that Core Principle they all share, and yet reject, keeps me going." --Suelo

      But doesn't this hearken back to the lesson of the Lotus?
      A beautiful flower grows out of and blooms from a bed of rot and decay.

      The lotus could not exist without the mud and the mud could not have it's latent beauty manifested without the lotus.

      They are tied together, two sides of the same coin.

      The apparent dichotomy between the mud and the lotus says a more about how the human mind works than it does any real distinction existing between the two.

  4. I am spiritual, not religious. All is one. I talk to people, animals,plants, rocks, waves, etc all on the same level. Every atom is deserving of love, compassion and respect.

  5. Suelo, are you saying that the only true religion is either no religion or universal religion? Wouldn't that mean that Universalist religion is superior to one path religions which also claim to be superior to the others? Don't you see a contradiction?

    By saying the only true religion, or path to spiritual enlightenment, is no religion, you are thus creating a new religion which is as equally "prejudice" as the others. You are thus saying it's inferior to think your path is superior, that we must all think all religions are equal or else we're guilty of idolatry. Of course, there is no consideration as to whether universalism is idolatry. There are all kinds if contradictions here.

    I would rather stop pretending and just be honest that I think my way is better, and so do most other people. At least if I'm honest about it, then I can be more aware of when I'm actually being prejudice.

    If one says it's wrong to eat animals and the others says it's wrong to have such philosophies or beliefs, then who is right? Either none, or one. But they can't both be right. Just because both may contain aspects of truth does not make both right. That's like saying this statement is truth: both my feet are left feet. No, one is a right foot, even though the truth is that both are feet, technically there was some truth in the false statement.

    I agree that the basic principle of a spiritual awakening is to find how to love. That's very simple and basic. However, I'm not going to pretend that I think the "right" way to go about that, is to share our wealth and spend our time showing love to others. Yes, I think that's superior to working for a drug cartel, or as a stock broker. It's what I believe. Does that mean I should discriminate those people? No, it doesn't mean I'm better either for thinking the way I do. I'm guilty too. But it doesn't stop me from judging their actions, along with mine. We all judge, so let's just be upfront and honest. I don't see a problem with that as long as we remember to judge ourselves first.

  6. I just wanted to say sorry to those of you who get to matters of faith because of the discussion that I am currently bringing up. I know it may look as though I'm being bigoted, but if you notice I'm not pushing any particular religion or belief. But I am questioning the notion that all belief is equal, including non belief.

    I thought most of the post was brilliant, as I think matters of faith and belief are often under appreciated because of it's sometimes hard to recognize how deeply belief actually plays a role in our lives. I generally appreciate Suelo's overall challenge for people to "know" what the believe, meaning that they recognize their beliefs and live them wholeheartedly to see where those beliefs take them. Then we will know truth through experience.

  7. I do value your comments & questioning, Raj.
    Just days ago I got an email from somebody who told me Islam is the only true religion and I was going to hell if I didn't accept this. A Christian told me the same about Christianity. Prabhupad stated that Krishna Consciousness was the superior religion that would trump all others. When I was in the Thai Buddhist monastery, one of the abbots said his form of Buddhism was the only pure way. When I later tutored a Tibetan Buddhist monk, he told me Tibetan Buddhism was superior to Thai Buddhism because Tibetan had more compassion. Back in the States, Mormon missionaries told me LDS was the Only True Church. Back at home, my parents said LDS was of the Devil and their interpretation of Jesus is the Only Way. Are all of them being honest? I actually delved deeply into each of these religions and found the Same Profound Truth at the core of each one. I wish that each religion could do to the other as it wishes the other to do to itself. Without the Golden Rule, there is no real religion, only empty egotism. Nothing is as it seems.

    In the end, words are meaningless and argument is futile. Truth is revealed when mouths are zipped and only our action and our Being bear witness. By their fruit you know them, not their talk.

    1. Did you change the font of your comments or was it blogger? I find it very hard to read. I have studied and practiced typography for decades.
      For the best readability, you want good contrast, so use black or very dark letters if you want to keep this beige background. Do not use bold type because the letter spacing visually fills in. I've heard the word "horsey" describe type that's too bold, awkward, big etc.... You'd have to compensate with a ridiculous amount of spacing. Also make sure you have the proper amount of line spacing aka "leading". It's usually 2 points more than the type point size. So 10 point type usually has good readability with 12 point leading.

    2. I switched to blogspot's new reply format, and it happened to change the font, too, which I'm not pleased with, either. I'll look into it, thanks.

    3. Well said Suelo. I couldn't have said it better myself. I get so sick and tired of all these people thinking their way is the truth while all others are either out right lies or only partially true. It's disgusting this mindset and until it changes there will never be true unity in this world.

      By the way, I prefer this new reply format. Not the color font though. lol

    4. Suelo, it is often the case that the individuals and even the heirarchy will maintain that "theirs is the one true religion". But the more enlightened individuals of some of these religions know better and will say so. As a western Tibetan Buddhist nun who lived in India for many years, I have received verbal abuse from both westerners and Tibetans. Yet when doing retreat at a remote hermitage, those yogis who lived there treated me with the exact same equality that they treated each other. I was not shunned as a female or a westerner. I was just another sincere seeker to them. And when I have stumbled upon mystics of other traditions, Catholic, Orthodoxy, Sufis, and Hindus, they too knew and acknowledged we sought the same end... just a different way of getting there. No this is not the norm but it is the true path once an individual can get past all the crap that money, power and ego injects into the world's religions. The teachings are sound - we just ignore what we don't want to hear. When is the last time you heard the Sermon on the Mount taught in a church? Doesn't happen very often. And just because a person is a monastic, doesn't mean that they became one for the right reason or that they are "holy", just that they are hopefully trying.

      I will grant that organized religion is so very often the source of much misery and pain in this world, but the teachings are sound... the original teachings, before they got corrupted. I am sure that Jesus, Buddha, and Mohammed for instance, would be appalled at what has been said and done in their names. I do so agree with you about the Golden Rule. As one nun I know says, "Zip tour lips and keep your hands in your lap." How much better our world would be if we could just do that. I guess what I'm saying is don't throw the baby out with the bath water. The structure can be very useful to people in the early stages. Just be discriminating in what you believe and the source it comes from. If it sounds like hate... it usually is. Keep on writing and thanks.

  8. "In the end, words are meaningless and argument is futile. Truth is revealed when mouths are zipped and only our action and our Being bear witness. By their fruit you know them, not their talk."

    So, who first should shut up then?

    1. "So, who first should shut up then?"

      It isn't a contest or a shootout at the OK Corral.
      When all the words and arguments end, as sooner or later they are going to for each and every one of us whether we like it or not, the still silence in which they appeared is all that remains.

      Take anything said with a grain of salt, however.
      Trying to describe what lies beyond words and thoughts with words and thoughts is a task that has failed before it is even undertaken.

  9. "It isn't a contest or a shootout at the OK Corral"

    Love the quote! I agree that action is more important than words, that's truly where the rubber meets the road, and where our philosophies are truly tested.

    I guess to sum up what I was saying about religions is that people tend to think religions are dogmatic because they believe a certain set of beliefs to be true and others not. However, I think pretty much everyone one else does that too, whether religious or not. It's not that religion is dogmatic, it's that PEOPLE are dogmatic. Dogma isn't necessarily bad, as long as the individual holding it can question it.

    Here is my dogma: love is better than hate.

    Do I believe that to be absolutely true? Yes. No one can convince me otherwise.

  10. Yes, I have to agree, Raj. But it's harder to break out of a religious dogma than a non-religious dogma when you think you're going to hell if you do.

    Yes, perhaps one way is superior to another, but it's not for us to say! If it's true, it will be self-evident. As soon as I say, "my way is superior," I am proving absolutely my way's inferiority. As with individuals, so with religions. Only one who feels deficient can possibly say "My way is superior." Look around: the more an individual or religion claims superiority, the more havoc and ridiculousness he or it reeks on the world.

  11. For example, if we truly trusted in God (Truth), we could in no way inscribe "In God We Trust" on our money.

  12. Occupy Asheville folks were sure the City Council would pass ordinances to make it illegal to sleep anywhere on city property, notably sidewalks where we've been "overnight protesting" since October 1. We were also quite sure they'd pass a permit resolution to charge us about $24 per person per tent per two-week period to camp in a "public forum / free speech zone." LOL OMG....... After the two weeks, we'd have to re-apply and pay another $24 and we could only renew our permit four times in a calendar year. It was quite a ridiculous scheme they had all come up with and Occupy went en masse to Tuesday's meeting to speak our minds.

    And that we did! Exuberantly... inspirationally... poignantly... angrily... matter-of-factly...! And we beat the odds! Despite almost everyone's pessimism and certainty that the restrictive new laws would be passed, the City Council HEARD US. We had appealed to their human-ness, to their souls! Against all odds, one by one, the council members gave reasons they were opposed to the ordinances and permit system that they themselves had initiated! Then, even more astoundingly, they decided to give Occupy time to go through OUR General Assembly and Coordinating Council process to come up with a win-win solution to the main issue (the tents) AND they presented a proposal to work together to approve a resolution for the City of Asheville to reject corporate personhood and support an amendment to the Constitution!

    I think this is a tremendous example of what you described in your blog entry! Occupiers, seemingly powerless and disorganized, a "motley crew" as one of the councilmen called us, have found our power and voice and we've united to fight for our Rights! United, we "won" against the government bureaucracy that was set on shutting us down and charging for free speech. YEAH!

    1. YEAH Carolyn! Be real, don't see people as offices and professions (illusion) but as fellow humans (real), and things magically fall into place!

      We had a victory here in Moab, too, last Tuesday! Our City Council voted to become the first city in Utah to pass a Resolution declaring corporations not people and money not speech. We see no reason why it shouldn't pass, now! Thanks to you who helped us by signing our petition. We are keeping the petitions open until the day the Resolution is officially passed.

    2. I meant the Council voted to CRAFT the resolution, step 1. It's almost a guarantee it will pass.

  13. Awesome!!! It's so exciting that cities all over the country are supporting an amendment to the constitution to make sure only real humans are considered people! Thanks for all your efforts to make that happen in Moab. Yay activism!

  14. i have a question, why your answers are so fast?? i think you are not suelo

  15. I've house-sit most the winter, with computers. My house-sit ended & I'm camping again, so answers now might not come so frequently.

  16. However long it takes your inspiring words are always appreciated.

  17. Sometimes I wonder when you compare real experience to theory you're making an argument against my efforts which are very much in sync with yours. It's not theory to me. If you want to experience overlapping hierarchies forming semi-lattices first hand take a walk in the woods. That's where I first saw it. I see these things, which I call theories because I've learned no one else sees them. Or maybe I'm just not good at explaining these 3 dimensional interactive pattern thingys with words. I doubt mere words the best to transfer this information anyway. But still, I'm mystified no one else sees and talks about what's all around them.

    There was a genius savant boy showing how he sees numbers as patterns on 60 Minutes, "Jake" which aired on Jan. 15, 2012. I'm not saying I'm as gifted as this boy, Jake Barnett, by a long shot but I must have it to a much smaller degree. It's plain to see for me. Also you notice what that kid's working on? "Jake is presenting his summer physics research project on PT symmetric lattice systems. That's right folks. He's breaking new ground with LATTICES and INFORMATION PROCESSING!

    So forget about minimizing or ignoring this wonderful tool that can or cannot be experienced. Instead, please come out of the cave and maybe start posting you awesome ideas and prose on bigger more noticeable sites. ING DIRECT the mega bank now has Coffee shops in many major cities where the baristas are actually stock and investment salesmen who make every effort to sell you on much more than coffee. Would you mind if I make a giant sign with just "DANIEL SUELO" on it and parade around this cafe?

  18. Writing a single line in the comments section on how great a read this is will do it no justice so I will go ahead and do it! :)

  19. I believe that it is a persons right to do just what Suelo has done, to me it is a better way of life and if I did not have cancer I would have done it my self a long time ago, but I have been battling cancer for many years now I have had 5 different types.I could go off and do what he has done but then I would not live as long. And I would like to live to see my grand kids grow up and become there own person, but I fear with my health that it won't be long before I re-join God and all of my loved ones that have gone before me. God Bless you Suelo and you are doing what people should have done a long time age being "FREE".....

  20. Hi suelo,

    I read the article published on the yahoo news. I believe everybody has the right to search the truth given that no one has found it and to build their own life model. Until the universal truth is found we need to be tolerant and compassionate of other people living according to other life models.

    I do not judge you for living without money. However, according to the article you want to make a change and are promoting your life model. This means you are judging other people's way of life and you are proposing a better way to live. Who doesn't want to find the universal truth of the purpose of living or find the internal peace. I took a look at your model and was specially attracted to the following idea:

    Instead, he is actively promoting "his idea that money is an illusion," Sundeen said. "The Fed just prints it up, it doesn't mean anything and it's going to lead us down the road to serfdom."

    Could you please elaborate on your definition of money?

    How will society work if there was no money? Will there be society?

    Thank you,
    Daniel Velazquez

  21. Suelo,

    Great job and keep up the great work showing the world you can live without the monetary system. Now if all of humanity did the same we all could live in a very advanced world of giving & sharing! Suelo I'm glad you are taking the first steps on your own towards a Resource-Based Economy! Maybe some day all 6.8 Billion Human Beings on Earth will start living & working together without the monetary system. It's Time for a Resource-Based Economy so Suelo & Humanity can start living in a wonderful advanced world that puts Earth, Humans, and All Life First!! Join The Venus Project!!
    ALL for ONE, ONE for ALL!

  22. RBE For LIFE!