Thursday, November 09, 2017

Are You Denied the Right to Adulthood?

Take note that I'm not saying how anybody should or shouldn't live.

I'm not even presenting opinion.

I'm just presenting a simple observation:

From Wild to Domestic
From Unowned to Owned
From Adulthood to Perpetual Immaturity

Shearing is important for domestication:

Before-and-after photos of natives taken from website, "White Wolf Pack"

WILD CREATURES (i.e., weeds*, wild animals, and gatherer-hunter peoples) share 3 common characteristics:

1. They are unowned and don't own. 
2. They have the natural right to adulthood, meaning self-rule. 
3. They can't legally integrate into civilization, but are set apart into parks, museums, zoos, or reservations, out of sight and out of mind, except during limited times of objectified study or recreation.

CIVILIZED CREATURES (i.e., domesticated** plants, non-human animals, & humans) share 3 common characteristics:

1. They are owned and they own. 
2. They don't have the legal right to mature to adulthood (ie, self-rule, living without permission of an authority, such as the right to even freely lay down their heads or the right to freely reproduce by unrepressed sexual union). Even the ruling authorities themselves lack this right. 
3. They cannot legally integrate into wild societies, meaning they cannot legally live on unowned land. In the US, for example, they aren't permitted more than 2 weeks on unowned land, and, then, only in highly-controlled, designated zones.

Permission to live unowned on unowned land creates the greatest threat to civilization: Adulthood.

*My friend Sarah Baker (who became internationally renowned for refusing to mow her lawn), pointed out to me that we do not even allow our plants to sexually mature; or, if they are allowed sexual union, it is controlled and repressed.  This revelation inspired me to write this blog post.
**The root of domestication is dom, also the root of dominion, dominate. Its Proto-Indo-European root is dem, meaning domain or household. It represents our ancestors' forsaking the nomadic gatherer-hunter life for the householder's life of land ownership, the life of the Land Lord, of dominion over others, the life of owning fellow living beings (domestication).


  1. hi suelo! so nice to see you again.. thanks for this timely and interesting comparison bettwween if i may say black and white in the dualistic sense of it.. from domestic to wild from bound to free from unconscious to conscious.. or did it go the other way? the journey from illusion to freedom. i guess being born implies the need to wake up and so i give thanks. all parts working together towards this evolution.

    1. If we could just get everyone who like "us" is under the domination of the greedy, selfish, self-centered, egotistical, high-minded powers that be to not only understand what caused Suelo to go on a 12+ years' worth of moneyless living, but, also to admire and desire to emulate what he did during that time might then become much more possible for everyone in the USA who wants to do it to more easily transition from living with to living without money. We must break up with Money and move on to bigger and better "freedom things".

  2. Thank you for quality article and pictures, waking up our senses.

  3. I really enjoyed this post. Simple and effective. We do live in a world of humans where most adults have only gained that title due to their age!

  4. Love the pink poodle.(not really) but a picture speaks a thousand words and you captured its essence of your blog this month with the pink dog and wolf. I wish I could say that was the first time I saw a dog shamelessly dyed like that but it isn't.

  5. Love you Daniel! We're in Patagonia (AZ) if you're in the vicinity this winter.

    Happy Trails,
    Freebird & Raven

  6. Daniel, I am a student learning about your exploits, and I have looked over your blog and truly enjoyed your ideas about people and how people live. I hope you continue to peruse this throughout the rest of your life. I hope you post again soon.

  7. Says in the Bible "money is good" the context is as a useful tool among already available day to day options and tools. So living on the land like a farmer might be the context. But the love of money is bad. The mark of the beast is prob a chip in skin linked to finance underwritten by orthodox religion. Once it has that power over the chip in the skin it may use it like the s use the e meter. With that power the USA freedom of worship will go with well funded violent bullies. Freegans may help in the transition to accept the idea of not serving money and to instead serve the God of the Bible in Jesus name.

    1. USA televangelists certainly put the money is GOD twist on that

  8. I have thought that the management of people by the chip, would be a bit like commercial art in advertising, suttle. At first it may only gather psychological responses to the leadership, then later actual influence like a heart pace maker. Doctors and others would try to seek exemption, just like people seeking exemption from national service. But the leadership would be orthodox religion as is current replacement in rusia of the communism. To live away from cities would help to not draw attention. For medicine we could trade directly in carrots. Or even just ask for help like the hitch hikers. The intention to dig out the chip could also get some extra help from those who are hoping to get chip free. But I suspect the chips will get more inside body as the technology develops. In electronics there is a special test room called a Faraday cage. It is basically a metal walled room. Some vans could maybe work. Also portable jamming devices could work. This interest in radio could increase interest in Prayer. But we must be humble in our theology, as the powers of God Verses Devil are too advanced technologically. They fight for our heart. We must love God yet seem pathetic by world standards. Cats are bored, people don't know what to study. The availability or opium like drugs has never been so great. The chip is just one more thing of many. The Heart of Flesh is the love for Gods intended natural healthy design verses drunk or num lust of the flesh. I have learned health from Adventists, farming from Mormons and door to door communications from Jehovah's Witnesses. ..deceivers have gone out into the world who do not confess Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh..

  9. I enjoyed the info on this post and wonder how much longer the powers that be are going to be able to keep on "enforcing" their unrighteous dominion over those they seek to keep on dominating? I long so anxiously for the fulfilment of Revelation 11:18 which will allow for a very clear understanding of what is said at Psalms 83:18 to also take place. Although not possible for me at present I am still hoping that I can try the 100% moneyless life someday not so far away.

  10. What you write is super refreshing and the world needs to hear what you have to say, thank you for sharing. Most are missing out on life being brainwashed and not ever think or believe there's another way.

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    1. Yes, Kristina, you may quote and use anything. Everything I publish in this blog & in the website is not copyrighted and unowned. Thanks!