Sunday, March 11, 2018

Good Stuff is Brewing

I haven't been the best at keeping up with blog posts since being hunkered down the past 3 years as the live-in caretaker of my parents (now care-taking just my mom).  Though, three years ago, I returned to dealing with money (having to manage my mom's finances and do her shopping) and returned to living sedentary, indoors, using money sparingly, I still feel passionately about moneyless gift economy.

My last few blog posts I haven't spoken much about my personal life - but more about philosophies, since I've gone inward a lot.

Frankly, my heart has often been heavy the past three years, face-to-face with death a lot.  The last few months two of my young vagabond friends also died.  You never know when somebody will go, so treat everybody as if it's the last time you'll ever see them. 

Piano & Musical Saw

Oh, yeah.  I want to share some music that my 90-year-old mom, Laurel, and I play together.  We've performed a few times at Cavalcade here in Fruita

TEDx Talk

On January 27, I gave a TEDx talk in Grand Junction, Colorado.  I did it on last-minute notice, only having a day and a half to prepare.  I'm still not sure if the video will be published, but I'll let you know if/when it is.

New version of the video,"The Physics & Spirituality of Gift Economy"coming soon!

I've also completed editing slides and music into the already-published video, "The Physics and Spirituality of Gift Economy", of the presentation I did a year ago.  You may have already seen it, but it is incomplete without the slides.

I also wrote an edited transcript of it.  I plan to publish both the new video version and the transcript very soon, so check back here.  I've never edited videos before, and knew nothing about it.  That means it consumed most my time over 3 months to do it.   

I feel excited about it. I feel in my bones I'm onto something.  And I hope you feel it too.  It's a crystallization of what I've learned from 57 years of living, including my 15 years without money.  And there is more to come besides that.  By grace I hope to share it all.


  1. Looking forward to it! Nice job on Somewhere over the rainbow too!

  2. Thank you for one of the most beautiful little videos on the internet. I don't think I will ever be ready for true moneyless living, but I keep reducing my consumption/consumerism every day and that helps. Trying to get others in my family to do it as well. That's harder, but it is worthwhile, I think.

  3. So glad to find your post this morning. I've followed this website for many years now and thoroughly appreciate your (I won't say 'incredible...' ha) amazing integrity. Your 57 years (plus your mother's 90!) have also culminated into a perfect cover of Somewhere Over the Rainbow!

  4. <3 <3 <3 I stopped using facebook and have missed reading your posts there. Thank you for sharing, I'm looking forward to seeing the new video.

  5. Beautiful video, moving for many reasons, including the song itself. So good to hear from you, Suelo...knowing you're out there somewhere is very reassuring. Sending you a hug for that heavy heart; mortality is HEAVY. But all is well, my friend...xo.