Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sundeen and Suelo in SLC this Saturday

I have lots to blog about, but it'll have to wait.

Ok, I haven't done so well at letting folks know of events I'd be at, so I'm now telling you I'm hitch-hiking out of Moab tomorrow to Salt Lake City for an event:

Mark Sundeen and I are scheduled to be at 
the Main Library in downtown Salt Lake City,
Saturday, October 27, 3p.m., for 
a discussion with Jennifer Napier-Pierce through KUER (Utah's public radio).

It's part of the
Utah Humanities Council Book Festival

Find it on Facebook, too. 

If you can't be there,
 KUER is also rebroadcasting our RadioWest interview (from last March) with Doug Fabrizio this Friday, Oct 26.
It's on podcast, too, if you miss it.

and I'm assuming Saturday's event will be aired, but I'm uncertain about that. 

See some of you there?


  1. search your content here

  2. So you've finally achieved fame and fortune, without the fortune.

    When you get back to blogging please explain how this self promotion has helped you or others make sense of your premise of a world without currency. Be careful Suelo, commercialism is an insidious force. There is nothing that can't be packaged and marketed.

  3. It's a great way to get famous, living penniless in a cave for a decade. You should try it.

    Perhaps I set up the above event, perhaps it wasn't my idea. To be asked to speak, then to decide to open your mouth, drawing attention to your voice, or to keep silent in a show of humility, this is the dilema.

    Is Paul Revere promoting himself, or not? This is the question.

    Meanwhile, the British are coming.

    If there is any way you see how I'm bringing harm, let me know. Otherwise, is it wise to *assume* motives?

    In the end, and even right now, if I am a fraud, it will reveal itself, as fraud's infection always has and always will ooze to the surface.

    Yes, I have an ego, & I feel I'll be ok, and it can be my servant rather than my master, if I'm aware of it and acknowledge it.

  4. Mr Suelo…..I just want to say what an inspiration you are to me and many others. Your thoughts on giving and sharing and living off what others don't need and waste. You are not a homeless person living out of a cave. You are an Artist of life. Thank you for being courageous and going out there and making a stand against greed. I myself have too many health problems with my kidneys and my asthma that I unfortunately would be dead within a year or two if I lived the way you are. If I had my health I so would join you in your search for self awareness and freedom. It makes me sick when people complain about Obama Care because they think their taxes are going to go up when only the wealthy will have to pay a little more so people who are less fortunate can have affordable to free health care. These are the people that have multiple houses and cars. They have rooms in their houses that they don't use as they have such large houses. I am 29 Years old and fit in the poor spectrum of the world view. But some of that is me just living within what I need and am able to have. I refuse to own a car when there is plenty of walking biking or even public trans. As cars break down they require gas and oil which is bad for the environment and they are such a money guzzler you'd think by now they would have made them so they are more affordable better for the environment and lower cost maintenance. I owned a car when I was a teen and I said to myself never again after I realized how dependent I was on it more and more and how much time and money it took from me. I live in a small apartment that I pay a small amount of fee only 400 to my family. It is very small but I use every bit of this apartment. It's prolly about the size of a large hotel room lol. I try to buy only enuff food that I will use. The main thing is I wish I could live like you but instead I try to be a mimalist and use little as possible to try and save on my waste and not be attatached to my material things. I donate my time teaching often to a nonprofit org in town art classes to children. Thank you so much for being such a great Teacher to me and many others. I think we have become such a materialistic world. The thought of helping someone else they freak and hold tighter to their wallets. :(

  5. You are sounding a bit defensive. I am not impugning your motives. I believe that you are sincere and feel that this book tour boosts your message. What I am pointing out is that the machine that makes this possible is in cahoots with the enemy your warn against (the British, to use your flawed metaphor). You may think its working for you, but I assure you it is capable of making you work for it, just like the protest songs of the 60's are now the grist for supermarket music. So it is with all "intellectual property". It's marketable. All this reminds me of Paddy Chayevsky's "Network". You already have your audience banging on their computers "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore" while munching on cheetos.

    In the end its not even about money. It's about the loss of self in a postmodern society. Just as the comment algorithm on this blog demands "please prove you're not a robot".

  6. "You already have your audience banging on their computers..." irony is funny, huh?

    If I am sincere, no bad can come of it. If I am not sincere, no good can come of it. If everyone were exactly themselves, there would and could be no bad, even in using computers created by the Bad Machine.