Thursday, March 06, 2014

Get Thee Behind Me

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Now, this time, a flow of consciousness:

Why are we living outside of our time?

Everything is beautiful in its time.
Everything is beautiful in its place.
For what is the span of time but the span of space?

Everyone is beautiful in their time.
Everyone is beautiful in their own unique place.

“Everybody is a genius. 
But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, 
it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

--A quote falsely attributed to Albert Einstein.
Nevertheless, it is an ingenious quote, whoever said it.
Why are we not being ourselves?
Why do we not do what our own nature tells us to do?

Every work is beautiful in its time.
Every work is beautiful in its place.

Who of us truly does our own work
of our own nature,
not because we are paid,
either bribed by paychecks,
by school grades,
by guilt or praise,
by rewards of heaven or hell:
all work prescribed by others.

Why do we worry about the work of others,
leaving our own undone?
Better one's own work, done imperfectly,
than another's work well performed.
--Bhagavad Gita 3:33
Nothing is bad in its time

Shit is beautiful in its time.
Shit is beautiful in its place.

Get thee behind me shit.
Then you will be beautiful.
You will be out of my sight, out of my mind,
beautiful, delicious
food for somebody else.

Notice how it is said
Get thee behind me, Satan;
National Library of Australia

Notice how it is not said,
Cease to exist, Satan.

Love your Satans,
so says Jesus
(Satan is the Hebrew word for enemy).

Think on this truth:
One person's Satan
is another's Holy Sacrament.

One person's rear
is another's front.

What is last
is to be first
as is any point
on the eternal circle of life.
What is behind is before
as is any place on the globe of earth.

This is my Body.
What is cast off as death from me
is taken on as life for you.

There is nothing in the universe
that is not My Body.

What is my death
is your ressurrection

What is your death
is my resurrection

When I am present, here, now,
When I Am Who I Am,
I am beautiful,
I am all-Powerful,
I am All Life as One.
Don't let this be a hokey cliche,
but realize its never-changing truth.

An Economy is Beautiful and Balanced,
in its time and place

Why was contrived trade,
called money and barter, invented?
Why did we lose faith in the natural, unconscious, automatic trade,
the law over every particle in the universe?
The purpose for the invention of this contrived trade
was to get, not what we need,
but to get an idea we crave,
what is not here and now,
to get what is not,
to get what is not,
to get what is not!
We wanted something from another place and time.

The only purpose for inventing contrived trade was to escape our time and place
to remove other things and creatures out of time and place,
to name nature as imbalanced and in need of our control.

We took the fruit of future time and place
from the tree of thought of good and evil,
thought of credit and debt,
and we fell from Grace,
departed from Gratis.

Now we lust for apples from New Zealand
crossing paths of apples from Washington
and lust for bottled water from Europe
crossing paths of bottled water from the US 
going to opposite ends of the ocean,
in growing cycles of absurdity,
bottles ending up in the
Great Pacific Plastic Trash Continent.


My eyes are in front of my head
for a reason,
for a reason,
for a reason!

If I look back,
I turn to a statue of salt.
If I claim possession of what is passing
I become possessed,
I become a possession,
a dead statue, stuck in time.

Can I be exorcised
of my possession?

Life is flow.
What is before
passes behind.
When I possess things
I stop the flow.

Why do I want what passes behind
to remain present before?

Why can I not let go of one ladder rung
to grasp the next?
Why can I not close one door
to open the next?
Why am I stuck?
Why am I possessed?

My possessions
are my demons.
Demon possessed.
I am possessed by illusions,
because possession is only illusion.
Demons are only illusion.

Who can own a wave?
Who can own air?
Who can own fire?
Who can own earth?

What flowed to me as an Angel,
I have tripped and caused to fall,
fallen angel become my demon,
my Satan, my Adversary.

But when I say in truth,
"Get thee behind me, Satan,"
I am released from possession,
letting go my Devil,
letting him resurrect as another's Angel.

If you, Satan, were existing evil,
I would say, "Cease existing, Satan!"
But I know you, Satan, are good
when you are in your place,
when you are in your time.
Thus, I say,
"Get thee behind me, Satan!"

To the pure,
all things are pure.

Only then I can feed others
in their proper season,
as I eat in my proper season.

Only in gift
can I feed others
in their proper season,
as I eat in my proper season.

When I let go
I trust
I invest in life.
I invest in myself.
I invest in others.
I invest in the Whole.

All shit is good when I let it go,
out of my behind,
out of sight,
out of mind,
to be Holy Sacrament for another creature.

He has made everything beautiful in its time.

Everything is beautiful, good and true, in its time and place,
including Satan, no longer Satan.

A time to love,
a time to hate.

It is good to smell the stench of shit and put it behind.
It is good to hate what must be hated and put it behind.
Then I can love shit.
I can love anything in its time and place.
Love your enemies.
Love your satans.
Put them behind you.
For they are beautiful, good and true, in their time and place.

We stole fire from heaven,
because we could not accept night as night.
We could not accept winter as winter.
We could not accept people as people.
We could not accept nature as nature.
We could not accept love as love.

Confused insomniac, out of place and time.
Now my night self can't sleep,
awake at night,
full of worry.
My sleep self cannot accept its time and place
wanting to control my wake self.
My sleep self doesn't trust my wake self to do his job.
My sleep self has lost gratitude,
gratitude for the beautiful solitude and rest of night.
His mind is not here, but on tomorrow. 

We cannot accept other people in their time and place,
wanting to control and convert other people.
We cannot accept others to do their jobs.
So we must bribe with guilt, punishment, rewards of money, grades, heaven and hell.
In other words, we must enslave.
There can be no enslavement of others
without enslaving ourselves,
no matter how rich we think we are.
There can be no possession of others
without ourselves being possessed,
out of our minds,
out of our minds,
out of our minds!

Fire, energy, falls as sunlight,
falls as lightning,
from heaven as pure gift.

Then we claim ownership of energy,
as if we earned it,
as if we earned it,
as if we earned it!
We steal energy from heaven.

Now we buy and sell
what was once free for all
as if it were not a gift,
as if it were not a gift,
as if it were not a gift!

And we have lost all gratitude,
even as we say "thank you"
to our clerks and customers
and on our plastic signs
and our intercom recordings.

Our "gratitude" is nothing
but a recorded message,
is nothing
but a recorded message,
is nothing
but a recorded message!

Yes, we think we own fire, energy.

I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven,
fire taken hold of as possession,
free flow blocked.
Get thee behind me, lightning.
And then we will see 
energy in a different way,
energy as it is,
the Holy One
lighting up the universe,
from one end of heaven to another,
forever now, perpetually.

   Pete Seeger

Turn Turn Turn

(5 New Verses)

RIP Pete Seeger

Now, empirical evidence for what we already know:
Creativity and True Productivity
is not motivated by money. 
In fact, it is inhibited by money:


  1. I thought about Suelo when I read that the head of the online currency, Bitcoin, died this week of an apparent suicide. Bitcoin has been hacked and it's "value" greatly diminished. I wish she had read your blog

  2. Can a moral / ethical capitalism exist Daniel? Can a moral / ethical monetary system at all exist?

    1. I tend to think it can, but never, never, never as long as interest banking exists (whose very foundation is deception and thievery). After all that, if ethical capitalism could by some miracle come into existence, we would then ask ourselves why we even needed it and it would quickly go obsolete.

  3. Fair enough!

    Hope you're well

    Keep writing

  4. Enjoyed it, liked the part about Satan good in his time and place.

  5. We are all in this together . However ,many of us including me ,don't want no part of if .

  6. You drank of the juice . turn to him and your paths will be straight .

  7. Wow ! It all came together for me tonight . I know who Shellabarger really is .Jesus is the way ! God is so wonderful ! Thank you Jesus ! I Follow you and you alone !

  8. Anymore, when there is misery in my life or of those I care about, I ask one question. Was money involved in any way, shape or form.? The answer is almost always a resounding yes. Ninety-nine plus percent of the time it is the underlying cause. Back hurts? Why? Spent too much time shopping. Looking for the lowest price so I can afford to eat properly this week. Sad. Why? Because a friend had to take another job out of town. Scared. Why? Because I see how many people have been corrupted by the need for greed. How many deaths of our soul will it take to awaken? The monetary system has invaded every aspect of our lives and it is only getting worse. Prices are on the rise. Honesty has shriveled up to accommodate the beast that needs fed on a regular basis and won't be satiated. These are scary times Suelo. Especially if we choose to focus on the dollar and not G-d. L

  9. Hi,

    My name is Payton Gross and I am a senior from Stoughton High School. I am a student journalist that writes for our school's newspaper, The Norse Star. This upcoming month's issue is focusing on the idea of "home," and we are writing multiple in-depth stories on different living conditions. I have already read your blog, but I was wondering if I could interview you to learn more about your lifestyle.

    I look forward to hearing back from you,

  10. Money is just a belief system, people believe they need money.Give up your faith in money and it would go away,it has to happen as greed is totally destroying the planet.

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