Monday, February 23, 2015

Crazy Life

Life is feeling like a  crazy whirlwind.  It's kind of always been that way, but feeling a little more intense now.

I'm back in Moab after my trip to Durango, Colorado and a visit with my parents.  I've come here with an unusual friend named Derek I met hitchhiking through Montrose, Colorado.

This post is an overview of what's happened the past couple months, since I haven't blogged in that time.

But, first, these announcements.
I'm fairly soon to be back in Colorado, on the eastern slope:

Sundeen and Suelo in Fort CollinsThursday, March 5
at 6:00pm
Old Firehouse Books232 Walnut St,
Fort Collins, Colorado 80524
I'm also still doing my local radio show in Moab:
'Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out'
KZMU fm Moab Community Radio90.1 and 106.7 on your FM Dial
Listen online: www.kzmu.orgor

Recent Happenings

At the invitation of the high school teacher Matt Dooley, I also did a presentation at the Animas High School in Durango, Colorado last Wednesday, Feb. 11th.  The Durango Herald did an article on it, albeit a very inaccurate article, which got some of my main points completely opposite.  But the comments on it are pretty interesting.  It started out filled with negative comments by adults who hadn't attended.  Then the students started responding.  One of the high school teachers, Libby Cowles, posted:
"My favorite part about this front-page story on Daniel Suelo's visit to Animas High School yesterday is the dialogue happening in the comments section, and, in particular, the way our AWESOME students are responding to people's questions about what exactly we're trying to teach those kids."
The "Million Dollar Highway"
I stayed with Matt and his girlfriend, Meggie, as well as meeting so many of Matt's other splendid friends in Durango.  I was also pleased to see my old friend Nate at the potluck after party. I now have some new good friends.  

From Durango, I decided to hitch to my parents' house via the spectacular old "Million Dollar Highway".  I was given rides over the pass with two really friendly human beings, the first a local going on a ski trip in a beat up old Volkswagon bug, and the second was an ex policeman from Montrose who had worked in Iraq for 7 years.

In Montrose I randomly met a young chap named Derek, and we seemed to connect on a spiritual level.  I got another ride to Delta, slept in a field the night, and hitched here to my parents' in Fruita the next day.  It turns out Derek's aunt in Delta brought him to my parents' house in Fruita.  My friend Max then gave us a ride to Moab, where Derek has been camping with me. 

Anyway, here's an overview of what's happened otherwise the past couple months:

Past Couple Months Overview

All my co-inhabitant friends and visitors left after the New Year, and I realized I was by myself for the first time in nearly a year.  On the one hand, I was enjoying my solitude, on the other hand, I missed everybody.  This is an exercise on not getting attached to people.

One of my last public posts (If you are considering staying with me...) was announced that I couldn't take more visitors, both due to not having the capacity to accommodate folks (getting pushed around on public land) and to a need for time to myself.  I'm still discouraging folks from coming, for now, until further notice.

I already mentioned that, in the early winter, Matt and Ariella and Cat came to stay with me for a while.  Later, Raven (a.k.a. Steph) and Freebird showed back up in town for a couple weeks!  They had been hiking the Pacific Crest trail, among other adventures.  Check out Raven's blog with her incredible photos: Spreading My Wings.

Also, two wandering Buddhist practitioners Gabriel and Jonathan came to visit me.  They're French Canadians from Quebec, who had just hitch-hiked here to Moab from the Southwest Vipassana Meditation Center in Texas.  Gabriel actually had given up all his money over a year ago.  He and Jonathan decided to go on a pilgrimage to different Vipassana Buddhist centers in Canada and the US. 

Funny thing is, I had very briefly met Gabriel at the end of 2010 in Slab City.  Back then, he had dred locks.  He said when he'd learned I lived without money he'd thought it a bit odd.  But he then had a kind of epiphany and was inspired to eventually renounce money years later!

Another intriguing synchronicity: Readers here might remember Mika, who joined us on our moneyless tribal walk the summer of 2013 (see The Moneyless Tribe Becomes Reality).  It so happens that Gabriel and Jonathan had just met Mika, because, unbeknownst to me, Mika was a course manager at the Southwest Vipassana Meditation Center in Texas!

Here are random pics to tell the rest of the story:

Stephanie Raven, Me, Matt, Gabriel, Ariella, Jonathan
at Rotary Park, Moab.
Freebird, Suelo, Matt, Gabriel, Ariella, Jonathan
Matt, Ariella, Suelo, & Hawkeye the dog
in the canyon
Cat & Tucker the dog
Suelo, Jonathan, Freebird, Ariella
at Rotary Park
Suelo & Matt at my parents' for Christmas.
We made nearly the entire Christmas dinner from
a dumpster score.
Jammin with Matt

Matt, Ariella, Suelo, Freebird, Hawkeye the dog

Freebird, Suelo, Matt

Julia & Tucker the dog

Gabriel & Suelo
jammin' on the freenotes at Rotary Park

Gabriel, Freebird, Suelo

Matt, Gabriel, Ariella, Jonathan
Sam & Suelo
Wall-painting party at Trina's house

Here's what I finally came up with

Pemo's art to the left and
the cougar is Julia's art

The 2 faces are Matt's work

Derek's masterpiece

Derek at work

Trina, who hosted the painting party

Stephanie Raven's gift of art to me
& my dad right before she left.
Suelo, Ariella, Matt
right before Matt left


A sculpture I made in a canyon.
It's mentioned in "The Man Who Quit Money".
BLM rangers had toppled it onto its face.  I thought it was
destroyed.  It was too heavy for me alone to lift back up.
But over a year later somebody (2 or more people?) propped it back up again,
warming my heart.

My latest work in a secret place, while Daryl was here,
inspired by what he taught me about the Kabala.

Johnny, who took Matt away & brought him to Slab City.
This is Salvation Mountain outside Slab City.
Jeannine, Isa,Fen, and Cullen.
They live in Fruita, Colorado (my parents' town)
and Cullen (who is a master craftsman with everything he touches)
has been working on a documentary about me,
and we've grown to be the best of friends.


  1. Glad to see you are enjoying some time to yourself :) It's essential for your health you know. I hope you are staying warm and I hope your belly is staying full! Best wishes brother.

    1. Cody is right. We all need time to ourselves in addition to time socializing with compadres.

      Stay strong.

  2. Wonderful to hear from you again Daniel...glad to hear you're doing well. I love you!

  3. I Just read the man who quite money, i think what your doing is great man, ill be keeping up with your blog from now on! Thanks -mike d

  4. Beautiful post. Sounds like things are staying really positive. Thanks for the blog and sharing your extraordinary life with me and with youngsters.

    1. Also, I am wondering if you have a theory about why us people embedded in mainstream society often have envy for moneyless living? I have my own theories theories about our hunter-gatherer roots, the diminishing returns of gratification that come from such a routine-based way of living, and the overall confinement of modern living, but I'd love to hear from an expert.

  5. Hi Daniel. I listened to your show last night. Any word on when the station is going to archive your show? Joey

  6. Hello Suelo. Hope all is well. I know you have posted about faith already. But would you mind discussing how to increase one's faith? I admire the no money lifestyle but am afraid of the wild and unsure if it is my path. I would really just like to trust God or whatever and live. I would appreciate your advice. Thank you very much.

  7. I think Suelo is pretty much MIA at this point -


  8. So here's my personal quote for the day - "Entertainment, Vanity, Commerce = DISTRACTION. Distraction from what? The ecumenical (universal) contribution in this world toward what truly matters (charity, compassion, friendship, lightening one anothers burdens). If we desire spiritual progression, we must sit in silence often with serious intent and CHOOSE it - OR - remain WILLINGLY in the stench of common selfishness". Now - when I refer to "entertainment" - I don't mean innocent play (which is healthy) - I'm thinking more like t.v., video games, etc. which I believe is a meaningless waste of precious time. We are here for so much more than to simply choose distraction until death. We are here to overcome the world of form and share by example our light and pure joy. Our enLIGHTenment.

  9. Dificil tener acceso a una persona , que renuncia e poder y dinero , pero es muy reconfortante s ber de su existencia,no es un mito la renuncia libre y voluntaria sin apegos ni dogmas a los bienes terrenales eSPERO TENGAS LUGAR no se ingles idioma tambien hace bareras , obstaculos , AVISAME SI TIENES LUGAR O TU PUEDES ACERCARTE A MEXICO , SE QUE APEGOS HACEN mas grande la distancia entre la gente y ompartir riqueza la avaricia y muchos otros penamientos mas que quiero compartir , pero no se si tu mirarars este comentario y si puedes escribir aqui o en correo personal a ami puedes avisarme ahi si tienes libro o donde conseguirlo SALUDOS GRACIAS

  10. I wish I could read Spanish !

  11. Daniel Suelo, you really are an example for those who fear a day lose work, money, its so-called security within a normal city and be completely destabilized. Them signs not to fear anything that leaving this worldly influence, you get stronger and leave even to be fearful. Vale.Por other side live away from the agenda reptilian enslave men for money and for money, it is and will be a great deliverance and a great step forward. Out of the large Matrix and already show the opposite, in my opinion is to have largely won his own freedom. You are strong and it has strengthened even more, I congratulate you really. But although it has already achieved much, I will tell you that personally, I would never live in caves, with other animals or dangers, in the dark of night, I you would use so these girls wooden cabins to sleep, friends can lend it, would use if any sunlight, there are solar lights for gardens and very practical. It is actually a revolutionary of the century, use this technology without much money, all what already exists can be used, it is not necessary to suffer and sleep in caves where happen over rats and bite you animals under your nails, nada de esto is necessary. Is a man who lived without money, but I took advantage of our progress, is more modern. I think that has no case live making more sacrifices. I really admire you for being so brave and I congratulate him, but is a living example of people of our time, you already inspires many to change and it has broken the chains of the system or Matrix.

  12. Lo siento, creo que no es una buena traducción, yo hablo en castellano. Pero Daniel creo puedes ser una inspiración para muchos, de este tiempo, usando de todo lo ya inventado, sin tener que sufrir, ni vivir sin luz, ni tener que volver a convivir en una cueva con los animales. Eres realmente y posiblemente un ser del futuro, libre del sistema, por los mismo, llevas adelanto en todo. Usa una cabaña de madera y usa focos para jardines de energía solar, y si es posible usa tu propio Internet en casa con esa energía solar. Que te vaya bien y saludos desde España

    1. Si estoy viviendo exactamente como quiero, afuera de los prisiones de 4 paredes, por que se llame el sufrimiento? Lo que es sufrimiento es la mente que esta imaginando usted. Lo que puede existe sin dinero, me gusta usar, no importa si son cabanas y tierras con jardines o no. Pero no me gusta ser dueno de nada, y no me gusta vivir en tierra poseída por nadie. No me gusta sufrir. Poseer es sufrir. Uso todo lo ya inventado si esta liberado, sin poseer.

  13. The world is egoic. To "overcome the world" is to overcome the ego. This is what being meek and lowly is. It is a product of forsaking the ego.

  14. Now, when you are in the midst of ugliness and corruption and any form of abuse, you don't leave and run away to relieve yourself of the uncomfortable reality of witnessing it. You stay. You stay so that you can show mercy & compassion and offer relief to the suffering to the best of your ability, with meekness, and lowliness.

    1. Yes, you must live in the ugliness and face it if you're strong enough to do so. But if you're too weak or tired to handle it, you must run to safer ground and refuge. You must face life when you're awake and healthy, you go to bed & close your eyes to the world when you're tired or sick. Otherwise you destroy yourself, not good for you or anybody. Then you have mercy and compassion for both those who are strong to face the world and for who are too weak to do so.

  15. yes, of course, I hear you. We are only asked to run as fast as we have the strength - and not faster.

  16. The slower you live the happier you are. Check out "living". It's a movement I'm all for -

  17. Hi Daniel, I just finished The Man Who Quit Money and have talked about your life path with my husband and my kids (ages 13 and 10). What a great example of being true to yourself. You give back more than you take, you always have and you're a thoughtful, humble person. I'm not a religious person but I learned a lot from the book. Thank you for being strong enough to change your life and truly live a different lifestyle. That takes courage. Thumbs Up. Cheers from Vancouver, BC, Canada.

  18. Food isn't for selling, it's for sharing.

  19. Miss you, Daniel. Hope to hear from you soon. ~A far-off follower of your blog.

  20. This is a dedication to our son jesse. He left one week ago today to travel abroad with no money. Daniel, he was inspired by your life choice to live without money. Jesse may reach out to you. Hopefully you call soon jesse, just to hear your voice. It takes courage to make a change as profound as yours. Love and miss you.